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Sedona Writes:
It was such a pleasure meeting with you!
Thank you so much for providing a welcoming, comfortable and serene atmosphere. I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me about driving factors, maintaining self-control, embracing our creativity, having fun, acting in a responsible manner, and sharing your own personal experiences.
I'm so glad we connected and I have to say that while I was a bit nervous and awkward at first, you made me so comfortable and your demeanor put me so at ease. As we conversed, I really felt that I was actually embracing myself without any reservations, and your compliments were not only very reassuring, but also made me feel elated.
You're very understanding, and I'm grateful that you were the person who I can share this with. I'll reach back out to you about the zoom meetings, other services, events, to say hello and to let you know how I'm doing.

Best regards and thanks again,

Michelle Writes:
Hi Karen,

I wanted to say thank you so very much for hosting the October gathering in your home this past week. You are such a warm and beautiful person. It was truly my honor to see you once again. Thank you for being you. We are lucky to have you in our lives!!

It was incredible to meet all of you there. I enjoyed this meeting very much. I would recommend this home group meeting to anyone but especially for first timers. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, experiences and especially the girl talk.

I hope I didn't talk too much - lol. Thank you all for listening to me and hearing my stories. I truly am an open book when I feel comfortable and all of you made me feel right at home.

Hope to see you at future events.

Diane Writes:
Hi Karen,

For forty plus years I struggled with the desire to crossdress and express a feminine component within my personality. I questioned myself and had only my voice to supply answers. There were purges, periods of abstinence and searching for answers in library books (the internet was not invented or in its infancy stage). As I aged I married, had children and a successful career all while harboring the conflict which continually increased melancholy and guilt. I thought I controlled it well but witnessed my wife’s pain over my withdrawal and control. She concluded that it was her fault that her husband was not happy. I tried to be more cheerful and cover my feelings which resulted in occasional relief or distraction but the discomfort bled through only to destroy more of my loving and faithful wife as she continued to conclude it was her. Seeing her spirit dying in front of me and my solutions amounting to nothing, I finally sat down with her and confessed my secret life and thoughts. The puzzle pieces all fit for her and the assurance that it wasn’t her doing but a trapped man that started years before meeting. She had compassion and a desire to care for me and learn more.

I came across you and your discussion group on the internet during this final year of torment and attended first a party and then a group session. You were supportive and kind, conveyed primarily through your peculiar smile. It was and is a genuine smile but one that says been there, heard that, seen that and be assured that while things may be difficult they are able to be overcome. So I have attended several discussion groups alone and with my wife.

The first thing that strikes me is that as I am nervous driving to your place, parking and walking in while dressed YOU live there. A middle class, suburban tree line street with an occasional basketball pole. This is not Greenwich or the East Village where the community would present you with a chamber of commerce award. So in the face of your courage I can only check my self consciousness especially since no one has ever given me so much as a negative glance. Next, the meetings are relaxed with other girls who are candid and very welcoming and supportive. You, then fresh from doing makeovers, huddle the group for a session that can be directed or delve into specific issues that may surface. The few hours pass so quickly. And when my wife has attended there is no change to the atmosphere or candor. It has become a wonderful thing that I no longer ask and answer myself in a cocoon and that my wife is no longer a stranger. Thanks Karen, my other girlfriends and especially my wife for this new reality.

Many Thanks Again,

Cheryl Writes:
Hi Karen,

It's been a while that I've been attending the evening Group Discussion Sessions you host through FemmeFever and I had to take the time to write a thank you and a heartfelt endorsement for any girl's thinking about attending to please do so!

So, for any girls that have heard about FemmeFever and the services that Karen offers, I hope you will plan to attend one of Karen's Group Discussion Sessions (Day or Evening) that she hosts monthly. These sessions are a great opportunity to meet other members of our Community and have a friendly, discreet opportunity to hear our experiences, share some of your own or ask questions that you never thought you'd find an understanding group to ask them to. I'm willing to bet that after attending your first session you'll leave with a happy smile on your face, probably some new information that you never knew and definitely the sense that you really are not alone.

There's always a mix of newcomers to the community and some of us girls that have been coming for a while and who are happy to share our experiences and knowledge any way we can. We were all new once and we love making new people feel welcome and accepted.

Karen is amazing at helping to guide the conversation in directions that everyone ends up being actively engaged in and will often bring up great points of discussion that are always relevant to the community.

