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Mimi writes:

I recently had another transformation/makeover by Karen. As usual, she made me look and feel so utterly feminine that I was able to muster up the courage to go shopping en femme at David's Bridal, where I got try on a lot of beautiful dresses and gowns. I ended up buying a beautiful gown that I can wear for any fancy occasion. The sales girls all said I looked very pretty, and that's all thanks to the magic of Karen's transformational talents.


Emily writes:
Hello Karen,

Thank you for our session! I guess it was, as you said, a typical consulting session though your general advice on building confidence and your constant encouragement was especially helpful to me as I embark on this "journey," so I think it was also a counseling session. Your advice was so helpful, practical and nuanced, especially when you told me to "jump in" but "do it slowly." That seems contradictory but I think I know what you mean, and I think what you said comes from your decades of experience helping guys explore their feminine side and create a female self--and figure out what that means for them.

It's scary! But talking with you helped to wash away my misgivings and helped make things and feelings that I've kept pent up and hidden for years, feel more normal and I think that's a part of the process of accepting myself and simply experiencing the joy of being me. I guess I still feel shame but talking with you made me realize that it's really my choice to feel that, something I put on myself, and that I should open up more. That doesn't mean I need to be "out in the open" completely - and that was another wise piece of advice. Everything in this culture is about sharing everything and being "real" but that doesn't mean, as you stressed, that you have to burden everyone with what you do.

You offered so much wisdom which I need right now, so much to think about. This isn't just about dressing, it's about giving yourself permission to be yourself and to grow. I know I might sound corny, but the advice you offered puts me in a better position to do this safely and with consideration for others.

Emily dawnbright

Sabrina writes:
Hello Karen,

All I can say is WOW - What a wonderful event.

My makeup was absolutely perfect! I wore it all night without any touch ups and I looked beautiful even at 1:30AM.

Karen and pre party makeup team;

Over the last few years I was quietly purchasing the items I wanted to eventually become my femme persona now known as Sabrina Love.

It started with my little panties and progressed to nylons, the perfect pair of heels then my breast forms in 36C and finally my dress.

Having never formally been in public I was very nervous to come out however I felt you were the perfect person to guide me through my debut.

A few months back I met a gurl named Rose while out and about one evening and she told me about you and femme fever.

That simple sharing of information by Rose forever changed my destiny. If not for you I wouldn't be writing this with such a feeling of happiness and clarity.

When I arrived I was very nervous and hesitant, I actually drove by the hotel for pre party makeup 2 times before actually turning in.

When I opened the door and stepped over the threshold into the room I felt a rush of calmness and amazement of all the beautiful gurls in the room getting ready for the big night!

Your eye contact with me and "Hello, Welcome and you are" made me feel like I was in the right place.

I couldn't wait to get out of my street clothes and into my pink fluffy slippers and leopard print so I could let Sabrina out.

The makeup session was perfect and I was amazed at how quickly they moved me through the process.

The overall makeup process was focused on me and what I wanted, what my vison was and my artist delivered 100%. This was money well spent!

The help with my wig was wonderful as I never really understood how to actually wear one properly and I must say after a night of dancing and frivolity both the makeup and hair stayed in place with no issues all night.

Your invitation to dress in the room was a great idea! I easily got dressed and put the finishing touches of earrings, bracelets, necklace and perfume! Voila Sabrina was Ready!

When I arrived at the FemmeFever Party event location, you once again made everyone who arrived feel warm and welcomed.

I met so many nice people after my initial one hour of OMG I cant believe I am really here (Inside Voice) and talking amongst the gurls and guys flirting with me.

I had no idea how cute my heels were until I had so many compliments on my shoes and dress. ( I finally realized my internal drive to be femme for so long is finally validated).

I finally broke the ice and began dancing when you brought another first time participant over to introduce to me.

We hit it off and before you knew it there were several of us huddled together dancing, giggling and talking gurl talk and having a blast.

This was truly a wonderful opportunity to spread my wings and become the persona that I craved to be in a SAFE and comfortable environment.

I have the utmost respect for you and your team of artists and the confidentiality that you respect, understand and cater to.

As I write this recap of the night I am smiling from ear to ear content.

What happened that night is only possible due to the work that you do to organize all this, the love that you show our community of like minded individuals.

Your humility and humble approach is recognized by all. Even more so when you take a step back and see the big picture.

I now see you as a friend, mentor and role model of how I too can be a better person.

Much love to you and your team! I know our paths will cross again.

Sabrina Love

Cheryl writes:

I want to take a sec to send my appreciation for the makeover sessions you perform as a part of FemmeFever's services and to share my first experience with any other Girls who may be out and about or deciding whether they want to take that first step.

Let me start by saying that I still can't believe sometimes that it was Thursday, May 5 2016 at 7:30 PM that I first met you for a makeover session and photos. It is amazing to think about how much has happened in the short period of time since that first appointment and I cannot thank you enough for the services you provide to everyone in the community.

I came to Karen at the age of 46 looking to get my "look" back. I have associated inside as a female since age 6, and possibly earlier if I could remember that far back. I was always very private about my feelings and my crossdressing because it is just not something that was done or tolerated very well by my family or the neighborhoods I grew up in. I am proud to say that I had a pretty cool look going as a young girl and teenager. I embraced my GenX 80's child and could pull off a punky cheerleader or Patty Smyth style female rocker with the best of them, but again it was always very private.

When I went to Karen for that first meeting I brought the most ridiculous outfits because of my total lack of self confidence. I call it my mu-mu phase. Definitely clothes you'd see on someone buying 10 lbs of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee at Walmart at 1 AM LOL! Karen did not hesitate to politely push aside my wardrobe and pull out some really cute outfits from her inventory based on my one request... that I did not want to look like a stereotype of a crossdresser. Then Karen began my makeup session giving me the choice to see the process or wait until she finished and get a big reveal. I opted to see the process. Karen explained the technique every step of the way along with amazing tips and pointers to deal with the problems all of us girl's face... beard shadow, contouring, best makeup types, temporary eyebrow magic and so many other things that you'll have to experience for yourself. The transformation that Karen made with me was nothing short of absolutely amazing!

Next were the outfits that were so much more formfitting and shapely than anything I had thought I could wear and when I saw each new outfit and wig on me I was really almost speechless. Karen went through the proper way to pose for pictures, took a ton of photos for me with the promise that if I wanted, I would be the only one to receive them and she would purge them from her camera after sending them over and confirming that I got them. At the end of my session I "un-geared", removed my makeup with Karen's guidance and went home that night feeling elated. Karen sent the pictures over to me the next day and asked how I felt the day after. The response I gave Karen was simple. I told her that I was feeling a peace (not piece) that I did not know I was missing before and couldn't stop thanking her.

I was so happy with the session, everything I learned and everything I felt that I actually attended my first FemmeFever party 1 week later! It was the Spring Splendor party and I proudly attended with Karen having done my makeup before the party and wearing a cute floral fit and flare dress that I bought from Macy's for the occasion (actually I bought 3 because I couldn't decide). I still have the dresses today and they will be making their appearance at some event once Spring finally gets here.

So basically I went from a fully private non confident crossdresser for 46 years to a proud blonde (blonde at the time) attending her first party with the Crossdressing/LGBT community. Karen is incredibly talented, patient and knowledgeable at everything she does for us and will never move you along at a pace beyond what you are comfortable with. I cannot recommend booking a session with her strongly enough!!! Feel free to contact me at cherylvonsatin@gmail.com if you have any questions or need any support in making up your mind to have a FemmeFever session with Karen (oh and you'll learn why so many of my friends call me Jessica Rabbit too)!

Michelle Writes:

I went to Femme Fever for a makeup session but came away with a lot more. Karen is a sweet, knowledgeable sincere person who helped me in many ways. Not only did she make me gorgeous but she filled me with a sense of confidence that I didn't have before. The makeup session lasted about an hour and in that time I learned more than in watching 10 youtube videos.

Karen is easy to talk too and provides a comfortable atmosphere where you can open up and talk about your feminine side. I had never been outside dressed but after our session I felt so good that left her looking quite glamorous and ready to hold my head high as a woman. If you are debating whether or not to go to Femme Fever or just want to look absolutely gorgeous I urge you to call Karen and take that step.



Jenn Writes:

Karen has been doing my makeup for years. She makes this old lady look great. I showed a friend who knows I am a cd, she said wow you make a dam good looking woman. I told her I had a lot of help. Karen of FemmeFever is the help. If she can do that for me, I can only imagine what she could do with a better canvas to do her fabulous work!




Tammy Writes:

Hi Karen,

I can't begin to thank you for my visit to you last week. It was amazing. I feel like I have come a long way under your guidance.

As usual, your skills are fantastic. I am amazed at how much effort you put into making my visit perfect. Day to day we deal with many people who provide a variety of services (doctors, contractors, etc.) but I cannot think of anyone who is more skilled in their art than you are... no exaggeration.

I truly treasure the photos of our session and, to a great extent, I can re-experience my visit through them. This time it was a great experience to go outdoors for the first time and to actually meet with someone else. Previously I would never have imagined it happening but you made it so easy to do.

As usual, the time went so fast. But we did so much and I was so glad that we had time to sit and talk. It meant a great deal to me. Saying "thank you" does not express my gratitude.

Thank you for your kindness and friendship. I'm sure over the course of the next few weeks, I will think of and reflect on other insightful things you have told me.

I wish you good health and all the happiness that you deserve. I hope to visit again when I am in New York.

Take care and God bless.



Jan Marie Writes:

For years I would drive to our summer place in Vermont.

One year I decided to spend a week there en femme.

I reasoned that I would never look any better than how I appeared after Karen did my make up.

If she could do my make up, and I could drive up there en femme I would have the chance to stop along the way and shop, get gas, buy groceries and check out how well I faired in a daylight open environment. If I could pass at places along the way I would have the confidence to stay at the Vermont as a woman, 24/7.

I cannot tell you how well my plan worked.

I got a French Manicure in Lee, Mass., Had a gentleman open the door for me at a Tiger Mart, had Lunch at a rest area on the Thruway (even used the ladies room), and by the time I got up there forgot I was born a different sex.

Locally I started to develop my own identity. I called ahead to restaurants, explained that I was a preop transgender woman and would like to have dinner at their place. No one turned me away. One owner actually walked me to the bar, after I had desert, and introduced me to several of the regulars. One gentleman, sitting with his wife actually kissed the back of my hand.

I decided then that this was going to be a regular event. I then, for a decade, repeated the event four times a year.

I even got asked out on several dates.

You have no idea how great it was.

I copied Karen on this so she will know to attest to her part in the greatest adventure of my life.

Feel free to respond if you have any questions.


Jan Marie

PS - While up there I did my own make up but if I were going out to a nice place for dinner I had hunted down a gal at a local nail salon, in Vermont, and had her agree to do my make-up as needed. No one is as good as Karen.

PPS - calling ahead to salons and restaurants is great. You can tell up front who is truly accepting and who will go along with it, but....... You will soon learn who is supportive and who is not.

I never had a bad experience


April Writes:

Dearest Karen,

It seems impossible that 21 months ago that I had never worn makeup nor dressed in complete feminine attire, but your skill, disarming manner and caring has let me find that small child that had been ignored for so long.

The first visit to your studio included something shocking. After a long talk and the application of makeup you turned the chair towards the mirrored wall, as I sat in stunned silence, something and someone I had been unknowingly been avoiding was looking back at me. Nevertheless, the most important aspect of visiting you came before and after the makeover. The laughter, and the new-found joy of being honest and comfortable with you. Someone being non-judgmental was refreshing, while also making it clear that you wanted me to happy and satisfied with her efforts.

Each time I have returned to you, it is like an unbroken conversation, which seems so natural, since I know that for many what is talked about are deep feelings that have never been given life or flight. Sorry, if I sound dramatic, but it is part of my journey, to speak truth to the power of my fear, fear of what other people say or believe about me. Forever thankful and Changed,


Dianalinn Writes:

I booked an entire morning for my first makeover with Karen. We had spoken on the telephone before the appointment, but I didn't really know what to expect. What happened was the greatest experience. I was warmly greeted upon arrival. We sat and chatted for a while at the beginning and it felt like we had known each other for a long time. Like girlfriends hanging out. I explained that I was searching for a "look" that would fit my fem personality. That request started my journey into make-up instruction, wigs, clothing, jewelry and just a great time. I dressed in five different outfits and six different wigs. Each "look" was different and exciting. We took tons of photos, both inside and outside. I was thrilled with the results and the first step on my journey. So much in fact that I signed up for the Get Together that was being held the next week.

Meeting others in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere was inspirational. Our journeys are all unique and it is great to have others giving us support and cheering us along. I am extremely glad that I went to Karen for my first steps. Don't be afraid. Go to Karen and find out who you really are.


Michele Writes:

Although it has been two years since my first appointment with Karen I still remember every detail.

I had been visiting the Femme Fever website for years and was always impressed with how pretty the girls looked after their appointment with Karen. So here I was thinking I had to try this so I called.

Right from the first call Karen was warm welcoming and helpful. I did it and booked my appointment!

I decided I wanted to drive dressed for my appointment so I booked a hotel close to Karen. I got dressed then drove to Karen's house which was a lovely neighborhood very safe and easy to get out of my car right in front of her front door. The welcoming smile on Karen's face made me feel immediately at home and I felt my shoulders relax!!

I was taken to Karen's studio sat in the make up chair and turned myself over to Karen. Letting go was so easy! When she was done I turned to look in the mirror and could not believe my eyes; Karen had transformed me into a beautiful woman! I was beaming confidence as the photo shoot started. Two years ago Karen changed me for good and now I travel to visit with her and attend as many FemmeFever Parties as possible.


Kim Writes:

Hi Karen!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. I am always apprehensive when I arrive at your place, but when I finish up I leave with a confidence like no other. You always make me feel important and spend a lot of time with my wants. No question is never bad. You bring out a side of me that has been hidden for almost 40 years. Your knowledge in this area is second to none and I appreciate all of the advice that you give. From a psychological standpoint you answer so many of my questions that I really have no one else to ask. From a physical standpoint you not only make me feel beautiful with your artistry but you make me feel beautiful inside. For over 40 years I have had these feelings and I am finally able to showcase them in public and not behind close doors. As I get in my twilight years its time I start matching my body with my soul.

Thank you again for a wonderful day.

Many thanks,


Lisa Writes:

Hi Karen!

I came back to visit you after a long time away. This note is for NEWBIES! Are you a guy who wonders what it would be like to dress up in women's clothes? I know the feeling. I'm married for a long time. But I got the urge about 15 years ago to try on women's clothes. A few of my wife's items: dress, pantyhose, bra. Bought stuff on eBay, including a wig. Made some cheesy inserts for the bra made out of bird seed inside pantyhose. It was all sort of mediocre.

Then...I discovered FemmeFever, and Karen. With my heart pounding, I emailed Karen. I told her I wanted to do a full transformation visit. I told her I wanted to get make-up and pretty clothes, and breast forms, and shoes, and EVERYTHING, so I could experiment with what it would feel like...and look like for me to be dressed up as a pretty woman! Would it be possible? I would never know unless I tried.

And so I drove to Karen for my appointment. My heart was pounding even harder as I walked up the path to the door. Then Karen opened the door, said hello, smiled at me, and all my nervousness and anxiety just melted away.

Karen is so warm and welcoming, and she knows how I felt, because she's been working with guys like me for a long time! Slowly, she helped transform me. I had the choice: sit and watch in the mirror while she did everything to apply makeup, and put on my wig, etc. Or sit in a way so that I saw nothing until I was fully dressed, madeup, with my wig on, and then she'd spin me around for the big moment of revelation. I chose not to look; I wanted the biggest surprise. And boy did I get it!!!

When she turned me around so I could look at myself in the mirror, not only did I see a beautiful/pretty woman, but I saw a woman who looked years younger than the way I picture myself when dressed in drab.

Then she grabbed her camera, and that's when the fun really began. She took many many pictures of me. And then we changed outfits, and took more pictures. Then we changed again, more pix, then changed again and pix. You get the "picture", right?!!

Don't wait, email Karen NOW. Tell her a little about yourself, and what you want. She'll listen and she'll help you enjoy something you've wanted to do for so very long. I know, because she's helped me so much to let out the woman trapped inside my male body. I'm not going to become a full-time woman, but I love being able to dress up as a woman from time to time. Will I go out in public? That's hard to say. I'd love to, but I'm scared. But I still have so much fun at Karen's, I encourage every guy to suck up your courage and call Karen today! You will be so glad you did.

Lisa T.

She Writes:

Hi Karen!

I wanted to send you a note thanking you for our appointment last Tuesday.  It was a day I'll never forget.  There were so many things I wanted to thank you for when I arrived but never got around to and now, after our appointment, I've got a million more things to thank you for.

I just arrived back home yesterday, so today was the first chance I had to look at the photos you took.  I can't believe the quality of your work.  It was amazing.  I am also so glad we decided to take the photos.

One of the things that worked out very well was letting you decide what the proper makeover look would be.  You absolutely hit the target.  In my eyes, you brought that inner person to life and made her (I think the feminine pronoun is entirely appropriate) look "elegant".  I would never have thought it could have been possible.  You made her look the way she deserved to look.  I can never thank you enough.

I am also very appreciative of the comportment information and tips you provided.  You made it all very natural.  Nothing was exaggerated or affected; I could never have achieved this on my own.  The best thing about it (and I don't know if I mentioned it at the time), is that I felt that relaxed, serene feeling that dressing in the past would give me.  I really didn't expect that to happen but I think the comportment suggestions helped achieve this.  It was most apparent when we were talking in your living room.  You made me feel very relaxed and natural even though I was stunned with awe at your work.  I didn't feel at all self-conscious or awkward but enjoyed the relaxed feeling you helped me achieve. Amazing.  I only hope that I wasn't too self-absorbed to let you know how appreciative I was at the time.

I only regret my own inhibitions and should have followed your suggestions, like going outside.  Simply being outside would have added yet another dimension to enjoying this inner person.  In spite of that, I feel that I made giant strides in enjoying this aspect of my personality; this is the first time anyone other than myself has seen her.  I am so glad that we did this.

Your insights were also deeply appreciated.  I'm sorry if I didn't express this at the time, but I was thinking of some of the things you told me and it made more and more sense as I thought about it.  This especially applies to you saying that dressing may a manifestation of how I admire women and cherish (if that is the right word) them.  This really seems very true for me and help makes a lot of sense.  Your insight is amazing.

They say that the ability for humans to feel gratitude is a blessing.  I believe that.  So I just wanted to acknowledge my gratitude to you before too much time has passed.  As you promised, we did have fun and you have enriched me as well.  So I do feel a lot of gratitude.

When I am back in New York again, perhaps we could make an appointment to give some additional dimension to this inner person now that we jumped the first hurdle.   I would be very comfortable with your suggestions and I truly enjoy what you have already done. 

I've enjoyed thinking about the experience, reflecting on your observations, and thinking about the interesting stories you related.  Without exaggeration, my life has been enriched.  I am so glad I made the appointment.

I wish you all the best:  good health, lots of happiness, and success.

There are so many things to thank you for that I haven't mentioned.  You do a lot of good in a world that really needs it. 

Thank you again.

Stephanie Writes:

Hi Karen!

I will never be able to thank you enough for yesterday. A year ago when I came and you helped me sort thru my clothes, I finally got the nerve to ask (because I was afraid to hear the answer) if you thought you could make me look at least presentable. You said, "Absolutely. I think you'll be shocked." Shocked was the wrong word. When I looked in the mirror, my heart just about stopped. I never, never imagined anything like that. I looked like a woman. None of my own efforts had ever made me feel that way. At that moment I felt whole for the first time in my life.

And as I told you, the day just kept getting better. Some amazing things that happened:
1) I did my nails over lunch at Burger King, right out in view of everyone
2) Used the ladies' room at Burger King and at the mall at least four times total
3) Better still, for the very first time, I entered the Promised Land--Victoria's Secret--and picked up and examined any damned thing I wanted to!! When a salesgirl asked if she could help me, I had her show me nightgowns!
4) I had avoided eye contact with the spray girls at Macy's on the way in. By the end of the day I was of course in a different frame of mind and made a point of passing one on my way out and getting sprayed with girlie stuff for the first time!

And one funny story: As I approached my car on the way out, I heard a voice behind me ask, "Are you coming out?" It came from the driver of a car full of young girls. I ignored her, and she asked two more times. I thought, well, she sounds friendly, maybe just curious, not looking to make fun of me. So I approached the car and she asked again, "Are you coming out?" I said, "Well, you could say that." She looked puzzled for a moment and then said, "I meant, can I take your spot?" I turned right around and went to the car so I don't know if they were laughing their heads off, but the two black women in the car next to mine who were a little younger than me looked awfully amused, and one of them told me she loved my nail polish color and we talked about it for a minute. If we weren't on our way out, I bet they would have offered to take me shopping!!

In fact, every single person I spoke to was nice to me; excessively nice, I thought, which was certainly OK, the female and male clerks alike. So my biggest lesson learned was this: I was so worried about passing, or blending in, and it turned out that it didn't matter at all--in fact, knowing that I was trans caused people to be even nicer to me! And so of course by the end of the day I didn't care who knew. (I went back to the eyeglass place I told you about and thanked the girls for making my day by being so nice to me, and took their boss' name so I could write a letter.)

I left at 5:20 even though I had a 5:00 appointment in Queens because I just couldn't tear myself away sooner. Only the fact that I know I can do this as often as I want in the future made it bearable to leave. I feel like my whole life has changed. I owe it all to your support and expertise. It took me a couple of years even after meeting you to get up the nerve to do this, but then, it took me almost 50 years to get up the nerve to share my secret with someone, that person being you.

Please be assured that you have in me a friend for life!

And one more thing you can do for me: could you call me Stephanie (the girl name I finally settled on) from now on? I think it's time :)


Joanna Writes:

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for that wonderful session I have with you, YOU are really a warm and caring person. From the moment I got to your house, you treated me like a friend that I have had for a long time. You advise in make up, clothes, and wigs were fantastic For many years I struggled with being a transgender woman, and you really helped me to go out and face the world and show me that I deserve be respected and be accepted in society as a woman. I try before a couple of consultants in Manhattan and I was very disappointed by the way those people treated me, they were very uncaring, cold, and they were interested only in the money you paid them. With you, was a totally different experience, now I going to be, not only a regular customer but a fan of your party's and galas, God blessed you, for being a noble and wonderful woman, you are an angel.

