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A friend to myself and, oh - so many. Lucille Spencer sadly, lost her battle with cancer.

I am sure you will join me in remembering Lucille as the outgoing, emphatic, beautiful person and good friend that she was.

In Memory of My Dear Friend Marla Talented musician and teacher. Marla was warm and caring and always there to help anyone and everyone. A leader in the fight for transgender rights. A good friend, a wonderful person. I (we) will all mis her.

In Memory of My Young Friend Anna
Words Cannot Express How Very Much I Will Miss Her. My life is better for having known her.

In Memory of My Dear Friend Vickie She said she would always be there for me... I believe she is.

Betty Dunn - A Perfect Lady Always; A wonderful Friend. May she rest in peace.

Lisa - She Came So Far - And Had So Much Fight For the Community. She will certainly be missed.


Kathy - Sadly, Took Her Own Life..

Jackie - Who opened her home to all you gals when I was just beginning FemmeFever. Her friendship taught me how to be a friend - and her positive outlook and laughter always kept me smiling. Jackie - you meant more to me than you can ever know.

Marcy Farrell - Advocate to many and hero to all the "throw away" kids she helped and showed an abundance of love to. Active in Transgender Legal Defense, Education Fund and many more endeavors she took on. A kind and gentle soul who had a smile for all.


Joyce - If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again.

.. There are no words for how much I loved you. Caring, unique, pure of heart and super fun don't even begin to define the countless beautiful qualities you possessed.

Bill P. - It finally hit me that I would not be hearing a "hey you" from your mouth, not a text or conversation - ever again. That the extremely special times we shared uncontrollable hysterical laughter are over. That the memories we shared with one another about the kids, our years together and apart would no longer be spoken to one another. I miss you so much.

Angie: - A Fantastic human being - Stricken with ALS; lost her fight. Way too young to suffer and be taken that way. She is at peace now and missed.