The best part of all is that you can come as you want to, dressed or in your normal appearance. You can even book a discounted mini makeover session with Karen so you can participate as the girl you feel like inside. Everything stays confidential that we discuss and topics can stay as light or serious as you would like them. Also, you are more than welcome to bring your significant other to a session if you want to share the experience and the discussions with them, we have many sessions where significant others come to get a better understanding of what the FemmeFever community is like and to ask their own questions along the way.

I look forward to meeting some of you for the first time and calling you new friends! Still have questions or want to know my perspective a little more, feel free to email me at cherylvonsatin@gmail.com.


Beccab Writes:
Hi Karen,

I wanted to thank you for another wonderful gathering.The discussion group was both helpful and empowering.

You are a gracious hostess (the hostess with the mostest, lol.) I think you guide us so well among the conversation and topics. It is so good to get to speak and share each others' experiences and ideas.

Much thanks for your talented assistance with my makeup. It feels so good the way you bring out the best look for Becca! I love it!* blushing

I look so much to spend time with you soon.



Chrissy Writes:
I had a very nice time this past Tuesday thank you. Your meetings always add value to my life and that leads me to say thank you for giving of you.

Peace & Love, Chrissy

Andrea Writes:
Other then accepting and claiming gender fluidity, the hardest thing I have had to do has been finding the right place to express myself fully - without fear of ridicule, or being hurt by unsavory people. Chatroom and online forum experiences are not real, and proved to be a dead end where I just wasted to much time. I needed to overcome my long-held fear and find a good, healthy and safe environment to be a whole person.

After decades of expressing my femininity in solitude, I came across Femme Fever and finally found the courage to go to a discussion group. After Karen's magnificent makeover filled me with a new, powerful feeling of confidence, I felt completely at ease sitting back and learning about other girls experiences. My ears were filled with similar experiences from the others. We shared many of the same fears and concerns, joys and celebrations. The discussion group was the best possible prescription to finding the safe and comfortable environment I had longed to discover.

My biggest regret is that I let fear keep me away from the Femme Fever experience for many years. In the week since participating in the Group, I have found the time spent at Femme Fever has helped me find more productivity, happiness, harmony and balance!

I cannot wait to go back!


Kate Writes:
I really enjoyed the no pressure, discreet meet-up I attended at Karen's recently. Karen is a doll and the gals that attended were great.

It was fun to share experiences, thoughts, ideas and desires with a great group of ladies who have "been there, done that". So many of us sit at home waiting, wanting and hoping...My advice? Come to Karen's and break the mold.

Patty Phose Writes:
I've enjoyed wearing feminine garments since I was 4 years old. As the years went by, I began buying more and more of my own clothes. In college I was fortunate in that I got to dress for Halloween and other gatherings and social functions. I loved the compliments and attention I got. It was a lot of fun.

Many years after college I still dressed at home, but I often thought it would be fun to dress up socially again. Several months ago I happened to discover the Femme Fever website. I was fascinated by the pictures, content and social events. The fact that I'm also on Long Island made it simple and convenient to check out Femme Fever.

The next Femme Fever event on the calendar was shopping at Estelle's Dressy Dresses. That sounded so cool. I e mailed Karen and told her I wanted to check it out. Unfortunately that got canceled and rescheduled due to bad weather. The next planned event was a group meeting at Karen's house. She asked if I wanted to attend and promised I would love it. I didn't have great clothes, hadn't done make up in decades and didn't have a wig. Karen assured me this would not be a problem. She could do make up and I could borrow what I needed.

When I got to Karen's.other girls were already there. They looked great and all were very friendly. I changed into the clothes I brought with me and waited for my make up while chatting with the other girls. When my makeup appointment came up, Karen did her magic. With the wig she chose for me, I was amazed at how I looked.

After everyone arrived and was dressed and made up, we began the meeting. Everyone introduced themselves and told their story. Topics ranged from serious and insightful to fun and kidding around. The evening far exceeded my expectations. Since that meeting, I attended the rescheduled Estelle's Dressy Dresses event.. I met some other girls there and had a great time. I volunteered to be a make up model for a girl Karen was training. After a few minor mishaps and some assistance from Karen she did a great job. We also had a lot of laughs.

The most recent event I attended was another gathering at Karen's. I got some clothing upgrades and wigs. Karen still did the make up for me. Some new girls were at this meeting so there was some new stories, and I got to know the girls I had met at the previous meeting better. Once again, topics ranged from serious and insightful to silliness and kidding around. In fact we were having so much fun, we ran way past the scheduled end of the meeting time. Sorry about that Karen

Now Karen has some new things planned. I hope to do many events and support Karen and Femme Fever in any way I can. I'm certain it will be fun.
Patty Phose

Michelle D. Writes:
The first time I visited FemmeFever it was to attend a group discussion meeting. I was extremely nervous about this which proved to be unwarranted.