To all the girls who are afraid of coming out, I recommend strongly to visit Karen because she going to treat you with respect and is going to be very caring.

Joanna Isabel xoxo

Amanda Writes:

After many years in the closet to the world, the desire to be dressed "right" was just too much for me. So after doing I fair amount of research, I got up my nerve and messaged Karen to set up an appointment. When the day finally came, I drove to Karen's. I circled the block a couple of times before I got up the nerve to stop. When I finally did, I was literally shaking with fear. But within moments, Karen put me at ease.

She has a way with conversation that is so disarming - casual, yet insightful, full of wisdom yet not preachy, but lots of fun. We talked a bit about my background, a bit about hers, and then she got to "work" on molding the clay that she had (i.e., me). She took her time getting me ready - but not too much time (I think a big part of the day was being about to simply enjoy being dressed) and then we spent several hours taking a few (okay a lot) pictures, trying some different looks, getting some (much needed) advice, and talking about everything under the sun - from her kid's sports achievements and my own (modest) ones, to some of the feelings that I had to the varied people who have come through there. I can't remember all the conversation. What I do remember was that Karen gave me a wonderful day to relax and to be in the moment, in femme. No fear, no pressure - just acceptance and friendship, which is what I think so many of us need. She's truly a special person and knows how to make a great experience.

As far as the dressing, it was a blast. We tried many different looks, different wigs, and Karen would take the time to make my make-up right while for the look I was going for. She really worked hard on her piece of clay (me), who was floating on a cloud too much to appreciate all the effort, but certainly was able to savor the results.

Three months later, I'm still smiling as I type this. My circumstances make my ability to get out minimal, but Karen maximized the return on that little bit of time. I can't wait to see her again.

Thank you,


Michelle Writes:

You are a warm and caring woman and I am so fortunate to have met you. I appreciate your encouragement and support as I explore my desire to embrace and present a feminine persona in some public settings. I really enjoy the makeup and dressing in skirts, dresses, sexy heels and jewelry. The wig you helped me select is wonderful. You are beautiful.


Maddie Writes:

You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I have been dressing somewhat in private on and off for years. I have been checking out the Femmefever site for awhile but never had the confidence to make an appointment. Just recently, my urge to be fem and maturity about the matter finally made me reach out to Karen and as soon as I spoke with her, it was more like I met a friend, rather than making an appointment. I was nervous, but super excited that morning. Right away, I felt like I knew Karen for a while and we talked about everything. I went mainly for makeup and hair because I already had an outfit I was dying to wear ;) Karen picked up on exactly who Maddie was. I was getting dressed and telling her my "secrets" ;) Karen made me feel so beautiful. I never thought I could look so fem. She transformed me into the sweet, innocent, yet very naughty girl I love to be. Thank you so much Karen, can't wait to see you again soon and go to the next meeting.

Dawn Writes:
Dear Karen,
I cannot thank you enough for the time we spent together. And I say it like that because more than just applying makeup, you allowed me to open up and talk about a deep, and often considered, dark secret. To be able to discuss the difference of my "hobby" as just that or a possible lifestyle was enlightening. As soon as I stepped through your door, my fears and trepidation dissolved away. I felt like a long-time friend had just welcomed me into her home. Thank you for that.

With the makeover, you magically made me look far more elegant that I honestly expected I ever could. I could see with a little more time, some practice walking in heels and the loss of a few pounds I could actually step out. That said, suddenly knowing that I could surprisingly does not make me want to. It is as though you fulfilled my wildest fantasy, to pass as a woman. And now, at least the short term, I don't feel like I need to. As we talked about, for me this remains a hobby, but wonderfully, I can say with honesty when asked by my online friends if I could pass, I can say" Yeah, I can."
Again, thank you so much.

Your friend,

April Writes:
Once I finally decided to do something about my desire to dress, seeking professional help with Karen and Femmefever was the smartest decision I could have made. As paradoxical as it may sound, my visit was everything I hoped for and nothing like I expected.

Karen asked questions that revealed myself without me feeling afraid or awkward. It is striking how clearit is that uppermost in her mind is finding out what a client desires and expects from the visit. I gave her a free hand and asked that she use her skills and knowledge to make me as feminine as possible—it was my second smartest decision.

Karen is sure-handed in her craft. She is also decisive, but thoughtful about each choice she makes. Her inventory of everything a girl could need for that day or any day after the transformation is impressive. She tried a few different wigs on me, deciding quickly what was right or wrong for my face and my personality. At that moment and so many other moments, I felt cared for as a person.

It took days to adjust to the new and improved me; Karen's genuine excitement for what we both saw was the beginning of the adjustment. I have been happy for weeks.

My time has been well spent and so was my money. Please do not wait; you are only postponing your own happiness or finally answering certain questions about yourself. Feel free to write and ask me moreabout my experiences at this special place.

April Canard

May Marlena Writes:
Last week I visited Karen for a make over and wedding gown shoot. First off I have been to Karen's several times. Each visit gets better and better. It is always filled with warm and insightful conversation. It is important for each of us to be honest with oneself and open to discuss one's feelings. For me I only have Karen and the Femme Fever groups to be open to discussion.
My make over and photo shoot of me as a woman in a spectacular wedding gown was a very long process in getting myself ready for my big day.
My dream has always wanted to be able to explore my female side. In buying a the wedding gown of my dreams was a lot of fun. I have had several and each one looks better. As I grow older my taste has changed. A few constants are form fitting always wearing very firm and full girdles and bras. High neck and long sleeve. Looking thru web site after web site was fun. Some very reputable sites offer advice to c/d's..
The big day was with Karen applying my make up. I prefer that made up look with heavy foundation and lots of powder. Next the fitting of my wig to see if the make up needed anything else. Next satin wedding shoes. Finally putting on my new gown. My heart was racing as I carefully stepped into my gown. Karen helped in every way finally pulling up my hidden back zipper. Looking in the mirror just blew me away.
Karen took so many breathtaking pictures. However I don't smile enough. I don't know why because I am on such high seeing myself in my wedding gown and feeling so much like a woman with everything on. A slight hint of my dusting powder enhances my emotions. I did have my nails painted red and wore lace see thru gloves.
Thank you Karen for who you are and what you mean to me in experience. My real life does not allow me to be open. That is why I thank all the girls on Femme Fever who respond to conversations and my pictures. I must admit I still don't know how to post my pictures to Femme a Fever Yahoo Groups. My pictures are forwarded via e-mail from Karen.

Jennifer O. Writes:
I recently had a makeover with Karen and then attended to daytime discussion group she ran. All I can say about the makeover is that I never realized I could look that fem. Karen was very patient with me and taught me a great deal about how to do my make up at home. The group meeting was my very first time in any public setting dressed as a woman. I was really scared about it, but Karen and the other girls made me feel so safe and comfortable that I'm looking forward to the next group.

Thanks Karen,
Jennifer O.

Angie Writes:
I must thank you for a wonderful afternoon. Unfortunately I had to go into work for 3 hours but I still felt like I had blond curls bouncing on my neck as I walked through Midtown. I still felt like I was walking on air. Hopefully I will make it back to see you soon. Maybe I will be a little more graceful in heels by then. You really made me feel wonderful. Thanks again,


Jennifer Writes:
I just want to thank you for the wonderful counseling session I attended recently. Your easy relaxed style,enabled me to see and address past hurts and unresolved issues.
I have not shared experiences and feelings in quite a long time. You, transformed me into Jennifer and took pictures and we chatted for close to 3 hours. I laughed and Felt good about myself again. Your simple observations and quick witty comments had me laughing and chatting like a school girl. Thank you for your kind care and attention.


PS I am excited and cannot wait to attend the upcoming events, enfemme

Kathy Writes:
I went to Karen's to pickup a wig and some clothing. I can't tell how nice she was, helping me with different looks always making me feel so comfortable. The prices are even better and she has a good variety to choose from. If you are a little nervous about going to her house don't be she is so friendly nice and non judgmental. Its even more fun if you have a makeover. I cant say enough good things about shopping there. She's the best

Hugs and kisses

Michelle D. Writes:
Thanks to Karen who started and developed the FemmeFever group.

All my life Ive been a closeted crossdresser. I enjoy transforming form M to F immensely. But, not being able to engage in social settings all these years because of fear, insecurities and embarrassment has severely limits physical and emotional expression. The thrill of transforming form M-F is one of the greatest feelings I've ever had. Not interacting with people that I have commonalities with has gradually turned a beautiful, liberating experience into a sad one. With too much isolation there can be no growth as an individual. The better I became at achieving the look I desired for myself, the more frustrating it became to be alone and those great feelings I experienced were fading. It felt like I was coming to an end my female identity.

Things were getting stale and I was not happy anymore to get dressed up and have nowhere to go. It was by chance that I saw the FemmeFever website. I must admit that it took a lot of nerve to make the call to Karen and ask if I could attend a group discussion meeting. That was the end of April 2014. It's only July now and I look forward with great anticipation the next time the girls get together. Since April I've had a few makeovers professionally done by Karen, been to nice restaurants a couple of times with the FemmeFever girls and also went to a formal dinner and dance with them. It seems so natural for me now to be with others in a social setting.

I know I haven't even scratched the surface yet in my journey. But, if it weren't for Karen's vision to help the Transgender Community , I would still be ALONE, sad and confused.

I cant overemphasize the importance for the existence of FemmeFever. It provided the means for me to be more truthful with myself.

I'm very grateful for having met with Karen and the members of FemmeFever.


Jan Marie Writes:
Magic ! That is the only way to describe it.
Every time I visit Karen I am obviously older. But ever time I leave Karen I look even younger than the last time . I am 67 years old, yet looked 45 years young after my transformation. The proof was substantiated when I walked into Dress Barn (I bought 3 dresses) and was treated completely as a woman.
It was only after I spoke (I have not perfected my voice yet) that I could tell that the clerk had not, up to that point, read me. By the way, after the transformation I went to other stores, went home to change, then drove to the ferry terminal where I parked and rode the ferry to Manhattan where I met up with a Girl (TG) friend of mine for dinner at the Waverly Inn (corner of Waverliy Place and Bank Street). I wore my new dress and aside from a few nice comments about my dress there were no acknowledgements about my being anything other than the woman I appeared to be.
Karen makes me feel so at ease. And confident. If she tells you how good you look, take it to the bank ! You --- Look---Good !!! So, Girls, treat yourself like the woman you are. Get transformed and the next day you will be walking on air just like I am today. The day after Karen worked her -----MAGIC
Jan Marie


Jan Marie Writes:
I visited Karen - Again.
And, once again, she performed a wonderful transformation.
I could go for this each week . No doubt about it.
What I think I like most is the confidence she gives me. She tales the time to do everything right.
No flaws, just perfection. See for yourself.
The proof is when I went shopping afterwards and I was referred to at least 3 times as mame.
No snickers, no second looks - just total acceptance.
For anyone who hasn't tried it - what are you waiting for.
For those that have - time to book another makeover !!!

Thanks Karen.

See you soon.
Hugs and XXXX
Jan Marie


Jan Marie Writes: Here's my vote for Karens Make Overs. I have had several, and even at 67 years young she makes me look great. I have passed in situations I never thought possible. Get her makeup instruction disc, then get a makeover. You will be on a path you never expected. Hugs Jan Marie PS - I even shared the title of Beauty of the Month a few years back !


Marlena May Writes: Karen. Thank you for another wonderful transformation session. My visit was probably the 6th time I have spent with you and your wonderful make over. First off I arrive as much en femme as possible without attracting attention. My day is started with a very good shave and shower. Finally I use a wonderful dusting powder that starts to put me in my fem mood. I dress in thigh high nylons, padded brief, high waisted long panty girdle, long line bra. Finally a pair of snug jeans and see thru blouse. Very passable with a jacket to drive to my transformation. Karen greets me every time with the warmth and care to ask and listen to everything I want to do. She makes several great suggestions as her expert opinion is so right.

Keep in mind I was going to leave en femme. I had three outfits. A pair of leather pants with white satin blouse, a black knit dress and finally a purple dress that was the outfit I intended to leave in. Black boots, my wig and jewelry also.

Her make up application was breath taking to watch. I am close to 70 and am a size 16. I like the heavy make make up look. Karen made me up to the point of leaving breathless when I looked at myself in the mirror. The make up was flawless. I don't take a great picture. I just don't know how to smile. Karen is always trying to make me laugh. Sometimes I show it. After trying on 3 outfits I settled on my purple dress with high boots. I looked and felt like a woman. I allowed her to publish 1 picture finally. Page 3 on her web site. The one of me looking in the mirror putting on lipstick. I love the angle of me and my figure in the back. I left dressed in that outfit.

The feeling of transformation that Karen provides is the best experience for new and existing cd's. This is an experience that I wish I could do more frequently. All of us out there who have experienced Karen feel the same way.

Thank you


Melinda Writes: On the one hand, nothing is easier than booking a transformation. A few emails back and forth and a short car ride over on the big day and I am a girl. Why did it take me fifteen years of monitoring femmefever.com to pull it off?

The interesting thing about my day wasn't the during, it was the after. I am completely in the closet and I don't have any friends (yet!) in the community. Karen is wonderful. I came in drab with only panties and a 5XL body hoping she would piece something together. I didn't articulate some great plan to her. She quickly moved me along the process. Each stage seems special, and of course the choices in terms of wardrobe and makeup are the crossdresser's equivalent to a day in the candy store.

In the photo shoot, Karen expertly guides you through the poses to maximize your appearance in each shot. She raves about the images as she previews them on the camera.

When my pictures arrived via email, all of a sudden I was in front of the same background as all of the beauties on the site. She invited me to post pictures on femmefever. I felt like a Hall of Fame inductee. I didn't realize how much of a goal having those pics in that locale had been for me, but I look at them often when I need a pick me up.

The website is so important to me, I know I have to support Karen as often as I can not just for me, but for all of us. Please email me for information or friendship.

Thank you, Karen.

Love, Melinda fffan2019@yahoo.com

Lily Writes: Dear Karen, I want to tell you what I great time I've had with you during my two transformations. Being new to dressing I was very nervous coming in to visit you. I found your charm and wit quickly disarmed and relaxed me. But that was only the beginning. With relaxed conversation you started to transform me into my feminine alter ego. As you applied the makeup with a practiced and gentle touch I kept wondering, honestly, what you were doing. Then you put on my wig and I just couldn't believe the beautiful woman sitting there staring back at me. You added some jewelry to the outfit I already had and amazingly I WAS an attractive woman. I packed my things and ventured outside, for the first time, with my hair blowing in the wind. I could hardly stop staring at myself in the rear view mirror. Of course, I decided to concentrate on the road. I came back to your salon for a more involved transformation with several looks and to take some pictures. This time we used the tape method, which I must say helped me look even better. We went smoky with the eyes for a more dramatic look. The blue frock, the red party dress, the casual summer dress, the black jeans and halter top.....all the pictures- again I just couldn't believe my eyes. The kicker again was the tussled brunette ( with red highlights) wig completed the transformation to 'Lily". With my short blue frock, heels and a strut I went back in to the outside worlds and had a wonderful night as Lily. Thank you..... something that I attempted time to time has opened my heart to a wealth of experiences that can only help me Lily jrmdds84@me.com

Samantha Writes: Karen, I just wanted to say thank you. Even though I have been a Femme Fever member for a few years I never participated in a discussion group before and have only been to one monthly party you made me feel very welcome and so did the other gurls. It was interesting to hear other's stories. I have spent a lifetime trying to understand myself and others who have been handed this lot in life. The choice as you said today is a choice for some but for me I have never had that choice and I have become tired of trying to deny it.. Anyway it was nice to have met you and I do appreciate all that you do for our community. I will become a more visible part at your discussion groups. The more we talk the more we learn. I am not so sure about the parties though I have never been to a TG club or anything TG except your party in my life not really my thing. Hugs and Kisses,


Marie Writes: Karen, I can assure you from personal experience that if you spend a couple of hours with Karen letting her not only make you over but to teach you how to make yourself. Over you will finally look in the mirror and see the girl you were born to be.


Paula Writes: Exploring or acknowledging your femme side can be a very lonely and scary experience. Karen and Femme Fever are the friends you can turn to in absolute confidence to discuss and explore the femininity you have deep inside. Once you meet Karen you will realize that you have found a true and caring friend whose support knows no bounds....she says of herself: "I am always here to help--even with the small stuff." Karen's personal and private counseling will let you express yourself without fear or embarrassment and when YOU feel ready, her Femme Fever group is a perfect vehicle for you to meet others who feel just as you do. There is no pressure to join or participate in any of the groups social functions which, by the way, are tasteful, decorous...and actually quite a lot of fun. Its time to finally be good to yourself....Karen and Femme Fever are your gift. Regards, Paula Tomboy5x5@aol.com

Genna Writes: Well after waiting far too long I finally made an appointment to be transformed by Karen....She is a wonderful woman, caring and compassionate.We spoke as to the look I wanted to have and we went with it. I have been dressing since I was a child, my cousin first dressed me when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I will never forget how nice the dresses and shoes felt. This feeling never went away. My story is no different from anyone else really. We all have similarities with I guess a few variations. The bottom line is I am finally going to fulfill my feelings and desires to dress and now I feel relaxed empowered and happy. Karen has the persona, expertise and genuine caring to make anyone feel at ease. I am now a regular and intend to become more proficient at doing my own makeup and she is there to help.All of the merchandise is amazing and reasonably priced. Believe me, as you read my story over the years I have run into all kinds of people who have taken advantage of what now I proudly feel is this gift I possess. Of course we still need to be discreet, as most people still don't understand, and that's a shame, because our fem self is so responsible for so much joy within us and bring to other people..Karen did this for me, she can do it for you to! Her ability to transform me into how I always envisioned was made clear to me as I looked at the pictures we took and in certain ones you could see in my eyes the wonderment and happiness....Take advantage of Karen's service, she is a special woman.

Gwen Writes: I just had the most incredible day of my life-a transformation session with Karen! She's amazing, wonderful-a lifesaver to someone who's never told a soul about her cd-life before. She made me so comfortable, so at home,so at ease-so natural! And through the process I discovered I was more more myself and happier-as a woman- than I've ever been as a man. It's changed my life-and like a pebble tossed in the water, the ripples reverberate and expand outward. That's what I feel is happening to me now. I don't know where it will stop, right now I'm so excited that I feel as if I don't want it to stop! I've waited a lifetime for this! I'm not thinking about reality right now-I don't want to. I will, eventually-but right now I just want to luxuriate in the experience, dwell in that mindset...just be...Gwen. I can't thank you enough,Karen! gwencdgirl@yahoo.com

Gina Writes: I recently visited Karen for a new wig and some much needed eye make-up. Karen was very flexible with her schedule and made the time for me to stop over. I had met Karen before at her parties but this was the first time I was visiting her at her place, I was a little nervous. As soon as I arrived I felt so welcomed and at ease. Karen took her time and she tried several different wigs on me, I did not feel rushed or pressured at all� It was like visiting a good friend. She had great suggestions on style and color and had such a huge selection to pick from. Once we got the wig sorted she showed me different eye makeup and what I could use as foundation, especially to cover up my beard, as I have a heavy shadow. She then helped me pick out some earrings. Karen showed me all the clothes she has as well as shoes, I felt like a kid in a candy store. If you are thinking of getting a wig do yourself a favor and contact Karen, she will help you find the right look. Karen . � Thanks for making me feel comfortable, at ease, and able to express what I was looking for. I look forward to going back and buying some clothes as well as making an appointment for a make-over and photo shoot. A big Hug for all you do. Thanks and Hugs, Gina tamagina63@yahoo.com

Patrice Writes: I have been to see Karen several times and just love her professional and courteous caring for "girls" like us.....from showing proper ways of putting on my makeup, to wearing my bra correctly, and other "girly" things, she is a pro....I love it when I'm dressed and made-up and she and I have "girl to girl" talk.....she treats me like the woman I wish I was....from posing for pictures, to proper ways to walk in heels, sitting down, getting up, smiling, hand movements ----- Karen is the best...hope to see you soon, Karen. With "girl" hugs ( love how girls hug each other) Patrice rjb7839@aol.com

Sasha Writes: I am a T girl who's been dressing for quite some time now and would like to help point you in the right direction. First of all for any feminine needs such as shoes, clothing and makeovers and shopping in a private environment I highly recommend Karen at Femme Fever on Long Island. She is a genetic woman that has been serving our community for approximately 15 years. Her business is geared towards outfitting those of us who dress en femme as well as a variety of other things. You can find her on the net at www.FemmeFever.com . Karen is a wonderful person who has assisted us in developing our inner and eventual outer femme and will make you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her. I consider her a true friend and have been going to her for years. If you have any further questions I'd be delighted to help you with any questions you may have. Sincerely Sasha Exceptionaltg@gmail.com

Brittany Writes: Dear Karen - The day I came to see you for my transformation was indeed incredible - I am a crossdressing slave who had never gone out in public. You spoke with my Mistress and she advised that look she had wanted. When I arrived at your home you put me totally at ease. You took the time to go over what was going to happen. It was a whirlwing from the first application to the time I turned around and looked in the mirror and the transformation was done. The care you put into your work is tremendous. When I arrived to see my Mistress she was awestuck with your work. If anyone is ever thinking of a transformation Karen you are indeed a magician with yor craft.. Brittany brittany12slave@yahoo.com

Gabby Writes: Thank you very much for helping me with changing my makeup regimen. I knew that with the laser treatments that I've been getting, it was time to use some different makeup. I haven't been using the pink for a while and I knew that the type of Dermablend that I've been using was a little too heavy as a foundation. The Dermablend cover stick that you recommended for certain areas and the color of the Mehron foundation that you chose for me looks SOOO amazing that it now looks like I'm not wearing any makeup at all!! Thanks for the tips on how to put it on so that I look natural. They will now also last me a long time so that I won't have to be buying them so often. And OMG, that under eye firming serum that I saw you put on that gal that were doing the makeover for is AMAZING. Although I don't have much in the way of dark undereye circles, it took any out that I had and helps to make my eye makeup look that much better!! Better yet, it was soooo reasonable! And you weren't even pushing me to get it. I just wanted it when I saw what it did for that gal! And the final coupe de grah is that it now takes me about 10 minutes less to do my makeup!! As a very busy girl I need to save all the time that I can lol. You're the best! With Many Hugs, Gabby:)

