Some of the "Make up Made Easy" Testimonials


Jamie Writes : Karen, Thank you for your follow-up. I've watched your Video a couple of times, once with my wife. I normally would not pass well, however with your make-up assistance, as well as my wife's help I hope to at least get a lot closer to passing, get some photo's and just overall feel good! I also just ordered the "Amanda" wig from you and really look forward to receiving it. Thanks again, Jamie, PS: It is so nice to have places like FemmeFever
Karen, Thank you for your follow-up. I've watched your Video a couple of times, once with my wife. I normally would not pass well, however with your make-up assistance, as well as my wife's help I hope to at least get a lot closer to passing, get some photo's and just overall feel good! I also just ordered the "Amanda" wig from you and really look forward to receiving it. Thanks again, Jamie, PS: It is so nice to have places like FemmeFever
I rate the makeup DVD as *****! Doing my makeup was always the hardest thing for me. This partly because of low confidence, but mostly due to my ignorance of technique. I didn't even know a sensible sequence for making-up my face; like doing the eyes before the foundation. The DVD showed me everything I needed to know. And big plusses for me are the tips laced all through the DVD's presentation. With practice and the DVD, I'm getting better at it all. Thanks for a great product!" Huggz 'n HNY-2010, Wylle R. Ocean County, NJ

So many great tips that all work. you helped out tremendously with me & eye liner.. funny thing but so true,for years I would watch my sister drive & do her make-up,at a stop light in minutes she would zip on the liner. me sitting alone in total quite,1 out of 10,I would poke myself in the eye.. thank you for a wonderful product, jimmy -

Hi Karen - What can I say about your DVD and products? Well... my ability to apply my own makeup has truly achieved a new level after viewing the DVD. I have learned so much how to shape my eyebrows using your products to conceal my somewhat but not to overly male brows. My wife at times comments on my eyebrows and wished she had them. So It makes me wonder why I would want to conceal mine other than to achieve a feminine look, as do all of the girls. I also use your concealor and cover-up products to blend and take away the bluing look of facial hair. I wish I did not have to shave; I truly dislike shaving but desiring to have a smooth face one must do what one must do. I also use a vitalizing face cream to finalize to look for a smooth to the touch face. Karen I attribute my success to your DVD/products and personal practice, practice to allow Gina to become the beautiful girl she has always wanted to be. Oh… I also use you sharper panties along with a lace-up corset to give me that hour glass look. I would absolutely love to meet you and the girls with the opportunity to have a personal makeover. It would be also be a wonderful experience to be Gina for at least one full week. So Thanks so much for your wonderful words and encouragement and maybe someday we will meet. Gina Marie xox

Hi Karen, I have recently ordered your makeup dvd and some beard corrector " pink" .I just treid it tonight and I have to say that I have never felt this pretty before.Thank you so much for helping out like this.It truly is amazing the difference.I.Thank you again,I feel wonderful! Jennifer

"Femme Fever's Makeup Made Easy is so thorough that I learned things I didn't know! Her respect for the crossdressers and trans people she works with comes across loud and clear, and she makes a point of covering the makeup concerns specific to transpeople, like beard cover. Highly recommended for the beginner and for anyone who needs a touch-up or update of their makeup skills or style."
- Helen Boyd,

Love the DVD, Karen. First of all, the models and you are gorgeous. The technical staff should be congratulated for such a professional job. This DVD is essential for any TGirl -- it's the next best thing to actually being in your salon. I appreciate the fact that you list and picture "must have" items and "should have" items at the beginning of the production. Diana, Lisa and Erica represent a broad spectrum of Tgirls and your up-close transformation of each girl -- each with her own transformation needs -- touches on so many topics that are essential to a makeover. In addition to make-up techniques, your wig placement and use of tape for that temporary "face lift" are things that some of us may not know about. I found the part about Contouring fascinating and seeing the technique actually being performed on the girls was terrific. I had my pen and paper out for the review at the end where you went through all the techniques and applications in an overview. And, of course, the Before and After pics: WOW!!! Your tips on going out safely are essential for the out and about TGirl. And the light-hearted "out-takes" brought the production to an end. I learned a lot and look forward to more video projects from you.
XXOO Jeri 

Hi Girls,
I recently purchased Femme Fevers" Makeup Made Easy" and all I can say it was fantastic. Karen goes through a step by step process showing us just how apply makeup from beginning to end. She shows us how the models look in guy mode and after showing us the proper way to apply makeup the models become beautiful woman. I have been trying to do my own makeup for a long time but could never get just what I was looking for. I watched the DVD a few times and then tried it on my own.I was surprised how well I did . I finally got up the nerve to go out after doing my own makeup and got compliments from a few people, especially how well I did my eye makeup. IT was a great feeling knowing how well I did. Girls I have seen other videos or DVDs teaching about how to apply makeup but this is by far the best. This DVD gets a four star rating.
love you all

First Karen I watched the Erica makeover and that is unreal,, What a Makeover or Transformation,!! I Never could understand the contouring thing but in the video you can really see how well you made Erica's  cheekbones stand out. Alot of good tips with the white cover stick around the eyes, the tape wig cap etc. ...  I see I'll have to visit and order a few more items.

Just watching the Erica segment I see where I might be making my mistakes at Making up..

Anyways I'll finish the DVD tomorrow and I'm sure I'll have some more questions on products you sell.@ The wig brush I need for sure I could never find a hairbrush round the house that works on my wigs,,, ;{}

Great Job! The DVD was well worth the money invested ... & for any TG gal that wants to improve her look the right FF way!!!


I felt compelled to write you. I have never before taken the time to write any company from which I have purchased anything. BUT - your Makeup Made Easy DVD was like a gift from the Heavens! I had been a closeted cross dresser for over 20 years. I wouldn't dare go out - practicing makeup all these still left me looking like a MAN in makeup. I had purchased so many other tapes, books and the like for help in this area. NONE had so much content - step by step instruction and showed so many tips. Oh My- the Tips! Lifesavers! What used to take me 1 hour with eyeliner (using my big shaking hands) now takes me 5 minutes! Because of Makeup Made Easy I am not longer closeted. I shop and go out like the woman I love to be! No one gives me a second look, I blend in! This DVD showed me how to completely cover my beard area and so many feminizing techniques! Everything in that DVD has been so very helpful to me! How do I thank you? You have changed my life, I am no longer in the closet ! I just wish I had purchased it before I bought all the WONRG products and other materials. Makeup Made Easy is ALL any cross dresser or transsexual needs to learn how to apply makeup - from start to finish. Oh - and I LOVE the models that posed for you. All were of different ages - it helped so much to learn the different techniques you used on each one of them! Thanks so very much! Anna

How do I thank you for this jewel? Make Up Made Easy helped me SO VERY MUCH! I love the fact that I can go directly to the chapter I want to focus on - love that I have FINALLY Learned how to successfully cover the imperfections and flaws I have and most of all LOVE how it taught me to go from masculine to feminine in a NATURAL looking way! Congrats for producing a product that does NOT rip off this community as most do! There is so much of value in your DVD - so much that has helped me and for an amazingly low price. It is obvious that your heart is truly in helping us galz feel better about ourselves - and look better! Thank you so much for making this Makeup Made Easy DVD! Even my wife has learned from it - things she never knew! Yours, Jenelle

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the makeup made easy video I just recieved from you. Firstly, I was thrilled it came so quickly. I am finding it a great follow up to the wonderful lesson I had with you a few months back--couldn't remember exactly everything you told me.
Regards, Colleen