The second time I visited it was for a cosmetic makeover by Karen. I couldn`t wait to return and enjoy myself in a safe environment with a talented professional like her. I learned new makeup application skills as well as finding out that some of what I`ve been doing on my own was correct (or not so bad). I have a feeling that each time I get involved with FemmeFever I`ll be building confidence and self esteem.

Karen, I truly appreciate how you made me look and feel.

Thank You,

Michelle D.


Josie Writes:
I had a wonderful time at your daytime meetup the other day (April 9, 2014). It was great meeting others like me, and to have the opportunity to discuss the problems and successes we all have (and swap some amusing stories as well), and to see others who have walked my path (and learn from them) and who are walking my path (and who can learn from my mistakes) in a non-threatening, friendly, and collegial environment. >


Michelle D Writes:
I have been crossdressing in private for decades. Extremely discrete and never could I share my feelings with anyone. Very common I`m sure. Overtime my transformation skills improved and I felt the need to meet like minded people and express myself in a manner worthy of being seen and heard. Then it happened. I called Karen at femmefever and an invitation was offered to attend a group discussion meeting. I accepted. That call was a turning point in my life. For the next seven days until the meeting I was scared to death because of what I had just committed to. The night of the meeting I drove to Karen`s fully dressed en fem.The ride took about an hour and ten minutes . And around exit 25 on the So.State I started having a panic attack, hyperventilating and almost passed out. I needed help fast. I don`t know how I made it to her house but, as soon as I approached the front door I was greeted warmly and made to feel safe and comfortable. Immediately things started to change for the better. I knew that I was with very good people and everything would be alright. And it was. Everyone was kind, compassionate and respectful to me and each other. I started to feel like a lady.

This visit to Karen`s was an epic revelation for me. A major breakthrough in so many different ways. Now, I`m looking forward to returning to attend meetings, events and especially having a professional makeover by Karen.

I feel proud about the way I`m handling the changes that life intends me to experience. Contacting Karen at femmefever was truly a life altering positive experience for me. Thank all of you at femmefever, especially Karen for your dedication and the services you provide to a very special group of people.

Yours Truly,
Michelle D.

Kristi Writes : Thank you Karen for hosting a wonderful evening. I had a great time interacting with all of the gurls who attended. It was very enlightening and it made me feel very comfortable. I am glad that I attended and look forward to the next discussion. I will be in contact with you for setting up my makeover. Thanks, Kristi dbdslv@yahoo.com

Dianalinn Writes:
I booked an entire morning for my first makeover with Karen. We had spoken on the telephone before the appointment, but I didn't really know what to expect. What happened was the greatest experience. I was warmly greeted upon arrival. We sat and chatted for a while at the beginning and it felt like we had known each other for a long time. Like girlfriends hanging out. I explained that I was searching for a "look" that would fit my fem personality. That request started my journey into make-up instruction, wigs, clothing, jewelry and just a great time. I dressed in five different outfits and six different wigs. Each "look" was different and exciting. We took tons of photos, both inside and outside. I was thrilled with the results and the first step on my journey. So much in fact that I signed up for the Get Together that was being held the next week.

Meeting others in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere was inspirational. Our journeys are all unique and it is great to have others giving us support and cheering us along. I am extremely glad that I went to Karen for my first steps. Don't be afraid. Go to Karen and find out who you really are.


Mihelle Writes : Writing this the morning after I attended Karen's discussion group last night. Still full of emotion after being made-up and dressed after an 18-year hiatus. I last went out of the house dressed in 1995. Thank you to Karen for being a lovely hostess. Thank you to Melissa for the company and terrific refreshments. And thank yous to Shirley, Wendy, Jamie, Savannah, Vanessa, and Cathy for their company and sharing. The experience is still sinking in, and I'm not sure where I am headed other than to say I will not wait another 18 years. michelle.blocke@gmail.com

Greetings Karen! I just wanted to thank you for holding the discussion group the other day at your place. As a "newbie" I was a little bit apprehensive at first, but was VERY glad I came! The discussions were thoughtful, thought-provoking, and most importantly reassuring. I realized that there were others who shared similar experiences, feelings, doubts (and certainties!), and it reinforced my confidence and resolve to keep letting Laura be herself, and proud to be herself. Hope to see you at other gatherings like this! Cheers! Laura (QuinceyLaura@Yahoo.com)