Dalana Writes: It is mother's day and since you are the mother of so may TG girls it's only proper to give a big wish and hope all your dreams come true. We all owe you more than we could repay. My anniversary is coming next month June 24th. It will be two years you put on that long red wig and changed my life forever. It's amazing, it really is. Once again a very happy mother's day and I look forward to getting out there in the near future. xoxo Dalana Dlaker310@aol.com

Josie Writes: Karen, Thank you SOOOO much for an amazing time! I'm like walking on sunshine and floating in the clouds and silly and giddy. I have to find time for a return trip now, this time, for makeup training. It was such an amazing experience. I didn't think I'd want any pictures, then I didn't think I'd be going outside dressed... Ended up wanting and doing both! I am just floating. (I am also trying to learn how to type with nails on, too. I don't see any reason to take them off yet. They're a memento of such a life-changing experience. The pictures are great! wow Thanks for putting up with my "newbie"-ness. My only regret (if you can call it that) is that I can't ever have another wonderful first experience. But I'm sure the next time will be just as good. At the risk of being oddly narcissistic: the woman you made me into is someone I'm really attracted to. I'm not sure if that's right or wrong...but she's beautiful! Josie! josie.olsen.0@gmail.com

Dalana Writes: Hey girls girls. I just had the most extraordinary experience of my life today unrivaled by anything I ever imagined. For as long as I can remember I had thought about dressing up as a girl. Doing it from beginning to end, but doing it right. Tapping into a part of me, that no one else could know not even me. Most would call it our dark side. I not only wanted to do this but I felt a professional was needed to deal with the ascetics but with the psychological aspects as well. That's where Karen and Femmfever begin. From our first conversation on the phone to our eventual meet Karen was more than just professional, she was compassionate, caring, nurturing and above all coming from a place of love, not to mention a great sense of humor about it and reminding not to take it all so serious. She provides a service to which can't be matched by anyone and still makes you feel like you're as normal as apple pie and hot dogs on the 4th of July. I'm new to this world but Karen makes you feel in every way that you have always been part of it and welcomes you to I with outstretched arms.. It was worth every penny dime, quarter and dollar. Now that I feel like the girl I always was, I can't wait to meet the people in her community. This service is for anyone who ever dreamed about their fem side, desires and fantasies. Keep in mind Karen is the lady to make it Happen!! Thanks Karen…Dalana (Hotdillnow@aol.com)

Diane Writes: Karen , I can't began, where to thank you first. I have been going to all kinds of your events for over 11 years . Be it your monthly parties -all 7 Balls ,Makeup classes,chat groups, or help in purchasing wigs. I think it is your friendship, I value most. Hugs Diane dianegirl44@yahoo.com

Stacey Writes: Just want to let you girls know about Karen. First I want to tell you about me in short. I know Karen from early 2006 when I first came out. She did my first makeover and many makeovers after that because i was a monthly regular at her parties. She is a dear friend and I am forever grateful. She didnt know and much to her surprise my ultimate goal later in 2007 was to Have complete reassignment and facial surgery. If I recommend anyone it would be her to start anyone coming out as just a cross-dresser or a TS in transition. Karen is one of a kind. She is loved and respected by many. Stacey ycatsny@yahoo.com

Karli Writes: I've been to see Karen several times including make up lessons, a make over photo shoot and also to talk about crossdressing and other personal issues. Karen is a wonderful, embracing and supportive person. She is a great advocate for the community and I hightly reccomend her vast services. I have scheuled several other sessions with her and she has become a friend as well. She has a lovely home which is comforting and private. CDKarli@yahoo.com

Davina & Cyndi Write: Cyndi and I wholeheartedly agree, this was the best ball we have attended so far. Karen and staff did just an amazing job yet again. The mark of a good DJ is how full the floor is at any given time the records are spinnen. Id say Lisa did her part in keeping me on the floor..:) The LipStiks (band) show promise...keep it going gurls. The food and service were excellent. Undoubetly, we shall return. Already miss all the gurls and friends we saw again and made anew. Hugs and Kisses to all... Cyndi and Davina nowhervill@hotmail.com

Marie Writes: The day I met Karen was the first day in decades when I shared my femme side with anyone. Karen made me feel right at home. I felt like we were BFF's 4ever. She taught me not only how to make myself look like a beautiful woman and she helped to bring out my feminine soul. I have never felt so comfortable or content in my life. Marie (mar5ie2b@gmail.com)

Gwen Writes: There's no doubt about it: femmefever( https://femmefever.com ) enabled me to discover the woman inside and made all of my progress this year possible; my transformation session with Karen was one of the most important moments in my life, and certainly the single most important step towards discovering my feminine identity. I'd never really seen the woman I could be until I the day of my transformation, but when I stepped out of the makeup chair and before the mirror I encountered the beautiful woman I'd always dreamed of being-- owing all to Karen's great make-up skills and sense of style. From the moment I arrived, it was as though Karen and I were old, old friends(although we'd never met before). She set me at ease, and guided me through the process with care and sensitivity; always fully supportive of my wishes, she was encouraging and offered a number of suggestions and ideas. Her store is filled with everything you need to become beautiful; as many wigs in as wide a variety of colors and styles as you can imagine; make-up, jewelry, clothing-it's all there for the asking. Karen was the first person I'd ever come out to, and the first person I ever talked with about cross-dressing. What I'd not been able to say for a lifetime, I said easily to Karen in a matter of minutes. Questions and fears I'd had bottled up inside, she addressed simply and without judgment. In a matter of minutes I felt comfortable and at ease with myself and dressing in a way I had never been before. Recently I took a moment to drop by and pick up a few small things from Karen's store. We haven't seen each other since my transformation-but from the moment she opened the door, it was like being welcomed home. She was as attentive and caring as the best salesperson at a department store cosmetics counter. Though she was busy, and I wasn't buying much, she didn't rush me and we had a nice chat. If you've never been--please--buy yourself something for Christmas or Hanukkah: visit femmefever.com today!* (just an fyi: I'm not receiving any remuneration for this testimonial--just doing because I loved my experience there and I think you will too! xoxo, gwen) (gwencdgirl@yahoo.com)

Love to Dress Writes: After many years of dressing in private,I took my first venture out to see Karen.I couldn't have been more nervous arriving at her place,she being the first person I have met while dressed.Being greeted by Karen and entering her home, all my anxiety slowly melted away.Karen is one incredibly special person who allays all your fears and you know your in a safe place, a sanctuary if you will.To all who are still hiding as I was, I can only say meeting Karen is a remarkable experience. (lovetodress61@yahoo.com)

Kellly Writes: Karen It was great meeting you and being in your company today. You made my first experience so incredibly satisfying and I lovedd it. I can not tell you how happy I am with the photos you took of me and you made me look so sexy. You created an femme image of me which I did not think was achievable. You made so relaxed today which made it so enjoyable. I look forward to doing this again in the future. You are a sweetheart and can not thank you enough. xoxoxo Kellly (kellyssp74@yahoo.com)

Gabrielle Writes: Well to tell you in a word, I am now doing GREAT! While there are many things in my life that are not so good, I've put a lot of pieces together internally and I'm VERY happy about that. I, all of a sudden have this tremendous feeling of internal calm and confidence about myself that I never had before and you are a large part of that! The way that you are, the caring way that you approach everything regarding our community and the support that you give us to be who we are is something that I could never express enough appreciation for! For the FIRST time in my life I feel accepted and able to be myself and that is a feeling that I NEVER want to loose again! Your discussion groups have helped me tremendously as well as the counseling that I've been doing with Donna Riley as well as the whole FemmeFever group. So , I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this year a tremendously happy one for me and hope that you get back all of the love that you give to all of us!! Gabrielle:) (MRacing24fan@aol.com) PS- I'm crying while I'm writing this to you!

Liz Writes: Karen, I am happy to say what a great job you did helping me to re create " The Divine Ms. L ". I was a sucess, and your makeup job held up through the show and long into the evening. Yes folks the makeup was on me, the wife, not on the CD'er this time. Karen is great Liz Levitt (letlizzzzzz@yahoo.com) CD'ers wife

Gina Writes: Karen: I just want to say that it was a blast meeting you and learning what I need to know! Thank you so much for your guidance.

So, I am sure you are dying to know....how the mall went for me once I left your house after your transformation on me (dressed and made up with the new wig you and I chose).. OUTSTANDING!!!!! You have not just made me up, you have changed my life! Really!>p? I went into Bloomingdales and hit all the floors- I was very confident and took your advice not to be nervous. I saw about 60 people close up, some sales people looked me right in the eye, I negotiated the costmetic counter gaunlet. I bumped into customers- literally- with just a smile to get by. I went to the shoe dept (my fave) and went to the clearance rack and tried on about 6 different shoes- bumping shoulders with other customers without a second look (said "excuse me or sorry" in a low voice). No problem. I tried on some sweaters and looked at myself in the mirror (others were watching me, waiting for their turn to use the mirror- I just smiled). I went into the mall and a number of people looked directly at me and smiled- I smiled back. I saw my reflection in store windows, fixed my hair and strolled on. What a kick.

I was there for about 60 mins and the only reason I left was that my girlfriend's shoes ( that I was wearing) started to pinch alot- they are not broken in yet.

So, thank you soooo much for encouraging me to do it. I will try the makeup myself and go out again this weekend. You are probably the coolest person I have ever met......

Love, Love, Love. Gina

Joanne Writes: It was the most wonderful time I can remember! Karen made me feel at home, and transformed me into the woman I've always wanted to be. I will never forget your kindness and warmth. I had a great time just being me. I can't wait to do it all again and again. Thank you so much! Kisses, Joanne (jcamp53@optimum.net)

Samantha Writes: I attended the recent Femme Fever party and have been to a few previously. Karen is an amazing hostess and is so kind to all. The first FF party I attended was last Fall and it was my very first outing EVER to a setting like this...I had been out and about very little before this and was extremely nervous going in, but as soon as I arrived, I was greated immediately by Karen and a number of other girls that I had some limited contact with online! I was instantly relaxed and made to feel so welcomed. I felt like one of the girls and so comfortable, that it totally made me so happy to be out. There was a leg contest that evening that I was encouraged to enter...to feel more liberated and free to have some fun...that I even entered and surprisingly won...which just put the topper on my fabulously feminine and spectacular girlie night! I have so many warm memories from this first FF party and many others that I have attended since...not to mention the wonderful photos I have from each outing too! This is a totally relaxed setting...if you are thinking about it...definitely come...take it from one nervous girl who took her first steps out at a FF party...I have so much love and gratitude for Karen and her parties...and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed too! I encourage any girls out there who are/were like me that are still in the closet to spread your wings and take a chance at attending one of Karen's Femme Fever parties. You will feel very comfortable and will absolutely enjoy every moment being out. Additionally, the owner of Kelli's Bar, where the outings are hosted, are so sweet, kind and warm that they also make you feel so special and welcomed...Barbara is amazing! Much love to her too...! Love you Karen, for all that you have done for me personally and the countless others that you have helped with your parties and classes...! Hey Girls...come out next month and enjoy some FABULOUSLY FEMININE FUN with alot of other nice girls! Thanks Karen Love Samantha (samanthagirl11@yahoo.com)

Michelle Writes: I was looking for different products online for my femme self, and happened to stumble on the website of FemmeFever. I was instantly impressed with the before and after transformations, and although a bit reticent, I wanted to try my own makeover. Seeing the beautiful changes which accompanied each individual seemed to be a most rewarding experience. I called and met Karen - a very beautiful person whom I found I could discuss my own crossdressing experiences with comfortably. She is so understanding and provided an opportunity to better understand my own self. After the initial conversation I read more about her on the website. She has been helping girls like me become more accepted and appreciated, and I found myself waiting for the day to come for my own makeover. And truly what a day! I brought over some of my own make-up and she was helpful, attentive and explained what would and could work for me. I felt an immediate amity toward her, and a kinship of my femme self. I love her as part of our community, and I find she has helped me become more of the woman I wish to be. (Michelle.faheem2774@yahoo.com)

Joyce Writes: My name is JOYCE and to celebrate my 82nd birthday I had a make over done at Karens. The experence was so wonderful.she made me look and feel years younger and so much at ease trying on different outfits. Pictures were taken, it was fun posing for she made me feel so relaxed. We went out for a little shoping and it was great walking around the store as a woman....such a wonderful time.........thank you so much KAREN!! im_joyce@yahoo.com

Denise Writes: Hi Karen! A funny thing happened to me on the way to the FemmeFever party last Wednesday. I went to the mall to try to get the shoes I was telling you about. I looked around in Macy's. There was nothing there. (Now I understand how there can be a store full of shoes and nothing to wear ) I came out, and the car wouldn't start. The battery died. I had just got the makeover, so I didn't want to take any of it off. My drab gear was not in a convenient place, so I couldn't change. So I had to handle the crisis as a woman ... I went back into the mall and looked for the security guards, all the while trying to remember to walk in character. I find them and tell them the problem, all the while trying to remember to keep the voice and the walk in character. The security guards couldn't do anything, but they called in the other security guard who was driving the truck. She had no jumper cables, so she couldn't jump the car. She did offer me a list of towing companies. I called the first one and they wanted $65 to come out and look at the car. I just spent most of my money for the day and didn't have $65. The she got the idea to take me over to Sears Automotive Center and see if one of the fellows could jump the car. So I got in the car with the security guard, keeping the walk and the voice together and trying not to panic. We get out to Sears and I describe the problem and they couldn't help either. So the lady drove me back to my car where I sat for about 15 minutes. Then the security guard flagged down a man with a truck. I was standing outside the car in the 92 degree heat with the damsel in distress look on. He came over in a hurry, jumped the car and I was off on 10 minutes. The moral of the story I guess is that the damsel-in-distress thing really does work . The other thing that was interesting was that no one thought of me as anything other than some girl with a disabled car. So I got a crash lesson in how to act. But the real star of the story is the makeover you did for me earlier that day. No one questioned that I was anything other than female. That actually got the car fixed and also saved me a ton of embarrassment . For that I thank you very much. So if I ever get the Academy Award for the best impersonation of a woman with a dead battery, you have to get one for Best Makeover! I guess you can file this under the wildest testimonial ever. Hugs, Denise (denisecdny@yahoo.com)

Vicotria Writes: I can't believe I was on my way to doing it. I can't believe I did it ! After 30 years of hiding my cross dressing I had my first makeover and my first encounter of being dressed in front of someone else, Karen. She made me look wonderful and more importantly she made me feel wonderful. It was a very a necessary and liberating experience. My experience with Karen put my thoughts on cross dressing and myself back on track for a very positive future. If you want to feel as good about yourself as I do now then please call Karen. Victoria Heaven, my last name describes how I felt and still do. Victoria (vjheaven1@yahoo.com)

Denise Writes: To anyone out there considering taking the next step in this endeavor please go visit Karen! After years of hanging out in the house dressed it was time to get out as a 'gal' and meet people. I had a makeover session with Karen and then we went straight to the bar for one of the most memorable nights in my life! I went from shaking nervous to dancing with new friends in about thirty minutes, it was great!! Years of fear and stress peeled away by the minute. My wife joined us and she had a awesome time as well. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! (denise02170@yahoo.com)

Deanna Writes: " Thank you Karen for a wonderful afternoon of femme beauty. Your skills are unmatched in the world of transformations. You create a warm and encouraging atmosphere where we can realize our femme desires. I could not have been more satisfied. I'm looking forward to the next time". Deanna (deannaholdress@yahoo.com)

Debbie Writes: Karen, I want to thank you for what you've done for me. When I took my dressing to the next level, which for me is going out on Long Island and meeting new friends at places like Sugar's has been an exciting, fun, and at the same time, quite nerve racking! Your ability to bring me confidence and skills with make-up have been a great help to adding fun to my visits to NY. I am really looking forward to the ball in April. I'm already thinking about what I'll wear! All the best to you, see you at the ball! Debbie from Pennsylvania (debbie80148@yahoo.com)

Tania Writes: Karen, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for a wonderful time. It was so nice to meet you. You made me feel so comfortable. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it. For those of you who might be reading this, Karen made me feel so beautiful, I was soo happy.. I actually went out for a walk and she took me to a night club.. Yes , I couldn't believe it. I walked right by the smokers right into the club.. We stayed there for about an hour.. I still can't believe I actually went out... It was my first time and I would never have done it with out Karen's help and support.. Oh, I can't wait to do it again... If you are thinking of doing this don't wait any longer...You won't regret it.. You'll just regret not visiting her sooner... Tiana..... (tiana.ryan@hotmail.com)

Patti Jay Writes: Thanks to Karen. I love to dress but I am not really sure of what look I am looking for. I want to thank you for helping me with 4 or 5 looks. Everything went well. Privacy is assured, everything is spotless.the cost was reasonable. I loved the French nails. Thanks again- Patti (pattijay@rocketmail.com)

Shelli Writes: Hello Karen !! I just wanted to say I was totally thrilled with my fist dressing experience with you...you transformed me into my alter femme ego and it was fabulous!! You are kind,sweet very relaxed and a lovely person to be with, you made this session a treat for me...I will be back often to share my femme side, Thanks Karen soo much u made a big difference for me and u r a gas to work with xxoo xxoo Shelli (sstewart@nj.rr.com)

SissyMaidToni Wrtites: Hello Karen, Thank you very much for recently performing my first professional make-over. I was very nervous while on my way to your studio. My nervousness quickly subsided as soon as we met. Throughout my makeover you were very friendly and displayed a great deal of patience teaching me the proper make-up techniques. You made me feal very comforatble throughout my make-over and photo shoot. I enjoyed the privacy of your studio. I would recommend your services to anyone who is seeking a professional makeover. I was very satisfied with the entire process. I plan on returning soon and becoming a regular customer. Thank you sissymaid toni (sissymaidtoni@gmail.com)

Sommer Writes: Hi Karen I want to say to all the gals that you and your parties are THE BEST. I dress as often as I can - but am afraid to go out. Karen provides a safe and fun environment to go out in and all the girls (and guys) are: kind, respectful, helpful and fun to be around. I do not live nearby or I would go every month - the makeovers Karen provides are awesome. Even Karen's pre-party makeovers are instructive and she even does touch ups through out the night if needed. I was sooooooo scared to go out the first time. Karen took me and "held my hand" throughout the night - it was so refreshing to have someone who cares rather than someone who treats it like all business. Karen cares. Karen, I have not seen you in a while - family issues (not what you think) - but once I get free time I will be back up for the parties and makeovers. To anyone out there that want to give this a try - Karen is the only one I would trust and only one I would go with for the first time hugs to all Sommer (Sommer8989@aol.com)

Nancy Writes: Hi Karen I just had to drop you a note to again say Thank You so much, for making me look SO amazingly pretty, and more importantly, for being such a sweetheart to all of us girls. I don't have a lot of chances to get out, and sometimes opportunity comes up with short notice; you've always done your very best to take care of me, and then, the results you get, oh my goodness, you are a true artist! I was overwhelmed by how many people told me how good I looked - and not just other 'girls' either! I'm so blessed to have met you, and to be able to chat with you while you perform your magic. You're a very special person, with a huge heart, and I know I speak for a lot of the girls when I tell you how much you mean to us all. Thank you again, and I hope to see you again soon, Nancy (Mbsnancy@aol.com)

Lisa Writes: Hi Karen -- I visited you in late August for my second professional makeover. What can I say?! It was fantastic, and even better than my first. I am a closeted crossdresser, so even coming to you for my makeover is a little scary. But you make me feel so totally relaxed and comfortable. We chose several outfits -- a sexy black dress and then some sexy lingerie. While you were doing my makeup one of your tgirl friends showed up. You were so considerate, and asked me whether or not I would feel comfortable having him see me. I could have said "no", and you would have kept me away from his gaze...but I said it was ok, so he and I chatted briefly while you were doing my makeup. Since I've been thinking about going out in public at some point, this was a safe way for me to begin stepping across that "line" into public. I loved the photos you took of me, the care and consideration you show when I'm visiting. I would say to anyone who's closeted, who's thinking about getting a makeover..."Call Karen!" She is the best without a doubt. And it's fun and you will be so happy you did it. xox Lisa T. (lisat1964@gmail.com)

Deanna Writes: Dear Karen, Thank you so much for this week's makeover as well as for the other sessions this past summer. You truly make fantasies come true. You are creative, talented, professional, patient, understanding, supportive, and so much fun to hang with. You make girls like us so welcome. You always have a great concept to make the day truly an unforgettable experience. Love, Deanna (deannaholdress@yahoo.com)

Joanne Writes: Karen Thank you so much for making my recent makeover experience at Femme Fever a totally memorable one. Every stage of the great makeover done by you, from start to finish, was thrilling, exciting, and pleasant. Beginning with your expert talent at the blending in of concealer- to your talented application of eye shadow, liner, and mascara-to the professional way you so easily and evenly applied makeup and foundation-to the dabbing of lipstick-to the adding of a little blush and eyebrow liner-and to the finale of putting the beautiful wig on my head, and thus transforming me into a beautiful woman, culminated into a state of total bliss, nirvana, happiness, and ecstasy all rolled into one. A visit to your Femme Fever studio and having a transformation done is indeed a true life example of such. But it goes beyond that. Your friendship is deeply appreciated. What you do for the crossdressing community, and the care you have for us, can never be put into words. We can never thank you enough for all you do. We love ya! Joanne M.( joey.mac@verizon.net)

Chrissy Writes: Hi Karen, Thanks so much for putting together another wonderful Femme Fever Gala Ball! It's a great opportunity to renew friendships and meet new people! You will always be in my heart for your support, in good times and bad. My makeover and photo session with you helped so much when I announced my transition to my co-workers five years ago. Your photos of me in typical business style gave me more credibility during that extremely anxious time. Today it's 'business as usual' as I continue my career with my employer (24 years!). Thank you again and again, Christina (Chrissy) 6/4/2009 Thank You, Christina Taylor Christina.taylor@firstdata.com

Alexandrea Writes: I've been dressing for years and it has always been my desire to be 'professionally' done. The only problem is that I have never felt comfortable enough to be with anyone else while en femme. For some reason, I decided to trust Karen with my 'coming out' party. And all I can say is that she is absolutely the best! She made me feel sooooo comfortable . . . right from the very first hello. As we talked, I could see that her background gives her a unique perspective on cross dressing. One that is rare and precious. She not only helped me to look more like the person I was striving to be, she gave me advice that was priceless.. My time with Karen, and the total experience was far, far more than I could have hoped for. Alexandra (ctcdtv@yahoo.com)

Jacqui Writes: I have played at dressing up throughout my life, but was always intimidated by makeup. My lack of knowledge in applying and removing it had my knickers in a twist. I needed to be taught, but I never dared reveal my secret, until I found Karen and Femme Fever. Finally someone I could speak to. She made me feel completely comfortable and is a true confidant. I tried different hairstyles and outfits until the "Jacqui" that was in me for so long emerged. And girl was I surprised! I never pictured her this way. She was more beautiful than I ever hoped to imagine. Even my deer-in-the-headlights approach to having my photo taken disappeared with Karen. My pics have even earned me a few "OMG!(s)" lol I cannot say enough. Thank you. Jacqui (jacquistyles23@yahoo.com)

Sabrina Writes: When you are down and in need of a real lift please call upon a true angel, Karen of FemmeFever. Karen is a true angel; she, within a short amount of time; was able to lift me out of a depression I was in for a very long time. She has the experience, wisdom and truly understands our community. After helping me out with some internal issues, she made my outside match my true feminine inside. I was gorgeous and truly felt like I always wanted to feel. I truly believe Karen is a true angel here on earth to help our community. Sincerely, Sabrina (sabrinatsnow@yahoo.com)

Nessa Writes: Karen is an angel and a goddess, sent by heaven to minister to those of us with "magnificent problems." She transformed me into a beautiful lady's maid and let me clean and sort to my heart's content. It was pure paradise! Karen's sweetness and non-judgmental attitude is so honest and natural. She is one in a billion, and I hope I have other opportunities to serve as her maid. Sincerely, Maid Nessa (maidnessa@yahoo.com)

Gina Writes: I met Karen about a year ago and I remember that day like it was yesterday To give you some background, I have dressed off and on since preteen days and had only ventured outside a few times
But something clicked last year and I began to dislike this closet dressing, it only seemed to foster more feelings of guilt and embarassment, it really was a vicious cycle. Then I started to wonder how I would look completely dressed with a professional makeover and really do this once and for all
At first I didn't even have the nerve to call, so I sent an email After a couple of emails, I finally called and Karen was very nice on the phone, so I thought I guess I can try this, I've always wanted to...
I was a nervous all week anticipating the appointment and on that day I was shaking, I could hardly hold on to the steering wheel on the drive over, I stopped around the corner for a few minutes to catch my breath and I thought either do it now or wonder about it forever, so I drove the next block and rang the bell, by then I was really shaking
Wow, with one smile I felt better, Karen has such a warm and inviting personality, we had a nice conversation, and I began to feel comfortable
She asked if I wanted to watch her do my makeup (which I did) and off we went at first I thought, I don't know, I look like a guy with makeup on, but after she was done and we picked out a wig... I squeeled, I look like a girl, now I was having fun
We picked out an outfit and she proceeded to take some pictures and helped me pose I couldn't believe the results or how much I enjoyed modelling she somehow helped me release this girl inside
I had such a good time, I booked an appointment the next week Whenever I visit, it's like visiting my best friend, I can't keep my mouth shut
Karen provides a very personal makeover service geared to your request She will make you comfortable and will do a terrific job on your look
I'm so glad I met Karen for both her friendship and support Thanks to Karen, I'm beginning to accept my crossdressing and feel so much better about myself. Feel free to contact me at gina_b@ymail.com
Gina (gina_b@ymail.com)

Lisa Writes: I visited you in early January for a makeover, and Oh my gosh what a makeover! You totally transformed me into the woman I imagine myself to be part of the time. I cannot tell you completely, although I will try -- for the benefit of others who may be thinking of contacting you about a makeover -- what a wonderful, exciting, calm and enjoyable experience it was for me to be with you and in your capable hands, and under your watchful eye. I wished that I could have spent a couple more hours getting all kinds of movement and "girl" tips from you, because I feel like I'm just starting out. I'm totally closeted as a CD, and the only time I'm dressed is when I'm at your place. I've had two makeovers with you, and they have both been fantastic experiences. What I'm trying to work up the courage to do is go out to a public function dressed "en femme" and just be Lisa. But I have not done that yet!! But I am getting the courage to do it, and I think I might later on this year. For anyone who is visiting your website I would just say -- Get in touch with Karen!!! You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. She will help you look the way you can only dream about on your own. And she is so sensitive and caring you will feel like you're with a good sister. Karen, you are the best, thanks so much for everything! xox Lisa T. (lisat1964@gmail.com)

Tina Writes: I was such a nervous wreck, totally scared on my way to Karen's, questioning my sanity: 'What's wrong with me?', etc. The moment she opened the door with her smiling face, all my anxieties had vanished. I knew I had done the right thing. She was there thinking about every detail, trying to find suitable outfits, always suggesting never forcing you. And the make-up was such an experience, seeing her fiddling with her brushes, adding touches here and there to make me like a beautiful woman. The result was beyond expectations. I didn't know that I would enjoy so much being a woman. I will without the shadow of a doubt come back. I still have a lot to learn from dear Karen to be the perfect woman that I want to be. Thanks a milllion times, and see you soon. If you wish to contact me, ask Karen for my email address. Tina

Alexandrea Writes: I've been dressing for years and it has always been my desire to be 'professionally' done. The only problem is that I have never felt comfortable enough to be with anyone else while en femme. For some reason, I decided to trust Karen with my 'coming out' party. And all I can say is that she is absolutely the best! She made me feel sooooo comfortable . . . right from the very first hello. As we talked, I could see that her background gives her a unique perspective on cross dressing. One that is rare and precious. She not only helped me to look more like the person I was striving to be, she gave me advice that was priceless.. My time with Karen, and the total experience was far, far more than I could have hoped for. Alexandra (ctcdtv@yahoo.com)

Debbie Writes: Karen, This was my second makeover and i wasn't sure that it could top my first makeover. Well it did! Once again it started with Karen greeting me at the door with a smile and in her extremely upbeat personality that just makes you feel wanted. Karen is a Lady that loves what she is doing and as this comes across it puts me at ease. During the makeover Karen is always telling you how beautiful you look ( it has a way of bringing out my softer , sensitive , femine side ) and continues to build you up to look and feel as the sexy women i want to be Then we were ready for the photo shoot. This is were i believe Karen has the most fun and it shows, she loves to play dress-up (I don't think the smile came off my face the whole time i was their) and adds jewlery to compliment her creations . Then leads and directs you with encouragement ,music and smiles to the most fantastic photo shoot i ever had. Now i have no doubt that my next photo shoot will be even more exciting than the last ...............I can't wait till next month. Thank you Karen Love Debbie (tmiller5528@yahoo.com)

Claire Writes: It has been a little more than a year since I first met Karen. Since than so many things have changed and without her help I do not know how any of it could have happened. I met her on 3 seperate occassions for makeover sessions and had fun each time but came away with just a little more knowledge than I previously had. Since than I have been out socially and feel right at home with other girls like myself, many of whom speak fondly of femmefever. For any of you who lack confidence, meeting Karen is a sure fire way to bolster that. I posted a few pictures of me taken over the last 6 months or so. Without Karens help I never would have had the confidence to do so. Thank you once again Karen, Claire (sweetgurlclaire@yahoo.com)

Jayne Writes: Hi Karen, I just wanted to thank you for a truly memorbale afternoon. This was without doubt the best makeover I have ever had. Not only did you do a stunning job with your make up skills and your wonderful photography that captured memories of the day. However what made the day most special was you. I felt at ease immediately and the time flew by with the conversation and expert instruction on how to apply make-up - I'm going to try myself tomorrow to see just how good a student I was ! You say on your website that this is not an impersonal commercial experience and I can only echo how true this is. I had loads of fun in a completey relaxed and pressure free environment and felt full of confidence at the end of the day due to all the encouragement and kind words you gave. Thanks Jayne (jaynetv2000@yahoo.co.uk)

Debbie Writes: Hi Karen.... I Just Wanted To Drop You A note To Thank You for a Wonderful Day. At First I Was Nervous, I Didn't Know What to Expect. Then You took Over Applied The Make-up And Had Me Pose In Different Out Fits Always Encouraging Me By Putting On Music And Making Me dance And Expressing Myself While You Snapped Away. In Short This Was One Of The Best (You Brought Out My Softer, Sensitive And Submissive Side Of Me) Days Of My Life In Short You Made Me Feel And Act Like A Sexy Women...... Many Thanks......... Debbie (tmiller5528@yahoo.com)

Cheyenne Writes: Over the past few years, I have only tried on several items of womens clothing in private. I never could see myself looking like a female because of my size and height. I thought my features were to manly to even try to look like a female. After finding your website and emailing you, I found you very easy to talk with. I live about 3 1/2 hours from you. The closer I got to your location, the more terrified I became. I had so many thoughts about turning around and going home since I never met you. In my mind there was no way of making me look like a girl. When I arrived to your place and you greeted me, I was still nervous. After we talked a few minutes, their was something about you that made me feel at ease. When I sat in the chair and wanted to be surprised how I looked I really became comfortable and something inside me trusted you very much!! All the nervousness had gone away and felt like I belonged. After Karen turned the chair around, I could not believe who I saw!!!!!! I was a totally beautiful woman that I thought would never happen. Karen is such a wonderful person that totally respects you for who you really are and makes you feel right at home. I am looking forward to dress more and start coming to events!! I will be coming back to Karen for ALL MY NEEDS!!!!!! To become the woman I have ALWAYS wanted to be!!! Cheyenne (exploder2007@gmail.com)

Rita Writes: One of the best four hours of my life was spent in the capable hands of Karen. From the time I got there to time I left, she was the perfect host. It was like I was the only thing which concerned her. She explained everything she was doing and did nothing that I did not want or felt uncomfortable doing. She is the ultimate professional. No details overlooked, no pressure to do anything, in fact, she definitely bring the best out of a person. . It your have the time, spend it with Karen, I only reget is that I did not find out about Karen before now. A well kept secret. Rita (rbosser@ymail.com)

Joyce Writes: Oct 7th was a day of days, you made all my hopes and dreams come to life. I entered your studio as a 80 year old man and you transformed in to a beautiful women I could not believe it was me. Your tender ways and talent made me feel so at ease. The whole experience was like a movie and I was the star, your way of relaxing and posing me made the picture taking a real fun time. I cannot remember ever smiling and enjoying life as I did those hours with Karen. She had me try on different wigs till I felt at ease and comfortable in them. When you want that inner gal to come out you have to call Karen and set up a photo shoot. Personaly its the best thing I ever did and a wonderful way to celebrate my 80th birthday....Thank you Karen,,,,love JOYCE (im_joyce@yahoo.com)

Jenny Writes: Karen- I really enjoyed my conversations with you regarding Crossdressing. Believe it or not it help solidify my feelings towards it and help me exorcist some of my hangups. I really felt comfortable discussing it with you and reassured me that what I was going was actually pretty normal. I had a really great time. Have fun at your next party. Jenny

Lisa Writes: Hi Karen, My makeover today with you was so much fun. I loved trying on all the different outfits, along with all the wigs. You made me look so fantastic. I had been looking forward to my makeover with so much excitement ever since booking the appointment with you a couple weeks ago. In fact, this makeover was even better, and more fun, than my first with you a year ago. Thanks a million for everything and for helping me to look so pretty -- and in a few pix, I think, even HOT!!! xox Lisa (lisat1964@gmail.com)

Jennifer Writes: Karen- I had an absolutely fantastic experience today and I didn't come down to earth until I was back in Philadelphia. It's a moment I'll never forget and cherish forever. You really brought the real woman out in me and the pictures are just awsome. I see you picked the 'Lola' shot that I adore the most and put it on your website. I feel honored. It is by far the best picture of all of them and my favorite. I think they are all great and have shown them to a couple of my CD friends. They think I should stay a brunette though, it goes better with my skin tone. Thanks again for my time in Heaven. Someday I'll make it back or to a party and maybe then I'll become a Red Head. Love Ya Jennifer (jennyjensen08@yahoo.com)

Priscilla Writes: Dear Karen, My late September session with you was one of the best times I've ever had! I enjoyed being corseted, wigged, and made-up, as well as "maid" up! Posing in lingerie, prancing in the dancer's skirt, curtseying in my maid's uniform...it was wonderful being totally devoid of masculinity, if only for a few golden hours! Thank you! priscilla195153@yahoo.com

Jeannie Writes: Karen - A note of thanks for allowing me to try on wigs, makeover, chat and an enjoyable day at your studio before going to Rainbow Mountain. I hope other cd/tg's read this note and find it helpful to know they can be comfortable with your service, friendship and caring nature for me and the girls! Should anyone want to share experiences, they can reach out to me at jeanniegirl_fl@yahoo.com. Many thanks! - Jeannie. (jeanniegirl_fl@yahoo.com)

Jennifer Writes: Hi Karen, I have recently ordered your makeup dvd and some beard corrector " pink". I just tried it tonight and I have to say that I have never felt this pretty before. Thank you so much for helping out like this. It truly is amazing the difference. I Thank you again, I feel wonderful! Jennifer (jeffmc31@hotmail.com)

Elizabeth Writes: Let me sing Karen's praises. From the moment I first spoke to her, when I was full of fear, she has been an unfailing supporter, guide and friend. Before I even met her in person, she was able to teach me that I am part of a larger community and that I was accepted for who I am -- and who I want to be. But the day I spent with her was the best. She welcomed me into her home, not just as a client but as a friend -- my new girl friend. She answered all my questions, and she made me look amazing. Looking at myself in her mirror, tears came to my eyes -- I am so pretty! And after my makeover, she took me out into the community -- two girls going shopping and then having lunch together. And I passed everywhere we went. I was thrilled. At the end of the day, as we hugged goodbye, my whole femine body and soul were infused with a golden warmth. I don't know if I had ever felt so good. Karen is such an asset to our cross-dressing community, and I thank God for her. Elizabeth (elizabethchristian001@yahoo.com)

Gina Marie Writes: Hi Karen - What can I say about your DVD and products? Well... my ability to apply my own makeup has truly achieved a new level after viewing the DVD. I have learned so much how to shape my eyebrows using your products to conceal my somewhat but not to overly male brows. My wife at times comments on my eyebrows and wished she had them. So… It makes me wonder why I would want to conceal mine other than to achieve a feminine look, as do all of the girls. I also use your concealor and cover-up products to blend and take away the bluing look of facial hair. I wish I did not have to shave; I truly dislike shaving but desiring to have a smooth face one must do what one must do. I also use a vitalizing face cream to finalize to look for a smooth to the touch face. Karen I attribute my success to your DVD/products and personal practice, practice to allow Gina to become the beautiful girl she has always wanted to be. Oh I also use you sharper panties along with a lace-up corset to give me that hour glass look. I would absolutely love to meet you and the girls with the opportunity to have a personal makeover. It would be also be a wonderful experience to be Gina for at least one full week. So Thanks so much for your wonderful words and encouragement and maybe someday we will meet. Gina Marie xox (ginamarie_luv2bcd@yahoo.com)

Laura Writes: February 2, 2008 Hi Karen, Thanks for accomplishing two things for me Tuesday night that I had always thought were impossible - you made me pretty, and you gave me so much confidence in myself as Laura that I took my first steps into the world beyond the transgender community. The whole night was such a wonderful experience! First you reassured me and helped me feel at ease, next you erased ten years from my face, and then you made me so pretty that I kept looking at myself in mirrors all night! After two makeovers by expensive professionals, I was sure that I would never be adequate in appearance to feel really good about myself as Laura, and when I asked you to do my makeup on Tuesday, all I really hoped for was that I would look acceptable while participating in my first Femme Fever gathering. In a few minutes, you changed my life. I couldn't believe what I was seeing - all I could do was keep asking myself "Is that really ME? Can I possibly be looking that good?!" For the next six hours, I kept stealing glances at my reflection to wonder at your magical artistry -- and to reassure myself that the girl in the mirror was really me! And you gave me so much confidence that, en route home, Laura went inside a restaurant and ordered food and coffee for the first time. I can't wait to come to my next Femme Fever event. Thank you ever so much! Hugs, Laura (IS BravesWin5@aol.com)

Lisa Writes: Hi Karen - What can I say? My makeover with you today surpassed my wildest dreams and expectations. From the moment I walked in and met you, I felt relaxed and so cared for. What you did in transforming me into Lisa was nothing short of amazing. I felt pretty and sexy, and I had the best time posing for your camera. I was a little sad when it was time to start taking everything off, but then I got excited all over again at the thought of seeing all the pix when I got home. And the pix did not disappoint! They were incredible. I'm trying to pick out a good one to send you. Thank you so so much for everything today -- it was so great to meet you and put myself in your skilled care for my first official makeover!!! xox Lisa T. (lisat1964@gmail.com (lisat1964@gmail.com>)

Gina Writes: Dear Karen, It's been over a year since a very shy person came to see you and I just wanted to update you on what has happened since then and how my life jas changed: After our first meeting in November of 2006, where you showed me how good I could look and took the time to be patient and compassionate with me, I have felt better about myself than I have in a long time. In that first session you showed me different looks and really made me believe in myself in a feminine mode. I visited you twice more after that and each time with your help flet better and better. Still being shy about going out, I finally took the plunge in April of 2007 at your monthly party. At your home I met some of the girls for the first time and nervously drove to the party site. I hung out with these girls who made me feel like we had been lifelong friends, as well as your support, encouraging me to dance in a contest right away! A guy even approached me at the end of the night and we had a very natural man-woman conversation-what a first night! Well, since then I have been to almost every monthly party, have made some great friends in between and have become closer to you as a friend over the months. I have also made a special friend in Sheila, who started the same month I did and we have become very close through the year. I can't say enough about you for what you have done for me. The experience is much more than dressing-it is relating to a great group of people! You have often been described as an angel and that is just what you are to us! If anyone is reading this and is thinking about seeing Karen, you can contact me at ggtv99@yahoo.com and I will be glad to tell you more! (Reading the testimonials is how I first decided to see Karen in 2006!) Continued success and I love you dearly and can never thank you enough! Love, Gina (ggtv99@yahoo.com)

Jan Writes: Every Spring and Fall I have traveled out of state to spend a full week, by myself, En Femme. This week I added Winter to the mix. I do not spend it with a support group. Not with other CD's. Jusy myself in the real world. I do not go to P-Town, The Village, Pennsylvania. Real town USA is where I live for that week. I always start my week with a visit to Karen for a make over. By the time I get done I look so good, and feel so good, I am ready to take on the world - and I do. No night time travels, full daylight adventures. CVS, Stop and Shop, On the Run, all get long visits from me. No quick in and out. Long casual visits, just like my male self would do. Karen has shown me how I can be the woman I want to be. She encourages, advises, teaches and just flat out makes me feel like I can fit in. For anyone who has never tried it - What are you waiting for? You will find out exactly what your femme self really looks like. If you are like I was, you have no idea how female you can look. You just need to see how to acheive it. And, when you are done, don't undo it if Karen tells you that you could pass. Walk to the door with your shoulders back, your head held high and face the world. And that night, with wonderful, happy, life warming feelings, get down on your knees and thank God for brining Karen into our lives. Jan (JMW145@aol.com) '

Jessica Writes: Karen, I just had to say that the makeover I had with you was the most wonderful experiences I have ever had in my life. I was one nervous person when I left my house because I had never done anything like this in my life but as soon as I arrived you put me at ease. You then asked me what I wanted, and I just said find the woman within me and you did and could not have been happier. I have been getting comments about how beautiful I look and I even showed the pictures to a female friend at work who could not believe the transformation and said I could pass for a woman now that made my day. In fact it gave me so much confidence I entered a picture into the beauty of the month contest. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me and the happiness you gave me. So for now I would just like to give you a big Thank-You. I also placed an order with you from your boutique and I want to thank you for that as well. When a problem came up you stayed on top of things until the order was filled to my satisfaction. Karen, you are the best and I love you for all you do and have done for us thank-you again. Jessica Rose (tiger_lily631@yahoo.com)

Ashley Writes: I am an out of towner who has attended several Femmefever gatherings. Created by Karen these gatherings have been well organized and safe. Everyone has been made to feel welcome and equal from the prettiest most passable TS to the guy in a wig. She is a wonderful hostess who attempts to introduce herself to everyone during the evening. Gatherings are often livened up with dancing, games or contests. She does a great service to our community in establishing a safe friendly place to go out enfemme. If your not quite ready she offers to make you up in advance or you can arrive endrab then dress and change back at the events. I greatly appreciate the work she does and strongly suggest new comers contact her and make an effort to attend- you will surely return a second time! Ashley W. (ToniMA2@aol.com)

Ellen Writes: Hey Karen, The September 6,2007 party was the most important day in my life. It was the first time I ever ventured out of my home dressed, the first time I ever attended a function dressed and the first time I had the absolute pleasure of meeting you. I have heard from many people over the years what a wonderful person you are and I must say that there are not enough superlatives in any language to accurately describe you and the experience I had meeting you and having a makeover done by you. I was instantly placed at ease when put into your capable hands. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart,you have made my journey towards womanhood less difficult and those on that journey with me know exactly what I'm talking about. God bless you Karen Love, Hugs and Kisses, Ellen Nicole Dijon (LENofRonkonkoma@aol.com)

Danielle Writes: Hi Karen. I cannot begin to describe the wonderful feeling you gave my after you completed my transformation. You are very warm and personable and performed the makeover in a very comfortable and relaxed setting. For years I've experimented with different make-up techniques and what I've learned is it takes an expert like yourself to achieve the best results. I could never imagine looking as good as I did after your makeover. When I left your home I was dressed and very comfortable going on a date to a nice restaurant. I also enjoyed our photo session and as I view the photos I marvel at how good you made me look. Your on-line boutique at your web site has simplified shopping for cosmetics. I would always struggle in the cosmetics department in a supermarket or drug store chain trying to select appropriate make-up. Your web site has made this process very easy and comfortable. Your shipping is always very prompt. I attended one Femme Fever party and had a great time. It was a very friendly group and a comfortable setting. I'll be at your next party. Our community is very fortunate to have you providing support in so many areas. You will see me again for more of your tranformation services. Again, thank you for making me look and feel so beautiful. Danielle (stingray_0000@hotmail.com)

Ash Writes: My most recent visit with Karen was my second one. And just like the first I had an amazing time and could not have been happier with the results. Karen is an artist. Not only did she make me LOOK great...but she also has an unbelievable knack for making you feel very special. She is beyond creative as she comes up with ideas on how to make you look beautiful. Her selection of outfits and wigs is extensive. By talking and listening she was able to take a clueless girl like myself and figure out what I was looking for...and what would be appropriate for me. Not once did I feel embarrased and actually felt like coming out of "my closet" is real possibility when I see the magic Karen was able to perform with me. She created a realistic and sensible look as well as allowing me to indulge some more "provacative" styles. All the while allowing me to maintain my dignity. I have received nothing but positive feedback from all the pictures she took of me. She made me feel pretty on both the inside and the outside. I am grateful for that and look foreward to when I can see her again. It's all true!!! Hugs, Ash

Cathy Writes: I went to see Karen on Friday 3/10/06 (with my wife) for a makeover to create a femme identity consistent with my feelings and personal comfort. I wanted to complete the individual of my second self so it would be comfortable for me to go out in public, but also one that was consistent with the image of that woman that was in my mind and who is part of me. Karen was great! She is an expert at what she does and the experience was wonderful. The result exceeded my expectations. I wanted to look genuine, passable and attractive. No problem there for Karen! Karen was easy to work with and her rates are very reasonable considering her talents and what you get. She is also not a time waster and you see immediately that you will not be taken advantage of. I without hesitation or reservation recommend Karen to anyone transitioning or considering it. I traveled over 200 miles and stayed 2 night in Long Island to make this dream a reality. It was worth the time, travel and every penny spent! Cathy Cdcathy55@aol.com

Melissa Writes: Karen: I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my afternoon session of feminization with you! You made me look and feel like a sexy vixen. I love how my pictures came out! Besides being a wonderwoman with the blush brush, you are a fantastic photographer! You really made me look and feel like I was on a pro shoot. But the real majic of the afternoon was that you made me feel totally secure, comfortable, understood, and loved....and that is the majic of how you brought out the best of my feminine side. I was all girl during the entire session, and the world was a million miles away. It was obvious that you are a perfectionist and that you put all of yourself into the session the entire time in order to give me exactly what I wanted, and you did! I also came away w/some great shoes, a wig, and excellent makeup advice. I can't wait until our next session, and I will definately be back! Love, Melissa.daddyos@optonline.net

Gina Writes: I did want to thank you most effusively for having taken the time to meet with me and help me unleash my feminine self. Your transformation of me was painstaking and complete and, when you were finished, the results took my breath away. I felt alive - liberated for at least one afternoon from the movie film reel of life. I truly felt as though the concrete encasing the moving film had been blown away and, perhaps one or two frames had been held up to the sun for the light to shine through. What made my experience most memorable was your kindness and giving quality. You truly made me feel that my feminization process was your most important goal, too, and that it would be done in a gentle way that would fulfill my personal girl image fantasy. I enjoy looking at the picture memories, which leave me with nothing but warm thoughts, diving deeply into my heart and mind to be at one, again, with my true feminine self. How can I thank you for those lovely curves I saw with my own eyes on my body and legs and the pretty made-up face I saw in the mirror that afternoon ? Perhaps by telling you that you are a true humanitarian, reaching out to those of us in need who are trapped by the social conventions imposed upon us. Karen, you're a nice and cute and very talented person who should be given a very high honor. In the old days, you would have been accused of doing the devil's work. On the contrary, you are doing the work of angels. Never stop. I hope to make another appointment with you sooner rather than later and can hardly wait. It's just so hard to find an intermission during the movie. My very best - gina marie

Michelle Writes: Hi girls!! I just wanted to write to tell you all that i had my first trip to see Karen. I got a makeover, bought a gorgeous wig, got some great make-up and tips and got tons of pictures taken in lots of outfits. I am so happy i did it and can't wait to do it again. I learned about makeup and Karen gave me a look i did not think was even remotely possible. I have never been "madeover" and was very very nervous and a little embarrassed but i have to say from the moment i pulled into Karen's driveway she treated me wonderfully. She greeted me with a huge smile and made me welcome in her home(by the way, its a private home not an apartment- i liked that too!) It is so obvious that she loves what she does.... Not only is she a talented make-up artist and photographer but she was sssssooooooooo nice and so supportive it put me completely at ease. It made such a difference...IF you are in the boat i was in and just can't bring yourself to do it, at least send her an email and touch base with her and i know you will find that she is incredibly easy to communicate with. I drove almost 3 hours to do this and by the time she was done i felt completely beautiful and was so confident i just got in my car and drove home dressed, which i told her i wanted to do but never really thought i would!!! So dont just sit there!!! Be like Nike just do it!!! peace michele

Roslyn Writes: I recently spent 4 hours with you which was only my 2nd transformation. What I experienced was a normalization of my inner femininity. I don't dress very often because of my lifestyle being mostly male. You truly helped me accept that this is a part of me and to just embrace that inner femininity when I need to. I don't dress very often but when I do, to just enjoy being who I am. I truly enjoyed all the conversation. The time just seemed to fly by as we tried different looks. You also sensed that I had not truly accepted being Roslyn yet. When you said: "When you accept her others will accept her as well." I am not sure that is the exact quote from you but close. You helped me in so many ways. I have a great appreciation for genetic women just letting myself go through all the dressing and makeup experiences. The other thing is that it also makes me have a great appreciation of my masculinity. I don't have to exaggerate my masculinity anymore. There is something happening on the inside of me sort of a blending or an integration of the genders masculinity and femininity. What is emerging is a new me which is so much more calmer on the inside. Most of my earlier life I was so angry and since I have begun to embrace my femininity the anger has sort of disappeared. I was angry because I couldn't experience something simple like rolling my hair, learning about make-up etc. all because I have male plumbing. My conversation with you Karen and my previous giving myself permission to embrace femininity have changed a lot of that. Thank you so much Karen for being who you are. I really felt your support of my fears about all of this. My conversation with you truly helped with a lot of that. Karen you are great at what you do. Not just the transformations but who you are as a person. Your a beautiful soul and I appreciated your easy-going nature and non-judgementalness. For that I am truly grateful. Roslyn rozpc21@pngusa.net

Jill Writes: Hi, Karen, "I truly enjoyed our makeover session. I was more than pleased with the dramatic results. I became the woman of my dreams. Now guys and TV's all over the net are begging to meet me. They send me tons of love letters in response to my ads. I owe it all to you. You were friendly, cooperative, and professional. You went overboard to please me in the makeover process and purchasing the items to duplicate the look, as per my desire. You also took a lot of pics of me and they all came out great. I cannot even decide which ones to use because everyone is as beautiful as the other. I cannot recommend you enough. I purchased your makeover video "makeup Made Easy" and intend to do it myself now. But, If I ever need another professional makeover, I'll be sure to look you up. Thanks, again, Jill, jack2jill35@yahoo.com "

Christina Writes: On November 5 I had the privilege of going to Karen's and having one of her wonderful makeovers. This was my first full makeover having had a mini one from Karen almost a month earlier. Karen greeted me at the door and once I had changed clothes, she started on the makeover itself. During this entire time, I felt relaxed and very much at ease. The work that Karen did was astounding! I was immensely happy with my look and felt really good about myself. I spent the remainder of the day en femme and even went out in NYC that evening. Karen is a true friend to the TG community, and I consider her a true friend to me as well. She makes you feel special inside, and helps you look special on the outside. I recommend her services to all of you and hope you have a chance to meet this wonderful person. Karen, from the bottom of my heart, than you for everything you do for us and for everything you did for me! Hugs! Christina Adams christina_a_cd@yahoo.com

Davey Writes: In June 2005 I spent three hours with Karen doing a "makeover". From the moment Karen picked me up at the Wantagh LIRR station until the she dropped me back for my return to NY, it was a wonderful experience. This visit built on my first visit to her, made the year before. At that time I was trying to master the art shopping in stores to create a limited but versatile wardrobe. After spending two hours with Karen in stores, I spent the year making my own adventures trying to find clothes that were "me". So it was with anticipation that I brought the results of me efforts - to show her some of the outfits I put together, get her input, and do a transformation using my outfits. Karen was easy to work with, making me comfortable, giving me the opportunity to set the pace of our session. I asked her to look at the clothing and accessories I brought with me. We played "mix and match" with the tops, skirts, pants, etc., and all the while she made suggestions for additional (future) accessories, other tops or skirts that might compliment what I already had bought, etc. The best part, however, was the makeover. Although on clothing I took the lead, having definite ideas in what I liked, on makeup and wigs I am pre-novice. Karen's artistic skill in these areas are unsurpassed. While I had been made-up before, Karen was the first to truly create a look that was passable and satisfied my inner self image. And while I changed clothes, she changed my wig colors / styles and kept touching up the makeup. I was so happy with the results, that I did something I had never thought I would do - I asked her to take some pics of me in the 5 outfits. And - as if her sense of style and makeup are not enough - she is great at creating photogenic poses of her clients as well!!! All in all - the time flew by. Karen is a true professional in this field, a field with, sadly, too few people like Karen. But - anyone who finds Karen, and spends time with her delving into their feminine side, will find in her a true friend, in every sense of the word.

Shelly Writes: What FemmeFever offers is not just an opportunity to dress up or a to get a makeover or to meet like minded souls, and all of these things are on offer. What is offered is a TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE not only outside, but also inside. It isn't just about the look and I love the look. It isn't just about feel and I love the feel. It isn't even just about the nurturing, and the skilled and sensitive way that Karen listens, suggests, explores, shares, guides, and so on. It's about me, looking into the eyes of the photographic images she took, and seeing the girl who has always been hiding in there. Femme fever is truly transformational. Here I am, in my mid-50s, clearly not a "genuine girl", at long last cautiously opening the closet door, posting my makeover photos on leading websites and, to my absolute amazement, I'm rated a "top tgirl" by guys AND gals. In the words of the song, Karen is "simply THE BEST...better than ALL the rest" . And I'm very grateful to have found FemmeFever. falassiel@yahoo.com

Samantha Writes: Hiya Karen, I have to thank you, once again, from the bottom of my heart for the miracle you performed the day I was there. I've had "issues" (don't we all?) for many years, it has only been recently that I started seriously moving in a much healthier direction and taking positive steps. Knowing deep down inside that one is a woman with a male exterior is one thing, being able to make progress to a new honest life true to ones own nature is entirely another. Therapy of various kinds has been an amazing help, but what you did for me in a couple of hours was nothing short of a full on gift of manna from above! I've said for years that I could not possibly ever think of transitioning, after all, I'd be one of the ugliest women around. Therapy like I say has been a great help, but you, oh my what you did in 2 hours!!! Not only do I no longer suffer form the delusion that I'd be ugly, but I'm looking forward to shedding the last vestiges of my male existence as soon as reasonably possible. Simply put, I went from looking like my father, to miracle of miracles looking like my Mother in about 2 hours. I have you to thank for that! As a photographer (among other things) I've been "painting with light" for something like 32 years or so, and I've had the opportunity to work with a number of makeup people during that time. You sweet lady, you are a true artist! I watched with amazement as you used very little makeup to produce what is easily one of the greatest makeup jobs I've ever seen. I watched you flow smoothly and naturally from place to place, balancing contour, shape, light and tone into a work of art. You too paint with light like a photographer resulting in very natural, lovely looks that even I still don't believe is me. With NO exceptions everyone who has seen the before and after shots has said the same thing, I make a much better looking woman than a man!!! Not that being an artist isn't enough of a miracle, I genuinely appreciated your gentle, patient easy going attitude. I felt completely comfortable, safe and happy the entire time, no worries, no concerns, just good conversation with a truly beautiful woman. You are amazing Karen, and I'd honestly say be it one's first time, or thousandth makeover, no better person, or place than Karen at FemmeFever! Brightest Blessing and my deepest thanks, appreciation and affection, Samantha Quinn. e-mail is always welcome: samanthaxx@juno.com

Pamela Writes: Dear Karen, Thank you so much for my makeover on Thursday! Once again you provided me with an experience that I will remember forever. You are truly a special person and I thank God that I found you! I guess what I am starting to figure out is that its "ok" to be who I am and I should just let that part of me have what it wants . . . freedom every once in a while. What you provide for our community is priceless. It is so much more than makeup and clothing . . . it is caring. As I mentioned the other day, each time we get together I feel more at ease and accepting of who I am and who I can be with your help. I may see a different face in the mirror today, but I will always cherish the times you helped me to allow my feminine side to show! You are the best and we all adore you for what you do! Love, Pamela lovhiheels@yahoo.com

Rita Writes: You have to go to see Karen if you want to have fun and enjoy exploring your feminine curiosity. It was so enjoyable- Karen is kind and gentle and really works magic. Just look at the before and after photos. I can't wait to go to the groups because if they follow Karen everyone will have a great time being a girl- and that's just what I want! Thanks Karen! Rita gotobebad@yahoo.com

Tina Writes: Hi everyone , my name is Tina T. I did a lot of research via the web for somebody to entrust myself to for a makeover. It's something I promised myself for a lot of years. I'm not a rookie at this but I wanted a professional to see what they could do. Well after much deliberation I called Karen and made an appointment for a makeover. I felt like a teenager calling for a first date, nervous as all hell. When I meet Karen she immediately started putting me at ease and made me comfortable with myself. When we started the makeover, after getting dressed, she asked if I wanted to see what she was doing and learn or be surprised. I opted for the surprised. When she was done and spun the chair around , WOW , I almost fell out of it. Not from being spun but from the surprise. I was unrecognizable from what I walked in looking like. I looked like the person I've always wanted to be. The female side of my male self. I felt so good about myself, I wore the makeup home and redressed when there for my wife to see. Now she also want's to know how to do a good tape job for the instant facelift effect. Since that day I've been to Karen's CD group meeting and meet several nice people. I've also been back for a makeup lesson and can now achieve the same look Karen got the first time I went. She took her time and coached me through each step of the process and picking hair color, skin tones for base, etc.. If your a newbee or just looking for a different look, I highly recommend Karen. She is VERY good at what she does........Tina T tina-t@nyc.rr.com

Emmi Writes: Dear Karen I was very lucky I came across your website femme fever.com. When I saw your collage of photos of other cross dressers I was quite impressed. I am both a very shy and closeted cross dresser. I also have a wife and son who I wish to protect from this aspect of my life. Therefore I was very fortunate that I learned of your male to female cross dressing transformation services. I love dressing up like a girl and felt very isolated. By making an appointment with Karen I was able to show her my wardrobe and finally get to wear some of the dresses I've been yearning to wear for so long. She was very understanding and made me feel welcome immediately. I enjoyed having makeup applied and wearing my spring floral print dresses. The stockings felt very natural and made me feel so feminine too. I also enjoyed seeing myself dressed in full femme with wigs and heels too. Karen is the best and she makes me feel perfectly natural all dressed up. I would love to shop at the mall with her in womens boutiques and confide with the sales girls that I am a cross dresser and buying those cute dresses for myself. I also do buy clothes for my wife. I guess there are some advantages for women married to cross dressers. I feel I have good taste in picking outfits for my wife. I also felt special with the photo shoot. Karen made me feel comfortable and helped make me tap into the female side of my personality. I really enjoyed the session and would soon welcome another one. It's so much fun being a girl. Even if it is only for a couple of hours. I was a little sad at the end when I realized the makeup and dresses had to come off and I had to go back to my male clothing. Oh well. Anyway I am happy in the male role. I do however trasure the times I can be feminine. Thank you Karen! You're the best and I'm so glad I learned of your services. With affection Emmi Emmicd@aol.com

Christina Writes: Hello Karen Thank you so very much for your help. I appreciate everything that you did for me. I especially loved your kindness and understanding. You did a great job putting me at ease and helped me get things together after my last purge. The wig and other things I bought from you are terrific! While I have a lot of experience with makeup, going out, and passing, I found that I learned a lot from you about makeup. Your help and suggestions made a signification improvement in my appearance. I have been to other transformation specialists. Some of them were good and some of them were ....less good. The price paid for their services was in no way reflective of the specialists skills or abilities. The most expensive of them was the worst experience for me. Your skills, manners, and helpfulness puts you at the head of the class. When consideration is also given to the reasonableness of your prices, you are beyond compare. Warmest regards, Christina Lang

Carol Writes: Hi Karen, I just want to thank you for the help you gave me yesterday. It seems as though I've moved so far forward as a result. In just that short time, we sorted out my makeup, hair, and body shape. You're a blessing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the TG community. Wait....... I already have!!!!.... at least half a dozen times since I saw you. I look forward to coming back again soon. Keep up the good work and thanks again. You've really made a difference. Hugs and kisses, Carol inscrutable_and_mysterious@yahoo.com

Leah Writes: Dear Karen, I was recently at your home for a makeup and transformaton session. I had seen a number of your before and after pics as well as having looked at your entire web site before I felt that, yes, Karen sounds like the ideal person to help me become Leah, the girl I know I am inside. When I arrived, I was initially nervous. But it seems that absolutely nothing fazes you. You made me feel so much at home and even though we had never met before, you seemed to me to be almost like an old friend I hadn`t seen in some time. And when you sat me down and began my makeup session, well, by the time it was finished and I had looked at the mirror to see what I had become, I swear I was almost ready to cry with delight...(but I didn`t want the mascara to run!). You took so many pics of me in different clothing I was just in a tizzy of delight. And when I got home and posted many of the best ones, I couldn`t believe how many IMs and email I was receiving from guys who really liked what they saw. No question about it, Karen, you really brought out the girl in me. My mistress was particularly delighted to see me in that little white outfit with the ruffled panties and the little white ankle socks and pink high heels. She has always known I was effeminate but you had me look like such an effememinate sissy but one with class. And for that, I will be always grateful to you....There is something to being a girl (I guess it`s the attention I get from guys...) and you provide not only the wonderful makeup and fashionwear but the very important component of acceptance, friendship and support. God bless you and all your good works.

Barbara Writes: Dear Karen, Thank you for one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. The makeover at your home left me on an emotional high that I continue to ride several days later. Upon arrival, you quickly lowered my anxiety level and I quickly became very relaxed. You took the time to pick out the most stunning outfit for me - the short, tight fitting black dress, my favorite color. After putting on the appropriate bra, panties, nylons, dress and heels, I could feel myself relaxing even more. What I saw in the mirror even without the makeup was a great first step. Then I sat in the chair facing away from the mirror. Your professional skills in applying makeup made me feel like a real woman out for her first beauty treatment. After trying on several wigs, you finally picked the one you thought best for me; shoulder length, brown and I might say sexy looking. After some finishing touches, you turned the chair toward the mirror and my mouth dropped. I stood up, looked at the image staring back at me from the mirror and I instantly choked up with the emotion of seeing me as a more beautiful person than I ever imagined. In one hour, you transformed me from Bob to Barbara. What a tremendous feeling. The photo session that followed was incredible. I was transformed from a guy who hates pictures to a girl who enjoyed every flash of the camera. Thanks ever so much for helping bring out my true inner self. You gave me a new beginning. Love ya. Barbara Email: Barb1340 @aol.com

Patti Writes: Karen, My appointment with you was a very rewarding one. First your genuine concern for the TG community is evident by your love and care for us, but most importantly your honesty. Myself, being a pre-op TS on hrt for over a year now and in the process of transition, I am like a teenage girl conscious of my looks and presentation to the public. Your deportment instruction were what I needed, I have been following your advise in those areas that need work and, I don't only look better, but feel and act a lot more confident. As I continue on my journey and my feminine personality blooms and grows I will always know you were one of the GG's that helped me get to where I want to be. Patti

Cynthia Writes: Karen, Thank you so much for my makeover on Friday! You provided me with an experience that was extraordinary. You are truly a special person and made everything go the way I hoped it would. I looked the way I wanted, I got the pictures I wanted, what more can a girl ask for. I hope to see you many more times for more photo shoots, I think I am addicted now, lol. I can't thank you enough and will keep in contact and hopefully see you before the end of summer for my next shoot. Kisses, Cynthia Cynthia_tv@yahoo.com

Arianna Writes: I went to Karens knowing her reputation was great and when I was there the experience was even better . The way she was able to do her magic so easily and with great confidence was exceptional and what I had been trying to do for years. She was able to transform me with skill and knowledge. It was watching a professional in their element. Karen made me feel comfortable and was able to do my makeover with poise and a few laughs. I had a fun time along with being pampered, I wish it would have gone on and on. I went out that evening with a friend with more confidence then usual. The way she was able to see and style things I wondered how she did it .She was so adept at doing hair and makeup in ways I really did not know was possible. All with a smile and a wonderful atmosphere....I left with many pictures and a big grin on my pretty face, having had done something that was special and unforgettable! ..Arianna

Kim Writes: Dear Karen, I would really like to thank you for making me feel so comfortable tonight. Somehow, the anxiety that was building up during the day in anticipation of my "first time" makeover, melted away when you greeted me and reassured me at your doorstep. After you were done and I saw myself in the mirror, I was tempted to say, "Oh my God, who is that fairly good looking woman?!" Okay, so she needed to lose about 20-30 lbs, but don't we all? The taping job was like miracle surgery! Too bad it had to come off! I'm very happy that I didn't "chicken out" and I think I am confident that this experience will not "throw me over the edge" as I had feared. Instead, it was just a very pleasant, long sought after, wish fulfilled! Once again, thank you very, very much! Kim (or maybe Jess) blueeyedgryl@yahoo.com

Rita Writes: You have to go to see Karen if you want to have fun and enjoy exploring your feminine curiosity. It was so enjoyable- Karen is kind and gentle and really works magic. Just look at the before and after photos. I can't wait to go to the groups because if they follow Karen everyone will have a great time being a girl- and that's just what I want! Thanks Karen! Rita gotobebad@yahoo.com

Jenniferann Writes: Dear Karen I just had the most wonderful day going to Femme Fever and having my first makeover. It was everything I thought it would be and better. I wanted to wear a wedding gown and you picked out the most gorgeous gown I have ever seen . You asked me if I felt like a princess after I was dressed and my answer was YES I never felt more feminine in my life.You were so wondefull doing my makeup and trying different hair styles I just loved every minute of it. The other pictures you took of me in my lingere and this gorgeous cocktail dress was wonderful. When you were taking my pictures I felt like such a lady.I recommend any girl who has ever thought about getting a makeover to please see Karen at Femme Fever. A girl friend of mine I met before I went to see Karen told me ,when you meet Karen you will meet an angel and I must say I did meet that angel when she did my makeover. love you Jenniferann

Jeri Writes: Karen, I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the wig that I purchased from you. I fell in love with it at my FF transformation and was so thrilled to find out that the same style was available in your boutique!! The price was SO right. Your online catalog is so important to many of us who are still sheepish about shopping for femme garb and accessories in stores. I'll be coming back for more and I can't wait for the video. P.S. Not only do I love the wig, but I have been getting great reviews from others!! Hugs from Jeri ja4cd@yahoo.com

Rebecca Writes: This is the easiest testimonial I've ever written. My makeover session with Karen was absolutely wonderful. She could not have been more accommodating and she is extremely talented at what she does. I honestly went there having no idea what to expect. But not only did she do a wonderful job applying makeup and assembling my outfits, but she also took the time to teach me what she was doing and then she followed up with emails to make sure I knew all the makeup she used and all of my sizes. I am very humble by nature, but after Karen was done, I honestly could not get over how pretty I looked. To look in the mirror and see that reflection was an unbelievable experience. Thanks to what I learned from Karen I have much more confidence in my feminine appearance and have assembled an entire feminine wardrobe. If you are unsure or are considering meeting with Karen, I highly recommend you take the step and make an appointment. You will be so happy you did! If you would like any more information or would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me. Thanks Karen!!! Love, Rebecca rebeccany@hotmail.com

Toni Writes: Dear Karen, I want to thank you for the wonderful afternoon I spent with you for my makeover last week. It was my first and I wasn't sure what I wanted, but you were patient with me and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I really enjoyed the pampering and can understand why women like to go to the beauty parlor. I really appreciated you explaining what you were doing as you worked. I was pleasantly surprised with the result when you finished. I have always felt feminine when I dress as Toni, now I know I can look feminine too. Posing for the pictures was so much fun. When I showed them to my sisters, they said that I looked a lot like my sister Alice, especially the ones in the green dress. Picking me up at the train station and bringing me back made me feel like you treated me as a friend and not just as an appointment. My only regret was that it seemed to be over too soon, I was really enjoying myself, but I have the pictures to remember it all. Thank you for sending me the list of makeup you used, now I can see what I can do with some practice. I hope to be able to see you again the next time I am in the area. Hugs, Toni toni@ma.rr.com

Angie Writes: Dear Karen, I want to Thank You so much for how much I enjoyed my first makeover. I had so much fun.You made my appointment such a great experiance. I'm so appreciative that my first "out of closet" dressing experiance was such a positive one. I'm so glad that I met you and made the decision to reach out to FF. You made me feel completely at ease by your warm and truly caring approach to your work that made it such a personalized thing for me. The makeover was beautiful and sexy made me glow and felt so special. This is simply because you are a very a special person. It's genuine that you really care about the person in that chair. I felt so warmly welcomed by you. I wasn't "just another appointment" to you. I did not experiance one uncomfortable moment and was so appreciative for how helpful you were with the various pose suggestions during the photo shoot. Please feel free to submit this email as a testimonial on the FF website. You really are a beautiful person on the inside and out and want to Highly recommend FF to all the girls out there regardless of the experiance and time spent in the TG community. Thanks for being there to help this chick break out of her shell! Love Angie (angiehmm@hotmail.com)

Denise Writes: I was with Karen just yesterday (10/16) and had the time of my lfe. Before I go into detail about yesterday let me share a little of my background so you know where this testimonial is coming from.
I had previously worked with Karen on a fairly regular basis for a little over year. She not only created exceptional femmine styles and images for me covering all of my femmine desires, but she took a personal interest and helped me devlop the courage to express this side of me without the fear I previously had. I had previously tried some other makeover serices and found them overly commercial as they tried to over sell to the beginner. Karen was not like that and made me comfortable fully understanding my concerns of discovery, as I was and still am a closet crossdresser. The reason for the year departure form Karen was due to personal situations which prevented me from having the time to enjoy the sessions with Karen and the crossdressing community.
Now for my experience of October 16th. As mentioned I had a very difficult year, but found an opportunity to spend time with Karen. She remembered me and already understood what I wanted and needed. There was no pressure. Karen has a fantasic inventory of outfits, shoes and accessories, I call it her magic closets, so my choices would have been end as to style and look. I however wanted to try some my own things which had gone unused for such a long time. With Karen you can do things like that and not feel like the ophan child tthat you would at other places. We ha a wonderful three hour session, my call it wasn't forced upon me with some crazy minimum charge structure. I was able to run the gamit of images, and collect a large picture portfolio of all of them. Finally as the session drew to a close, and I was wrestling with having to return to my full time persona, we talked and I was comfortable to staying dressed and driving to a location where I could walk around enjoying the "Beautiful me that" she created for another couple of hours. The makeover was so well done, I was able to trust going up paying for admittance without feeling like I looked out of place. This isn't easy when you are over 6' tall and weight in at over 225 pounds. I can not stress how wonderful my experiences have been since I met Karen. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have a question or need a direct recommendation. Denise dgoode11001@yahoo.com

Angie Writes: Dear Karen, I want to Thank You so much for how much I enjoyed my first makeover. I had so much fun.You made my appointment such a great experiance. I'm so appreciative that my first "out of closet" dressing experiance was such a positive one. I'm so glad that I met you and made the decision to reach out to FF. You made me feel completely at ease by your warm and truly caring approach to your work that made it such a personalized thing for me. The makeover was beautiful and sexy made me glow and felt so special. This is simply because you are a very a special person. It's genuine that you really care about the person in that chair. I felt so warmly welcomed by you. I wasn't "just another appointment" to you. I did not experiance one uncomfortable moment and was so appreciative for how helpful you were with the various pose suggestions during the photo shoot. Please feel free to submit this email as a testimonial on the FF website. You really are a beautiful person on the inside and out and want to Highly recommend FF to all the girls out there regardless of the experiance and time spent in the TG community. Thanks for being there to help this chick break out of her shell! Love Angie (angiehmm@hotmail.com)

Barbara Writes: After my first makeover at Karen's, she told me that I could certainly go out dressed as Barbara and that I should ask my wife to go to a movie with me. Well after she saw how I looked after the makeover, she agreed and last night the girls, my wife and I, went to the movies. It was a great experience - I dressed casually; slacks, sweater, knee high boots and I must say a pretty good makeup job by myself. All my fears of being noticed vanished as I seemed to just be another girl in the crowd. Go see "Meet the Fockers"; it was great. Thanks to Karen for giving me the confidence to express my feminine side.

Jeri Writes: Dearest Karen, Thank you for letting my feminine side blossom today. As you know, I am a closeted 53 year old T girl and I have been struggling with coming to terms with my femme side. As fate had it, I found your site and with the encouragement of you and the other gals, I made my first appointment, only to be sidelined with some health problems. When I was able to reschedule my makeover, you were so sweet to give me one a few days later. I'm still on Cloud Nine over the transformation. I look GORGEOUS!! And I owe it all to you. Any novice T gals or those that have been crossdressing for years and have never had a transformation, PLEASE contact Karen at FemmeFever. Her TLC and expertise will let your femme side shine. Believe me, she's caring, gives excellent advice and does a GREAT job. I felt so good about myself -- I actually had some photos taken outside!!! Eventhough Karen and the gals treated me like a sister when I first joined the group, sometimes I felt like I was intruding on the sisterhood since I didn't have a a real transformation. Thank you, Karen, for making me feel whole. I 'll never forget the experience and hope to have more in the future. BTW, I would be honored if you would use the pix on both the private AND public sites - I'm that proud of the photos (and indebted to you.) I may be still in the closet, but I kicked the door open (in heels, no less.!!!):-) Hugs, Jeri from NYC ja4cd@yahoo.com

Penny Writes: I met Karen for the first time about a week ago for a makeover. She put me at ease very quickly by being genuinely very warm, friendly, and receptive to my specific needs. She also has a good understanding of how the issue of crossdressing can be a sensitive one, especially for a first-timer like myself. That quality alone is essential in her line of work. Her people skills, combined with her makeover talents and wardrobe options, etc make her a true class act. The experience was all that I hoped it would be, and much more. Karen, you rule! Thanks so much for everything. The tg community needs more great people like you. I hope to see you at the Halloween party! Best Regards, Penny penelopew66@optonline.net

Nikki Writes: Dear Karen, Yesterday was truly a life-altering experiencefor me. After decades of literally dressing in the closet, an angel pointed me in the direction of FemmeFever. To any and all of my sisters who are hesitant about stepping out into the light, I cannot stress enough how comfortable I felt throughout my entire visit. Karen is a talented artist, but even more important to me, a caring human being, sensitive to the frail spirit I brought into her home. My second biggest fear, that I would end up looking like a man dressed in woman's clothing, or an over-the-hill drag queen, was soon laid (oooh) to rest. When I allowed myself to relax, there was a beautiful woman staring at me in the mirror. I do not kid myself. There is a lot of work still to be done. The photos Karen took of me, confirmed what I have felt since I was a young boy. There is a lovely "young" lady inside whose time has arrived. I am certain, that with Karen's help, I will introduce her to the rest of the world with confidence, charm, and poise. Good luck to everyone and may the Goddess speed you all on your journey. Once again Karen, a million thank you's, from the bottom of my heart. Love nikki (lovedovefromabove@hotmail.com)

Polly Writes: About 3 years ago, I met Karen (FemmeFever) and was struck by her sincere interest in helping me address my crossdressing inclinations. A month later I went to my first FemmeFever party and I was impressed with how friendly the 'girls' all were. Although VERY nervous to be dressed as a female in public for the first time, I found the experience to be very pleasant, especially the next morning when I looked back on it and realized I really had nothing to be nervous or anxious about. Karen's words came back to me: "Don't be worried. This is supposed to be fun." And it's true. It was. Since that first consult meeting, Karen has taken me shopping, and has done makeovers for me a number of times, too. I was amazed at how feminine she had me looking after a 45-minute session in her chair. She once did a makeover for me when I was going to a Halloween party as a French maid. One person there actually thought I was a woman until I spoke to him in my male voice. That's how good she is at makeovers. I sincerely recommend Karen for makeovers, and I recommend FemmeFever to any reluctant crossdresser who is looking for a way to explore his inclinations in a sensitive, discreet, and friendly way. pollypriscilla@webtv.net

Kimberly Writes: Karen, I had a wonderful time with you(way back on July 29th) and my first makeover. You truly brought out a feminine look I thought was only inside. My anxiety(or was it that unique stress induced by LI traffic or both?) and anticipation abated as I saw the transformation into my feminine self. Detailing what you were doing, the make-up you were using and how I could apply make-up to create MY feminine look showed me you care for the PERSON in your chair, which was me. And not that I was just a two-hour appointment in your book. Your honest opinion of how I looked made me feel flushed inside. I felt a liberation and only wished I could have walked out as Kimberly. Alas, life gets in the way sometimes. Opening you home and devoting your life to the transgendered community takes a special brand of kindness and devotion that is indeed rare. You truly treat the girls that physically and virtually walk through your door and into your life as people not plastic. -kimberly(splunge43770@aol.com)

Margie Writes: Yesterday, I had my first makeover with Karen. It was my first time dressing, ever. As you might expect, I was very nervous. For one thing, I felt my situation was very different from others. I didn't even see myself as a cross-dresser.I had no real desire to be a woman, or to "get in touch with my feminine side". I didn't even think I had a feminine side. I was just a regular, middle aged man, who --for some strange reason - had developed late in life- an urge to "morph" into a certain type of woman, just for a while, and then "morph" right back. . I first met Karen over a year ago when I called her for a pre-makeover consultation.She was very warm and friendly as she listened to me try to explain what I was after. She was very patient and didn't try to rush me or pressure me into getting a makeover. Rather she suggested I take the time I needed to give it more thought and call her when I felt I was ready to "allow myself to enjoy the experience" In the meantime, she invited me to join the Femme Fever group site. After a year of reading the postings of members of the community, I was ready to book a makeover. Still I moved very slowly and cautiously, as I wanted to make sure that Karen could transform me into a certain type of woman, with a very specific look. For weeks Karen and I went back and forth with emails about different types of wigs, dresses, etc. as Karen patiently explained to me things like what a page boy was, etc. Last Monday I went to Karen's again for a wig consultation. On the way over I stared to get cold feet and decided to call the whole thing off. But when I arrived at Karen's and she started showing me wigs, I felt very relaxed and enthusiastic about the whole thing. Instead of calling off the makeover, I pushed it up to an earlier date. Then yesterday, Karen finally transformed me into Margie. When Karen put the wig on me, Margie was there. visually.But I was still nervous. What if Karen didn't like Margie?. What if she felt Margie was too silly and girlie?. I needn't have worried. As we took pics in the living room, Karen not only allowed me, but encouraged me to be as sexy, and sultry, and silly as I wanted. I got the feeling Karen really liked and accepted Margie . After the pics in the living room we moved outside for more pics in the hot tub, where Margie, fully dressed, was officially... and literally..." baptized" a femme fever girl. I have never had such a dunking in my life,or so much fun. That;s why I'm listing July 15th as my birthday on my femme fever member profile. That's the day Karen transformed me into Margie. Margie Remojeme ( margie_allwet@yahoo.com)

Christine Writes: I'd like to say that my consult with you was wonderful, you certainly know how to put ones nervousness at ease! I highly recommend your services to anyone on the fence about the whole thing. No-one was more nervous than I was and I am so glad I came to you for advice regarding makeup, colors, styles, wigs, sizes and shopping questions. I learned a lot about transformations as well. Anyone who wants to contact me please do at christine8627000@ yahoo.com

Adrienne Writes: About a year ago, I was surfing the web for information on transformation services. I stumbled across a fair amount of them, but the majority of what I found was either far away, too expensive, or lacked any type of personal touch. Well, some further persurverence on my part finnally landed me at the Femme Fever site, which, in addition to transformation services, had far more other services than the other sites I encountered, and also had a name (Karens) and phone number to call. After a breif moment of anxiety on my part, I put in a call to Karen. Let me tell you, I was so relieved to hear such a kind and understanding voice on the other end of the phone. I had an extreamly good conversation with Her. She answered all my questions, and made no attempts to "hurry me" off the phone. When finally I met Her in person, I was very glad to find out that She was as nice as the person I spoke with by phone. She makes You feel very comfortable in Her presence, and is truly a great person to speak with. When you are in Her studio either for a makeover, photoshoot, or any other of Her services, She does not rush you in any way. She is quite knowledgeable in what She does, and will give you a very honest opinion of what She thinks is right for you. Since meeting Her and joining FF, I have had the opportunity to attend one of Her group meetings, and have meet a considerable amount of the other Gals that belong to Her group. They were truly a great bunch to hang with, and I am really looking forward to attending many more of these meetings in the future. To sum it up - Femme Fever is truly a great group run by a great Woman, and I would recommend it to any Transgendered person out there looking to bring out the Woman in them, and positively change their life. Will be in touch. Adrienne (ALBATROSS21060@aol.com)

Barbara Writes: Hi Karen, Thank you so much for spending the time for me to try on the wig selections that you had. It was fun to see the different styles and how they might look on me. The final selection was the best. A few adjustments to my make up and I'm in business. You certainly made me feel very comfortable, thank you very much. Thank you for everything! Barbara barbarafriend@hotmail.com

Leeah Writes: For anyone ever thinking of having to make a decision on walking out that front door to experience a transformation your destination should be Karen's place at femmefever. You will be at ease once you meet her. She should be commended for her understanding and complete knowledge of the crossdressers world. All the testimonials that you read here are very similar including mine, that's because its all true. My makeover was much more than what I expected. She made me feel really good. When the day ended, after about 6 hours I know she was tired. She really worked hard. She said she would continue without hesitation. I was so stunned at my appearance I did not want to go back. I asked if I can stay a little and she was OK with that. I was very said to see my femme self disappear. She was sad too. I realized now I have a place to go and meet others like myself. I am looking forward to many more times at Femme. Karen is such a doll. Leeah bmw5F@aol.com

Davey Writes: Karen - I am writing to tell you and others how fortunate I was to have met you and to have had the benefit of your help this past June. I have long been hoping to find the services of someone who was truly sympathetic and empathetic to a closeted cross dresser, who could help me within the constraints of my reality, being that I am totally private about the existence of my feminine side, who could work with me in a nonjudgmental understanding way, and empower me to realize more of my feminine potential. The day I met you, my hopes were finally realized. First of all - you actually picked me up at the LIRR station. That in and of itself was truly amazing - that you would make an appointment with someone you had only spoken to briefly on the phone and meet at the train station. From the first moment until you brought me back to the LIRR station you were wonderful. Our time together started with a great conversation. I showed you parts of my wardrobe (such as it was), and you made wardrobe suggestions that were practical and realistic given my situation. Then, the best part, you were totally flexible and willing to run out with me to a few stores to go on a spontaneous shopping trip, en drab (unfortunately), going to chain stores that I could easily find back home. You showed me how easy it was to go into a store and figure out the sizing, how to get advice from the store staff, regardless of whether I chose to share my secret with them or shop discreetly, and even how to try on clothing while in the store. It was great fun making selections with you and you were a big help as I tried things on, helping me make final choices. The stuff I bought that night has given me great enjoyment. And - the best part - I feel empowered now to walk into mainstream stores to buy the kind of female clothing that suits my tastes, instead of trying to rely on catalogs. Since our get together I have bought more, and I feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the possibilities you have opened up for me. The time we spent together has helped me feel good about myself, and who I am. My only regret was that the evening had to come to an end. Unfortunately, I am not able to be in your area frequently enough to be an active part of Femme Fever, to meet others, to go to your activities, or meet with you regularly. I hope that in the not too distant future I will be able to come back, show you how much better my wardrobe is (thanks to you), and that I can celebrate with one of your makeovers. Blessings to you and all your customers and friends. DAVEY (DRIFC@cs.com)

Allison Writes: My femme life has not been the same since my makeover. You not only did an incredible job, but you taught me how to appropriately do my own make-up. You picked out a perfect wig for me. I looked 20 years younger! And within minutes of arriving at your private studio, your understanding and encouragement dissolved my anxiety.
Karen, after years of dressing in private, I am now having a ball going out en femme with other girls to dinner, parties, and clubs. What a confidence builder it is to hear repeated comments like “cute,” “attractive,” “beautiful.” I am still amazed that after one lesson from you (and your written instructions), I could actually reproduce your artistic magic on my face. You have helped years of fantasy become a reality. Allison Davis Allisonnycd@hotmail.con

Ric Writes: It was certainly a pleasure meeting you Tuesday when I accompanied Allison for her makeover. You are the sweetest woman on this earth and made the both of us so at ease and so very happy. There is no mistake about it, you're the best there is and Allison's makeover was just superb! Thank you so very much for all your assistance and helpful hints. Allison's new wig along with her makeover had us both in 7th heaven! Although in my 60s I'm very new to this scene and had many apprehensions before arriving at your home. However, although my emotions and fears were running wild they were soon laid to rest by your charm and understanding nature. While watching you work and chatting it was obvious you have an incredible understanding of make-up and clothing and know what the cross dresser is looking. I felt as though I've known you all my life, that I could tell you anything and be secure knowing what was said would go no further! Allison's makeover has certainly given her a great deal more self confidence and we have even attended our very first FF Party. Karen you have provided a most pleasurable and memorable experience one can have in a lifetime. Your efforts create a venue and outlet for FF Members and others to meet, have fun, in a safe and secure environment that normally would not exist. The comfort level one feels in your presence can never be put into words but is a feeling we all wish we had every minute of every day in our lives! I'm thankful for the day we met, thankful of you wisdom and understanding, and thank you for being one very very special friend! Love - Ric wemay@yahoo.com

Tina Writes: I just wanted to say in my testimonial that I have been dying to get a Karen FemmeFever makeover for a long time. I finally got a chance to go and what a great time it was!!! Karen brought out a look in me that I thought never existed!!! She worked with me with all my targets and how I wanted to look and helped me pick out the clothes that best suited my look. She was very supportive and a good ear to talked to. I cant wait to go to my 1st FemmeFever party and meet all the great people who are part of our community!!! And, when I go, I hope that it is Karen who makes Tina the woman that she wants to be!!! Simpsons11214@aol.com

Katherine Writes: Dear Karen, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help and guidance when I visited femmefever. I never knew how pretty i could be. With your help I hope this is just a start on my journey.You made me into the beautiful woman I have been all this time. I just wish that I knew about you and femmefever a long time ago. I have wasted so much time being ashamed and scared of who I really am. I am just starting out on my new journey so please have patience with me. You are such a helpful and beautiful person I cant wait to visit with you again. Thank you for your very nice letter that you posted for me asking for help finding some professionals to assist me in othjer ways as well. I am sure that I will get some helpful hints. Thanks again and I will see you soon. Love and kisses, Katherineblueeyes2678@optonline.net

Barbara Writes: Dearest Karen: Never having met you and being totally unfamiliar with the Long Island area I didn't know quite what to expect as I followed my Mapquest directions to your home for my recent makeover. But immediately upon meeting you all doubts and all anxieties within me regarding my decision to let you bring out the woman within me quickly disappeared. You were warm and natural and quickly made me feel very comfortable. The makeover itself was wonderful. I loved being given the opportunity to watch what you were doing, to learn new beauty techniques, to try various "looks" and outfits and to pose for your camera. Never before have I felt so womanly and so beautiful. The hours passed all too quickly but long before it was time for me to go I made a promise to myself to return for another makeover some day [if you'll have me] and, in doing so, experience a simply perfect several hours. Love, Barbara. LLBLLD17@aol.com

Lisa Writes: Dear Karen, Where do I start? I had a long drive to see you and much time to contemplate what might happen. By the time I have exited the Southern State I was nervous, apprehensive and conflicted.
Nervous because I didn't know what to expect. I had tried make-overs before and was always dissappointed with either the results (almost always) or my partner (always.) Conflicted because I knew you were a genetic woman and I didn't know if I would be able to "let the woman out" in front of you. Apprehensive because if all that I had read about you was true was I letting a genie out of a bottle that I would no longer be able to control?
Well, it was the most amazing four hours of my life!!! Your high level of comfort with the subject and totall understanding of all aspects of what make's crossdressers who they are immediately eased my nervousness. Your low key approach and fun attitude eliminated any conflict I may have had upon entering your home. I was right to be apprehensive, however. After an hour in the make-up chair and some great conversation, I finally saw Lisa. It started ever so slightly right there. I started feeling it. I would define it as the place were I had always wanted to be...somewhere I could look beautiful and sexy and attractive and feel as a woman feels.
But, this was only just the beginning. My inner male had no chance against you and the it you would help me get to. As if you were reading my mind you chose the perfect outfit to start with. The ankle bracelet was a great touch. As you worked on me, both cosmetically and through conversation, I could feel the woman emerging inside. You asked if I wanted to take some pictures. "What beautiful woman doesn't want to be photographed?" Did I say that? Where did that come from? As we started posing I felt something take over inside me. The desires I felt were indescribeable. It was incredible and I know I can never put this genie back in its bottle. Each wardrobe change served to move me further into it. Imagine my excitement the next morning when I saw my pictures on both. the member's site and the public site! WOW!!!
Thank you for the most amazing four hours of my life. I can't wait for our next make-over. Luscious Lisa njlisa69@hotmail.com

Juli Writes: Karen, I want to thank you for the wonderful time I had at the January and February parties. It was wonderful to get out dressed in the middle of this dreary winter and talk, laugh, and dance with the sweet group of girls that attend your party. I also want to thank you for being so supportive of the transgendered community. I felt immediately at home, and I now look forward to each month's event. I would heartily recommend your parties and events to any first time out "girl". I know they'll have as great a time as I have had! Juli Owens

Clarisse Writes: I loved the January FemmeFever party - my FIRST time out! There hasn't been a day or night that I haven't thought about the great time I had. Thank you so much for what you are doing! clarissebarton@yahoo.com

Dear Karen, You and FemmeFever are a big part of where I am today. Once I stopped being so nervous around others, I felt really relaxed and I was so comfortable being me...much more so than when just wearing men's jeans and a sweatshirt. Once I started focusing on myself and what I wanted to do (except doing what the wife, girlfriend, parents or friends wanted me to do), I discovered who I really am, and who I should be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) Love, Amy amythyst@optonline.net

Jennifer Writes: Girls I'm far from a novice or first timer and have been dressing and going out for years. This was my first make over. I just want to write about the most wonderful experience I had, having a make over at Karen's. More than the results and photos, which were fantastic, was the friendly, relaxing and most welcome atmosphere that I felt while I was there. It was well worth the drive and I would recommend the experience whether you a novice, first timer or like me an experienced girl. Anyone who has never been out of the closet and looking to take that first step this is the place to go! If you never had a make over but always wanted one Karen is the one to go to. Jennifer warriorqueen@optonline.net

Shirly Writes: Hi Karen, I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me last week. I was a bit nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect. But you put me right at ease with your warm, relaxed personality. I think that your being a GG and having so much experience with the TG community is what makes your consultation so valuable. You showed me tips on applying lipstick, foundation, concealers and blush that went beyond what I had learned from a Merle Norman makeover. And your hair styling ideas to make my wig look more natural were fun. I had so many questions, and it was so helpful to get your perspective.The pictures you took came out well and will serve as a reference. Oh, and your follow up email on wig washing was excellent. (I love friends like you who do what they say they are going to do!) You are a good teacher, and my time with you was a joy. Thanks so much, Shirly


Chrissy Writes: Karen, Just want to thank you again for this morning's makeover. I had a great time. And thanks for taking all those great pictures. This morning when I saw myself fully dressed with a wig and makeup for the first time, I wasn't sure how I felt -- I guess because all I saw was my sister in the mirror -- that's fine with me except I wasn't expecting that at all. but the 2nd time I looked into the mirror (after all the picture taking), I started to see myself, and I felt much better:) and I was happy with the way I look, and felt more comfortable with my new image. You did a great job. You were very nice on the emails, and even nicer in person. You made the whole experience very comfortable and fun. I was very nervous but you made me feel better the second you opened the door. Oh and the clean-up was great too -- just like you said (no scent), I hope to find time to do this again soon. Your 'kissing pose' idea was great !! I never knew what I look like blowing a kiss before today Chrissy cruisingbam@yahoo.com

Madelaine Writes: Hi Karen, Thank you so much for a wonderful transformation. It's an amazing feeling seeing someone you've known of all your life but never met appear before your very eyes and be even lovelier than you ever imagined. Looking at the pictures you took I see a genuine smile that I rarely see in the mirror. Speaking of the pictures, I love the ones taken in the kitchen best. I think I'd begun to relax and enjoy posing by then. I promise that by the next time I come I'll figure out the difference between sticking out my hip and poking out my butt ;) I can't say enough about your professional skill, but it is the warmth and understanding that you showed me that I will remember most of all. I was on such a high when I left I drove past the parkway entrance- twice! (And I'm still smiling). By the way, if you could remember the approximate sizes of the clothes we used would you mind letting me know? Have a great weekend, Fondly, Madelaine

Judy Writes: Hi Karen..... I want to thank you for your assistance in my journey toward becoming the "girl I want to be." When I was there for my makeover you made me feel so comfortable and the look that you gave me was one that any t-girl would want and like. I received many favorable comments which made me feel even more femine. I would truly recommend any TG, TV, TS, or CD to visit your studio and receive the pampering of their life from your wonderful staff. Once again I want to thank you for all you have done for me. Judy Nice Lacy Thong@aol.com

JoAnne Writes: Hi Girls, I am a new member. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Karen, and let me tell you she is an angel sent from heaven. I has so many fears about my dressing and my femme feelings. We talked as if it were 2 girl friends having lunch together. I felt I could open up to her and tell her all my womanly feelings that I have bottled up since I was a teenager dressing up. I was really scared, but sitting and talking with her made me realize that I had come to make my own path and that path was to throw my fears behind me and to become the woman I should be. Thank You Karen. JoAnne jfvjr53@aol.com

Francine Writes: Karen: I wish to express my gratitude for the sublime makeover session. As one who came to understand my transgendered nature only in my middle years, I'm not one able to expertly choose and don clothing, apply makeup, etc. Therefore, to have discovered FemmeFever is truly a God-send! From the moment you so graciously picked me up at the LIRR, I felt utterly relaxed. And for the next two hours, I was transformed both physically and mentally into my so-called feminine self. My transformation under your gentle guidance makes me question if perhaps I'm not far more Francine than Chris. When you had me look at my face after you had applied my makeup, it was like I was seeing the real me for the first time. There was a time when I first began dressing that this would have very much frightened me. No longer. The photos you took of me En Femme reveal a me that I am increasingly of the belief is in fact the true me. I had a pair of puffy eyes that day from having gotten tanning lotion in them a couple of days earlier. Your wizadry with eye liner, etc somehow minimzed the puffiness. Amazing! Next session, there'll be no tanning lotion problem and you will be free, should you wish, to add me to your Before/After Gallery. Again, thanks so much for a marvelous experience, Karen. You're a true dear! Francine chrisholden09@yahoo.com

Abby Writes: Anyone considering having an initial makeover with Karen should know that she is a very welcoming person who is warm and empathic. She makes you feel like you are a very important person to her and she genuinely wants to be helpful to you. She loves TG'ed people and loves to have fun with them. I particularly enjoyed being made over by a kind and gracious woman. She also takes pleasure in making you look as pretty as you can look and has a real knack for picture taking. I heartily recommend her for any beginning Tgirl. Abby (Al2sjcm@aol.com)

Clarissa Writes: Dear Karen, Thank you so much for making time for me and taking care of me today in the very nice way that you did. You helped me so much and made me so happy. It was very important for me to know if I could look "OK", and you certainly showed me that I could. I was floating when I left, and the emotions that I felt and am feeling now run far deeper than my ability to express in writing. It is very clear that you care about the people you work with. I was so touched by your e-mails and by your coming to get me at the train, and then by the way that really tried to find the right makeup and wig for me. I feel that kindness is the loveliest part of a person, and I was deeply moved by yours. Again, my warmest thanks. P.S. Karen, maybe this is just who you are, but the minute I met you and throughout the morning, I felt the most comfortable feeling, like I had known you all my life, and later, on the way home, I was thinking that I wish I had. Your friends must really love you. Your (newly) redheaded friend, Clarisse clarissebarton@yahoo.com

Phyllis Writes: Karen is one of the sweetest women I know and during my make over she really made me feel like a lady.she made me look like the woman I should be and as I rode the subway into the city I really felt so feminine and so wonderfull. Karen is the most precious thing we all have and we should all cherish her for what she does for us from Phyllis Anne love to all and especially to Karen. Phyllis Bowman1@aol.com

Clarisse Writes: Hi Karen, I have been abroad since my first time out at the January FF party, and there hasn't been a day or night that I haven't thought about the great time I had. Thank you so, so much for what you are doing! With genuine warmth,Clarisse clarissebarton@yahoo.com

Avalon Writes: I went to Karen on a Tuesday morning wondering what to expect. When I got to her house I was greeted warmly and invitingly. Just by talking to me I was instantly put at ease as to the intentions of her venture with FemmeFever. With an expert hand she simply put eyeliner and lipstick on me while in the midst of a wig consultation, and made me feel more feminine than I ever could have on my own. Beyond that we have stayed relatively in touch and she has become a great friend in and out of the community. She is caring friendly warm and hospitable. So I highly recommend her if you are in need of some femme glamour in your life. Thanks Karen you are the greatest friend a girl (like me) could have. avalon11793@yahoo.com

Kimny Writes: Dear Karen: It was great meeting with you yesterday. Where do I begin to tell you about the experience. You truly made my first experience a memorable one. I'm sure you here it from all of your girls so I want to say it differently. Karen, it has taken me years to finally get up the courage to have this done. In my heart I thought I could pass but you showed me and gave me the confidence that I would need to finally go out in public. What I was so impressed about was your patience and genuine concern for me. I could see it in your eyes that I was just not another client. The education that I obtained yesterday was amazing. I learned more in 4 hours than I did in a lifetime and I thank you for that. What I did want to tell you is that I had a long talk with my wife last night. I did not tell her about my amazing experience but I did tell her that I have been having those feelings again. She was so supportive and caring. She did say that she would try to bring it back into our bedroon again soon. She is a lovely person. Eventually, I will tell her about what happened yesterday. I will definately take your advice and make sure that I still make her number one. I also want to let you know that as soon as the smoke clears a little bit I would like to come back for another session. I think I might want to take photos. I feel if she saw the way I looked last night she might be more acceptable. When she makes me up I really just look like a guy with a dress on. Once again Karen thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will talk to you soon! Love, Kim kimny19@hotmail.com

Janice Writres: At sixty years old, I found your web site. Hell, I've been married over 35 years; have two grown kids and three grandchildren. I've successfully hidden my cross dressing, dressing in intimate apparel when my wife was away. I fell into the S&M trap as an outlet not knowing that anything else was out there. After we spoke, the sincerity and love that you expressed gave me the courage to arrange a make-up and dress-up date at your place. I loved you from the moment that I arrived. You are so sweet. Our conversation, your hints on being a girl; bird seed in knee-high hose for breast implants on-the-cheap, using surgical Tape to draw my skin back, those fabulous nails and your make-up expertise were fabulous. But most important, it is you who has chosen this mission to nurture the guys who have a need from time to time to be girls. Yours forever, Janice

Jill Writes: Karen, thank you for a wonderful day; it was special for me and I enjoyed seeing you again. You are therapy for me and I am sure for everyone else. I guess I am used to paying so much more for all the therapy I have been through and you have been better than all of them.... I think it all has to do with the relaxed and accepting mood you put everyone into. You are optimistic, proactive, put people on the acceptingly positive slope of their minds and spirits. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. You are terrific and are terrific at what you do. You have a certain kind of energy and enthusiasm and it is wonderful. I left Monday wonderfully distracted by all that happened. Took me some time to get focused on something other than being this other self. I do enjoy you and do enjoy talking to you and feel quite free it doing so and that is a nice feeling....will be in touch....Jill Sb2jek@aol.com

Stephanie Anne Writes: Karen is the greatest, she does a great job each time I go there for a makeover and pictures and she makes you feel at home. If you haven't been to FemmeFever, what are you waiting for? Ms Stephanie Anne Tanella stephanieanne69@juno.com

Kristine Writes: I haven't stopped looking at the pictures since I left you last night! I can't believe what you were able to do to me . . . you are fantastic! You were so kind and understanding it is no wonder you are #1 in alot of peoples hearts! People like you are few and far between and I feel so much better about myself after our meeting. It was say great to finally "uncork" a 40 year old secret and share it with someone as nice and caring as you! As I said, I'm not an openly emotional person, but it was nice to kinda let go and let Kristine take over for awhile . . . I really liked her!!!! vernyskier@yahoo.com

Phyllis Writes: Karen last night was one of the greatest experiences of my life. As I told you I had been always dressing at home and I always wondered what it would be like to actually be out ... dressed for real. Well you were fantastic and having that first makeover made me feel like a woman and I loved it. I also made some very nice friends and everyone made me feel so comfortable. I do not think that I will be in the closet any more and I look forward to your get togethers so I can meet all my new friends, especially you! Thank you for letting me become a member of this beautiful group BOWMAN1A@aol.com

Andi Writes: So KAREN! What a BLAST! Ok, maybe I was a bit nervous but you just sat me down and talked for a while. Got a chance to draw in a breath and get then started...and what fun I had. Never in my life did I expect to see the person staring back at me in the mirror. So...she is more me than me. That I know. I've known for a LONG long time. That its taken so long for her to emerge is such a shame, but SUCH a pleasure! I showed the pics first to my therapist, and then to my wife. The therapist gasps and says..."Oh...wow, is that really you?" (sort of in an understated way)...My wife say that I had a lot of courage to do that...but that she was prettier than me! (and she is!). She is getting more accepting by the moment (especially with the help of a great therapist) So, I'm out now...and I'm going to have some fun! I'm NEVA going back into the closet. Thanks for the wonderful introduction!! Andi

Joey Writes: Karen, Thanks so very much for making my first ever makeover by you such an enjoyable and memorable one. I had a simply marvelous time the other night. And I just "loved" that black dress you picked out for me. It was such a shame that the time flew by so fast. I was having so much fun. In TV terms, we often mention that we have a gift. You, Karen, are indeed a very special "gift" to the community; a wonderful person and a class act. Love ya! joey.mac@verizon.net

Linda Writes: I do not know how to thank you not only for last night and the many evenings that I spent with Femme Fever. The gatherings were so much more than an opportunity to dress and socialize with others. What you have done in such a short period of time goes beyond description. The friendships that have been made among all us transcends going to an occasional meeting but has resulted in what will be for many life long friendships. Femme fever has been a catalyst for uniting us, not only from the long Island area but New York City and the adjoining states. You have accomplished something that is probably unique in the world. I doubt that anyone else has succeeded in uniting Crossdressers the way you have. It is so much more than a support group. You have established an extended family, where we can share with others oour feelings, our fears and our concerns. There is always someone available to offer assistance, suggestions and guidance. You alone are responsible for creating this wonderful organization and I for one am so happy for briefly being a part of it. cadnild@aol.com

Jennifer Writes: Well, KAREN, its been a week since you helped jennifer come to life for the 1st (but certainly not the last) time. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I saw the real me ... you helped me become pretty. I have had quite a few comments from people, both at home (my wife said I looked like her ex-sis-in-law) & from a few girls from the group Ive been writing to. Words just cant really express what I felt after you were done. When you were taking my picture, I felt like a super model, & thats a big change for me. Now that I have been Jen, I want to be myself as much as possible, but life is preventing that at the moment. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've done for me & jenni. jennitgirl@yahoo.com

Lilly Writes: Karen, The moment I walked in my door after my first makeover with you I was ready to sit down and write a testimonial for you. As I was struggling to find the right words to describe the amazing experience, I realized that it was a little premature to be singing your praises. I knew that that makeover was only the beginning. I was probably just as nervous as many other first timers, but your easy going nature and ready smile put me completely at ease. After you finished my makeup and ran through your wig collection, showing me what I looked like as a redhead, as a blond, as a brunette, that was the moment that completely blew me away. That was the moment when I feel my life started to change. That couldn't have been me in the mirror. But it was. That first day in your studio brought out a femininity that I never realized I had. Now just a little more than 2 months later, I definitely feel compelled to write and thank you from the bottom of my soul. For the first time in 20+ years of dressing, pride has replaced shame. For the first time, I'm making friends in the community (through FemmeFever) who share what I now consider a gift, rather than a burden. And then for the first time, I ventured out as Lilly. Every night leading up to the event, I was counting the hours until I stepped out in public, beyond your front lawn. I thought I would be a bundle of nerves, but when the time came to head out the door, I just went. And it all felt right. So amazingly right! I've said it many times before, and I'm sure I will keep on saying it (with growing conviction each time)--- You are simply the BEST! Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all ... ME! lilly_girl_ny@yahoo.co

Amy Writes: Karen: As I sat here looking at the pictures you took this morning, I thought I would write you a little poem out of graditude for your help.
This morning I saw magic as I visited with a friend,
The act of transformation with a very thrilling end.
She set to work at finding, the woman in this male,
With care and understanding, I knew she wouldn't fail.
She worked with hair and makeup, to develop my new look,
And afterwards she posed me, for the photos that she took.
This day was one I'd dreamed of, since I was just a child,
To see my “Amy” come out, I know I truly smiled.
So thank you dear sweet Karen,
for making my dream come true,
Of making me feel so feminine,
my thanks belong to you!
Thanks!! thepoetryoflife06903@yahoo.com

Michelle Writes: I have had the most wonderful moments of my life being able to express who I am while being dressed with the "femme fever girls", especially Karen. My life has changed for the better because of the group and I've been blessed with meeting a woman (Karen) who not only encourages but embraces my feminine side. ahhhh - life is good!! Kisses to all! soppinwet2@aol.com

Jenifer Writes: Dear Karen:thank you for a great evening. I really enjoyed the party. All the girls were very friendly. Karen, you are a wonderful person. i can see that you are very caring and devoted to helping all of us girls. I am so glad I became a member of FemmeFever and met you. You have made me feel so much better about my self in the short time i have known you. For the past year I was not that active dressing up and going out, I now am beginning to feel "whole" again and am looking forward to future events. PRETTIERNPNK@aol.com

Steph Writes: Thanks to Karen's wonderful service, my life has been changed for the better. For about the last year or so I've started frequenting some of the TV bars in NYC, like Karolyn's and Ina's, the one's that offer changing facilities and are very friendly to beginners. A lot of times I would go with all of my femme stuff but could never build up the nerve to change. I lacked confidence and really just didn't know how to transform myself into a woman. But that all changed after my first makeover with Karen. In a very frinedly and relaxed atmosphere, Karen taught me how to bring out my femme side, catering to my particular tastes and interests. Even though I didn't know exactly what kind of look I wanted when we started, by the end I was a beautiful sexy woman. The next Saturday I went to Ina's and I felt like I was the belle of the ball. People couldn't believe it was my first time out. It was a fanastic night and I owe it all to Karen. parkchoi@hotmail.com

Denise Writes: Hi Karen: I just want to say thank you. The makeover was teriffic, you made look so beautiful and femme. I showed the pictures to some gg's at work. They couldn't believe it was me. They all said that I looked like a beautiful woman. One of the male guys saw my picture and wanted to know who the cute chick was lol. He didnt know it was me. HermanPI@aol.com

Mary Writes: I just want to take a minute of your time to thank you for your understanding of the life we cross-dressers are forced by nature to live. It was my pleasure to meet you. I can understand that the people you meet become friends of yours. One would be a fool to not see the outward expression of friendship that you,Karen, bestow upon those you meet. I feel really privileged to have met you. And am looking forward to the next time we meet, Thanks for being you. Erospancoth@aol.com

Cindy Writes: It seems that since my first session, Cindy has become more of a part of me than I could have imagined. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for finally allowing the woman in me to be unleashed and I will never be the same again. I thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and encouragement to allow my femininity to begin to blossom. I consider you to be my mentor, Cindy's "fairy godmother", and my friend and I look forward to June 23 and many more sessions in the future. xoxo misscindylove@hotmail.com

Alisha Writes: Simply put, finding Karen at FemmeFever changed my life! As someone who, after years of repression, has only recently started using words like t-girl and crossdresser as applies to myself, my need to explore my feminine self became a necessity. Luckily I found FemmeFever and discovered not only that I was not alone, but that I could be beautiful. The intelligence, expertise, care and compassion that Karen showed throughout my transformation helped ease all of my fears. Her generosity with both Crossdressing tips and clothing choices was equaled only by an emotional generosity that made me feel as if I'd truly found a friend! And I know I have! Finally I feel truly special! (ask Karen for email address)

Dee Writes: Karen,Thank you ever so much for inviting me to last evening's party. You are most gracious and the newcomer was made to feel quite comfortable. This, by the way, is something that occurs rather infrequently regardless of how I'm dressed. Because I've a decided tendency toward shyness, it usually takes at least two-forevers before I lose the sense of being a foreigner among natives. Sincerely, deerichard@juno.com

Cissy Writes: Karen, Just a quick note to thank you again for today's wonderful makeover. You were everything I'd heard and hoped for and I had the greatest time! I cannot wait to see the photos. Hopefully, like we said, there'll be a couple of real keepers in the bunch, but I'll treasure them all. I learned a lot today but I guess the most important lesson was one I already knew - I just need to be reminded every so often - and that is that you cannot suppress or deny your inner self without it hurting you. I feel healed somehow. And I have you to thank for that. I really am so very grateful. Can't wait to do it again. Hugs, cissygaye@yahoo.com

Gina Writes: During most of my life there has been a person within that has lived in the shadows, embarrassed to see the light of day and be the individual that she is. Since my early teens, Regina has been stranded and plagued with guilt for possessing feelings that she felt were unique to her alone, and tortured by the conflict between what she wanted to be and what my social setting demanded I am. Fear of embarrassment, humiliation and rejection imprisoned the person within who desperately wanted to have a life and be accepted. Infrequently allowed to emerge, most of Regina's life was spent in solitude, with ventures in public allowed only in the last three years. And even then, her public time was at the hands of those who had no interest in allowing me to understand me! Then, when I least expected it, I found Karen and her FemmeFever. Since that meeting, my entire life has new meaning and will never be the same! It was only last December that I drove nervously to her studio. For weeks, I pretended not to care, and put off scheduling a session. But anyone who is part of the trans community knows you can only defer the inevitable. As I drove, I was filled with doubt, hesitation and guilt. Then my phone rang in the car and it was Karen whose voice was welcome, relaxed and encouraging. Shortly after, my session began I found my nervousness melting away. I dressed, was transformed and we talked; talked for hours. I couldn't believe that someone existed who cared and wanted to guide me in a venture that I had avoided for most of my life, and in a way that suited my needs and desires. Karen was interested in what I wanted to look like, where I wanted to go and the goals I had. And she was able to determine my aspirations while barely asking a question. She provided me a world of understanding that made me realize I was part of a community that enjoyed their state in life instead of fearing it, and that I could be a unique person as Regina just like I was in my the conventional life. The night passed all too fast, and when I left I felt good about Regina, something I had never experienced before. There have been numerous sessions since, including picture, shopping trips for cloths, shoes and makeup, and dinners at restaurants with Karen or in groups, and the FemmeFever house parties have allowed me to meet new people and socialize with others who share the same mind-set. I am beginning to build friendships with others and satisfaction with myself because of my newly found oasis, and I no longer look upon Regina with shame. Karen's counsel has provided an insight to myself that I have never experienced previously, and she has opened doors that allow me to exit from the shadows and experience hours of enjoyment instead of embarrassment and fear. Clearly I have someone in Karen who I trust, without reservation! Karen, my most sincere appreciation for the past three months and for allowing me to be me and giving my life back. Because of you, time both as Gina and as her alter ego has new meaning. What a wonderful experience I am having outside and included in various events. Regina can't believe after so much time has passed, there are others who accept her for what she is. The get-togethers and new friends are wonderful, but equally as important has been the ability to be Gina at the mall, in a restaurant or over drinks at a lounge. I do not have the words to tell you how wonderful it is to finally be free and all because I had the wonderful fortune to know you! Thank you Karen for your patience, thank you for your understanding and wisdom, but most of all, thank you for being the most special kind of friend. Love Gina

Marina Writes: FEMMEFEVER - Femme for female, and Fever for the passion of being able to feel female. These are the two components captured in the name of this wondrous place. But there is so much more, so much offered and so much to be had. Yet the true offering and value is the love, the care, the companionship, the friendship, the wisdom, the support and the overall sincerity. Let me share with you a bit about whom I am, what my situation was and the miracles that have happened thanks to FemmeFever and Karen. When I was about eight years old I knew I was a misfit. My body was 100% male and my mind was 100% female. I was biologically wrong. I knew it, but I also knew that I could not tell anyone. The secret had begun and would be kept for many years. As I grew I was role playing my part, living my lie. I played with cars and trucks and toy rifles. I played baseball and football. But my heart and soul wanted to play with dolls and play house and dress-up. I wanted to be a Brownie, not a Cub Scout. I wanted to wear nice pretty lacy dresses to school and church, not drab jeans and shirts. As the years went by and I entered into my teens, the secret became even more important to keep and I was well accomplished at living my lie. I continued my “male” development and played my role. I grew into adulthood, I married, I had children and I met all of my “male” responsibilities. Yet I still knew the truth. I still knew that I was female inside. The pressures grew and grew as I denied myself who I really was. The frustration and depression increased as I continued to live my lie. For over forty years I denied myself the right of being me. For over forty years I lived a lie. For over forty years I role-played everyday. Then the miracle happened. I saw the advertisement for FemmeFever. I was nervous and my hands were shaking as I picked up the telephone and place my first telephone call to Karen. I left a voice message and was actually excited and pleased as I left my message and for the first time in my life said, “Hi, this is Marina.” I left my message and I hung up the telephone and was both relieved and nervous. I had taken the first step of my new life. Karen called me back and I scheduled my first appointment. My heart was racing as the days crept by, and then it was the evening of my appointment. I was so nervous, my hands trembled and my mouth was dry as I arrived. I knocked on the door and a vivacious cherub with a wonderful smiled welcomed me and invited me in, I had just met Karen. Within minutes we were sitting and talking as if we had known each other for quite some time. I was relaxed and I was sharing all my secrets, all my fears, all my frustrations and all my questions. We spoke for over an hour and the more we spoke the more I relaxed and felt at home. The pent up female volcano inside me was being able to vent for the first time in her life, and it was wonderful. At just about the hour mark, Karen asked me if I would like to get dressed and have my makeup done. I was nervous as I changed into my female clothes and sat in the chair for my first makeover. But again, as Karen applied the make up and continued our girl talk, my nervousness faded away quickly. As she slid the wig onto my head and told me to look into the mirror a new miracle happened. Marina arrived for the first time in flesh and blood. I sat in my chair and looked into the mirror, amazed at what I saw. I was not a middle aged man who was looking freakish in women's clothing, I was Marina, I was me, I was myself. My smile spread and my body was enveloped by all-encompassing warmth as I simply and totally relaxed at being who I was. For the next three hours, Karen and I chatted like old girl friends. She asked me if I would like some pictures and I was eager to memorialize my first evening. Within about twenty minutes we had gone through an entire role of film. My only regret was that it was now getting quite late and I knew I would need to go home soon. Karen and I finished our coffee and then I washed up and changed back. Before she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye, I knew I had found a sincere and honest and warm haven. I scheduled my next appointment. Over the next three months Karen has helped me deal with my history, help me deal with my issues, helped me deal with my home life and helped me deal with me. This is the most important part and the one of the greatest value. Karen has taught me to be me. Karen has taught me that I need to be who I am. Karen has taught me that I have a right to exist. Karen has taught me that I have a responsibility to be happy and fulfilled. I am female inside and male biologically, and Karen has taught me how to accept and obtain the best integration of both my selves. If I had a choice, a real option, I would immediately opt to be completely female. Karen and I talked through the realities of me. I am 50 years old, I have grown and young children, I have a career and I have a very close family. We talked through all of the issues and challenges of these pieces of my life and what the impacts would be if I decided I wanted to transition completely. I shared where my priorities are and what I can and can not do. Karen has taught me how to accept this. Her love and caring and experience and wisdom are beyond what I ever could have anticipated. We in the cross dressing, transgendered and transsexual community have an ongoing and developing myriad of issues, concerns, questions and risks to manage. More so than most people and families. But these are not impossible to deal with. The most important item that I have gotten from my time at FemmeFever and with Karen is “Be yourself, be caring, be loving, be honest and be happy.” If we can do this as people, than anything is possible and our lives will be better, and so will the lives of the people we touch. In a recent conversation with Karen I shared with her a quotation that I feel is very applicable to us all. “Knowing what is right is not hard. Knowing what is right is easy. But doing what you know is right is hard.” We all know what is right, it is just hard to do it sometimes. This was where I was at when I met Karen. She has helped me beyond belief in developing myself so that I have the wisdom, the courage and the strength to “do what is right.” I have a new friend, a friend a trust 100+%, a friend whom I know will always be there and a friend that I know I can always count on. I have more than a friend, I have an angel and her name is Karen. marina1220@yahoo.com

Louise Writes: Hugs Karen. I am writing to you once again try to express how happy I was with my makeover and shopping trip with you last Tuesday. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to have a makeover and/or then go out shopping. Perhaps some history would bring more value to my recommendation. I am over 60 years old, 6 foot tall and weigh 230 lbs with a potbelly. I have always enjoyed dressing and for years have gotten as far as the entrance doors of a mall but never dared to go in. I have also gone to other makeover places and enjoyed the look and felt good but never was as comfortable as I was with you. From the moment I met you, you acted like a friend and tried to help me relax, and I must admit it didn't take long. The explanation of what makeup you were using and why was terrific and the arranging of the style wig was the first time I ever had hair styled to fit my facial structure. When we went shopping, I was nervous but that was quickly gone when I noticed that no one gave me a second look. I finally blended in and could concentrate on just enjoying shopping while dressed. The only bad part of the day was when I had to leave not only because I had to get into my male clothes but also my talking with you had to stop. I enjoyed just talking with you and relaxing and was disappointed that I had to leave. I apologize that I can't express in words how much I enjoyed the day with you and I am looking forward to March when we get together again. Should anyone wish I contact me directly about a recommendation please give them my email addr. Hugs and kisses louisefleas@hotmail.com

Lacy Writes: Scared and nervous, sure I was, but still looking forward to getting my first makeover, like someone going out on their first date as a teen.....I had met Karen once before for a consult about my femme feelings and felt so comfortable with her that I felt like she was a best friend, sister and shrink all in one. My comfort with her made me realize I needed this makeover, and she was the only one that I would let do this for me. I arrived and we started chatting and before I knew it, she took this guy who was no confidant with his male looks and turned him into a beautiful woman. Her makeup techniques and "look" made me feel and look gorgeous....Let me also explain, I am not one of those skinny people who has a "femme" body already, so she had quite a challenge and she rose to it like a real pro. The wig, shoes and clothing were next and she seemed to know all my sizes and tastes just from talking. She was patient, caring and made me feel like I had gone to a day of beauty at some high priced spa. She took some pics and just made me feel like some sexy model. I loved it and was a bit sad when it was over. Karen was great and hope to have some more. If you are looking for someone that cares and treats you like friends, not customers, treat yourself and you'll know you made the right choice

Linda Writes: Dear Karen: It is now over a year since I have been going to the FemmeFever. I must tell you how much I look forward to coming to the meetings. Every month the group seems to grow. There is always a mix of regulars and several new girls many of whom have never dressed in public before. To see so many first timers routinely come to your house and dress without fear is a remarkable tribute to you. To have a place to go to, to be able to dress and to meet and hang out with friends and be comfortable is indescribable. You have now taken this wonderful experience to the next level with your planning various events into the community. What you have accomplished is something that in most of this country can only be dreamed about. Love Cadnild@aol.com

Micki Writes: Karen, I really learned alot on Tuesday. The opportunity to take notes was invaluable to me. That alone was worth the fee of the make-over, not to mention that you made me feel like a friend and really cared about my "whole experience". I finally have pictures that hide my beard! You did it! That was my main goal and you accomplished it! Now imagine what it will look like when I do a good shaving job! I am definitely going to come back for a second make-over! Micki24NY@aol.com

Regina Writes: Karen, I can't thank you enough for the makeover this morning. I have to tell you that as much as I wanted to do this I was very nervous about it. Your openness and kindness put me at ease so quickly that I felt we had been friends for years. I took the film to a one hour processor and the pictures look great. I never realized that I could look so good 'ENFEMME.' I have already started telling some of my 'sisters' what a wonderful person you are and how marvelous a makeover at your capable hands is. I look forward to seeing you very soon so that I can give you a set of the photos of the makeover. If there is any room left on the bus trip please reserve a seat for me. Hugs and Kisses KKex35@aol.com

Barbara Anne Writes: All my life, I was brought up to think that for a boy to feel like a girl inside was a shameful and improper thing. It was only recently that I realized and understood that I could be who I am and there would be other people who would still like me for it. Coming out into the world as Bobbi was the most frightening and the most important thing I have ever done for myself, and it is largely because of people like Karen and groups like Femme Fever that I was able to do it. Unfortunately for most of us who have a girl growing inside of us, no one teaches us how to do all the little things that genetic females take for granted; things that they learned from their mothers as they grew up, like how to put a pretty outfit together, how to make your hair look nice, and what to do with your hands when you talk. When I decided that I was ready to show Bobbi to the world, I needed a great deal of help before I could find the confidence to go out in public. From Karen, I learned how to apply makeup so I could enhance my best features without overdoing it, and to style my own hair to look natural and feminine. When I decided that it was time to let Bobbi out, I started by dressing all alone, in front of a mirror, in private and in secret. I soon realized that I was just reinforcing all the shame and guilt I had felt all my life because I was transgendered. FemmeFever, the group, gives me a social environment where I can be among friends, whether TG, like myself, or just nice people with whom I can just relax and let my feminine side take over. If you are in touch with your feminine side, or want to learn how to express it better, in a safe, accepting and loving environment, you owe it to yourself to call Karen and meet FemmeFever. It will change your life. Barbara Anne Rose (Bobbi418@aol.com)

Allison Writes: Dear Karen, I'm not sure which is more surprising to me, the fact that I went shopping for girl clothes or the fact that I'm now writing a testimonial about it? The fact is though, that neither would have been possible without your help. The level of comfort and support you provide is biggest thing. It seems like a lot of people get involved with this community because its easy to make money off of people who are embarrassed or ashamed to be crossdressing. The sincere care I felt from you was astonishing to me and it enabled me to be completely at ease (well, mostly at ease) during times when I thought I would be in a complete state of panic...in the lingerie department, shopping for a skirt, all that fun stuff. I cannot truly thank you for helping me to begin to fill in what has been up to now, a missing piece of my life.

Jenifer Writes: I needed help with clothing, wigs, makeup, demeanor, and just plain being comfortable with myself. My GG, although a real GG, and someone I love very much, just didn't have the background with the stuff I wanted to learn and do. I needed a pro. Someone to teach me as if I were her daughter as well as her client. Someone that understood that to be out in public meant to be and look feminine, but yet not to look like a tramp or a hooker or a drag queen. There is nothing wrong with drag queens, but that's not me. I am not interested in that look or that style or that action. I wanted to look natural, feminine, pleasing, and sexy too. That's when Karen of Femmefever came into my life. Let me tell you girls, its not easy to go to a stranger's house carrying a bra, panties, a dress, stockings, and shoes in a bag, put them on, and then let someone actually see you in them. Until that time, I had never gone outdoors, dressed en femme. From the first second I saw Karen and she saw me, it was as if we had been friends for years. She made me and my GG so comfortable and so welcome, that it didn't seem like I went to a Pro, but to an old girlfriend's house and we were playing dress up, just like we did when we were kids. I was in heaven and I didn't want it to end. Did I mention that I'm a size 24? No, I didn't. I just thought I was going to look like a fat guy in drag. I was so happily wrong. I must admit, I did go to another Pro before going to Karen. It was a different kind of situation, a different atmosphere. The results were nice, but not as natural, not as feminine, and not exactly what I wanted. All of this is leading to my first real outing. There was a Tgirl party in NJ and I finally got up the nerve to go. Thank god Karen was invited too. Not only was she a guest, but she was doing the makeup and hair for anyone who requested it. I requested it a lot. LOL I was in Karen's hands, and I was extremely pleased with the look. Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much with my story. I just wanted you to know that I couldn't have done this without the love and help of my GG, and without the love and help of Karen of Femmefever. The funny thing is, she taught me so well, I can do it all on my own now, but I would let Karen work on me anytime and let her teach me any new thing that would help improve my look and feel. Karen is a true girlfriend, and a true friend and I love her for just being Karen. Jeniferstevens@aol.com

Gail Writes: Hi Karen, I had a make over with you and I thought we had an absolutely wonderful time together shopping and then having lunch together while I was en femme. You were not only great in how you supported me while we were out in public but you were an absolute blast to hang out with. I only wish we could have spent more time together, it just ended too soon. You were also very reasonable in what you charged for your time and you were clearly not at all taking advantage of me. It was clear that money was not your primary motivation in what you do, you truly care for your clients who very quickly become your friends. I have been to a number of TG consultants and Karen, you are by far the best. Best wishes.

Erica Writes: I have gone for 2 makeovers with the amazing Karen of Femmefever in Long Island, NY. I highly recommend her if you live in the Tri-state area and are looking for a makeover. Make sure you visit her and you will have the time of your life. Her makeovers just fly by and she is so personable and she makes you feel so comfortable. I could not recommend anyone better than her for makeovers. Check out section 2 and 3 on my website for pics of my makeovers with Karen. tgirlnj@hotmail.com http://www.geocities.com/tgirlnj_2000

Christina Writes: Hi Karen, I have been attending FemmeFever for the last 4 months or so. Since that time, my femme self has grown emensly. Karen is wonderful, she is open for consultations to help you achieve the goals you set out for. One example is, after my first meeting I was not happy with my "hair", I set up an appointment with Karen, we tried on different wigs. Karen is very honest and has a great sense of what can work for you. We both settled on one style, and its been bliss every since. I want to thank Karen for all the time and patience she has with especially me during the gatherings and consultations. I'm always looking forward to the email that announces the next gathering. Cheers to you! cris_michaels@hotmail.com

Viv Writes: I first met Karen at the show at little club in Seaford when one of my best girlfriends was performing in a contest. Since then we have become close girlfreinds in the truest sense. She is nice with a capital NICE! She has the femininity we all aspire to. When you meet her if you don't happen to feel like a girl, in five minutes you will. Not because she changes the outside, she changes the inside. She enjoys cd's for who they are! Come join the fun! AdnaBCD@aol.com

Chrissy Writes: I've been dressing for a few years, but relatively new to going out. When I heard about Karen's meeting, I was curious. Meeting Karen first at a public location gave me the confidence that both of us were honest, open individuals with a common interest. I attended her first meeting, arriving in 'drab'. I found the company quite accepting, meeting some 'girls' I had met or chatted with previously, as well as making new friends. I was anxious to change, and Karen helped with my makeup. I plan to attend future meetings, and will be scheduling a makeover with Karen a service she provides. LUVR365@aol.com

Tami Writes: Dear Karen Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with our "Transformation" session. It was truly a Lovely experience with a warm and sensitive mentor. You have a gift in making your clients feel at ease while still getting a wide range of helpful hints and techniques as one explores their "en femme" side. Look forward to our next session. You are a treasure, Hugs (Ask Karen for my E-mail Address)

Ciara Writes: I cannot begin on how to explain what FemmeFever has done for my life as a TG. You've given me confidence, improved my look, and cared for me as along lost Sister ! Your knack for finding a girl's individual look is uncanny. When I first met you I was taken back by your own personal beauty, honesty, and curiosity that has since blossomed into a friendship, I will hold dear to my heart. I believed you that first night, and found your truth each day onward on your privacy policy. Thank You! Your willingness to open your home, and ideas to all TG's, is something that society should learn from, and should be benchmarked! Thank You FemmeFever, for making me the girl I Need to be!Love, CiaraTV@yahoo.com

Sunny Writes: Karen has been such a great source of support for me. I have been 'out' for a few years, doing most everything on my own, but Karen showed me that there are ways to make myself look better, and consequently, feel better about myself while en femme. She has a natural gift for working with us special gurlz, making us feel at ease immediately. She intuitively works with our natural features, accentuating the positive. She has helped me with a lot of advice on makeup, wig and hair care and styling, fashion, and in my case, costuming and song selection for drag shows. Intuitively working with our natural features, accentuating the positive, Karen can take that male face and comportment and give it a feminine appearance. I only wish I had met her a few years ago....it would have made a lot of things easier. AmandaMorf@aol.com

Ronda Writes: Karen is one the most beautiful women I have had the pleasure to meet in our little Transgendered world. She is not only beautiful, but the most helpful ever to us. I have never felt more accepted by anyone in my life, when meeting her the first time. I hoped everything would be alright, but it only got better. She is the most wonderful thing that has happened to us girlz in the NY area yet! Oh, by the way, she throws great parties!! So, if you are looking for a place to meet other girls, be yourself and just have fun, try Femme Fever: it's the best!! RondaTV@aol.com

Paula Writes: FemmeFever is where you want to be. In Karen (FemmeFever1) you will find honest, security, empathy, and a great sense of humor. Karen will help bring out the femme inside you...and even offer to help in your outreach to your wife or significant other. Be assured, there is no danger here. You will be with true friends here.

Sherri Writes: Femmefever has become a safe and comfortable haven for my crossdressing needs. Here in the privacy of a home Karen and I can express my ideas and feelings of my desire to feel pretty...Every thing is taken care of, if you desire. Make up, hair, clothes,etc become an unconcern for me and just my sense of femininity encompasses my mind.. Karen thank you for setting me free.

Bobbi Writes: I needed to write you a short note of appreciation for all you have done for me. I have always felt the pull of my femme side but usually resisted since society deems gender dysphoria a non-issue and usually looks at tg people as just weird. Let me preface my comments by stating I am a 45 year-old male who has secretly cross-dressed for as long as I can remember. Until I finally bought a computer and went online I was unaware there were transgendered sympathizers such as yourself who offered to makeover a tg at an affordable price. Anyway let me continue since you may one day like to use this letter as a confidence builder to nervous individuals such as myself who are too scared to attend a support group etc.. but in an enclosed safe environment such as you provided for me they can relax and let their femme sides escape from their male cocoons . It is incomprehensible to me how open and friendly and knowledgeable you are on all subjects that pertain to the transgendered population. Along with your detailed explanation (after I e-mailed you) of your services was an invitation to a barbeque at a private residence in July of this year. I was overwhelmed at the sincerity and easy going manner of the invite and decided I need to meet other " people" like me if they did indeed even exist!! With much apprehension I arrived to a warm reassuring welcome, you offered to put some makeup on me a loaner wig nails etc since I was dressed in my male attire. I wanted to cry I was so happy as my dream materialized right before me and Bobbi Marie was born. At the gathering were people from all walks of life coming together to form a community of transgendered folk and I was so happy to finally fit -in somewhere and by the end I realized I was ready for my makeover session. Karen and I met, went shopping for whatever I still lacked and then the makeover. Karen took me to a local store so she could help me pick out the correct cosmetics then to a TG friendly wig salon for a beautiful wig. We returned to the house I got dressed and Karen started the makeup explaining every step of the "process" from foundation to blush etc... When she finished I didn't recognize myself but indeed felt "correct" for the first time in my life. She took photos and patiently answered all my questions about styles of clothing where to shop, makeup tips etc.. and still answers them till this day. I've never met a warmer more personal yet professional woman than Karen who truly understands and sympathizes with the tg individual. Her partner Jackie, her sidekick, is always there too and as personable and reassuring as Karen. Since that day I've come to embrace my femme side and I am truly happy happy happy for the first time in my life. Femmefever not just gave me a makeover physically but gave me a mental makeover as well. I'll never be able to give those women anywhere near what they gave me but my hope is that if anyone is unsure of trying a makeover they can at least use this letter or contact me directly as a happy femmefever client. Ask Karen for my e-mail address

Crystal Writes: Hi Karen, Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful evening at the summer bar-b-que. As you know I was a little hesitant to come to the party. Being able to dress there and with the friendliness and no pressure attitude you made my first time "dressed in public" a special day for me. With your help with my makeup I had the confidence to be seen in public. All of the people I meet at the party were very nice. When you told me that there were to be monthly get togethers I hoped that the first one would be as nice as the bar-b-que, and it was. Thanks again for making these get togethers available. I will be talking to you about a new wig at the next meeting. I will highly recommend FemmeFever to any of my sisters on line. See you at the next meeting! Crystalfra@aol.com