I was very nervous about my first outing to Karen's for the discussion group. But once I arrived, she put my mind at ease, and helped me with my makeup and my look for the evening. Karen settled the small group of girls into a friendly moderated discussion of issues, anecdotes, misconceptions, and challenges that each of face in our daily lives. The other girls at the group were very nice and supportive, and we all shared as much as we wanted during our time together. I would recommend this group to any cd/tv/ts who is struggling with their identities, or just want to have a safe environment to connect or reconnect with like-minded girls. Thank you, Karen. Savannah Hauk savannah.hauk@yahoo.com

Last evening, September 12th. I attended my first discussion group at Karen's home. I have been dressing for only 2 -3 months since a long hiatus of nearly 10 years.The group was extremely friendly, the 12 participants were all very open and congenial, the banter was informative and interesting. I learned quite a bit and was able to add my thoughts and feelings to the discussion as well as learning from what the others had to say. I highly recommend participating in this most pleasurable and informative activity, it will expose you to kindred souls, and may give you added insight to our common fetish, as well as making new friends. Dangergrrl4U@gmail.com

Thank you so much for hosting the discussion group on Wednesday evening. The girls were all great and your gentle guidance of the discussion was helpful. It was the second discussion group that I have attended and I must admit that the first time I came I had all of the same insecurities and nerves which most of the newcomers confessed to on Wednesday. I'm sure that everyone who was there would gladly come again, and would leave the first time jitters at home. The best thing to come of the session was the new friends I made that night. Luv ya, Eva evajolieevagirl@yahoo.com

Karen, I just wanted to say thank you. Even though I have been a Femme Fever member for a few years I never participated in a discussion group before and have only been to one monthly party you made me feel very welcome and so did the other gurls. It was interesting to hear other's stories. I have spent a lifetime trying to understand myself and others who have been handed this lot in life. The choice as you said today is a choice for some but for me I have never had that choice and I have become tired of trying to deny it.. Anyway it was nice to have met you and I do appreciate all that you do for our community. I will become a more visible part at your discussion groups. The more we talk the more we learn. Hugs and Kisses, Samantha missindykay@yahoo.com

Hi Karen, Thank you sooooo very much for last night. It was wonderful meeting you and the girls. The experience was surreal. Now I finally know what it feels like to have a "Girls Night Out" with a couple of friends. My only regret was that it had to end (actually, it almost didn't ;) I just wanted to let you know how very special and important it is for us to have a forum to discuss and express ourselves while in a safe and accepting environment. Your sincere concern and care for our issues and personal well being is clear and oh so needed!! I too believe in fate and to finally meet you and the girls was an amazing experience that has served as a catalyst for some long overdue decision making. For that alone I thank you. Again, Karen you are a very warm and caring person with a beautiful heart and soul and I am thankful to have met you. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I don't know exactly how, but if I can help you in any small way it would be my pleasure. Muah!!!! Con Mucho Amor y Carino Marisol marisol3688@yahoo.com

Pricilla Writes : Hello Karen! I had a good time at the discussion last night (Jan. 10). I enjoyed being with some lad(d)ies again after too long in drab. Before we began I had one of your fantastic makeovers, and I talked with a nice gurl named Melissa.It was good later on listening to what the other gurls had to say. I'll probably attend another meeting in the next few months. Thanx! Femininely yours, Priscilla :) priscilla195164@yahoo.com

I recently attended Karen's evening group session. This is the second one in the last 12 months that I have participated in and I have been to see Karen on numerous occasions. The session was informative and gave me a true sense of how diverse our community really is. It was great hearing about everyone's background, where they are in life, their struggles, challenges, and successes in particular with their relationships. I Find it wonderful to be able to communicate my own personal experiences with others in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Karen's home is very private and I have always felt welcomed there by her and those participating as well. This was once again a wonderful experience for me and I recommend her group sessions. Karli cdkarli@yahoo.com

Hi Karen, Thank you for hosting the discussion group the other morning. It was my first time attending one of these groups and everyone was so nice and friendly. It was very informative to hear the other gurls trials and tribulations and with Karen offering her insightful opinions allowed me to understand myself better. Thank you for that Karen and I cant wait to attend the next group. Hugs, kisses, and many thanks, Samantha (samanthakay51@yahoo.com)

Hi Karen, Thank you SOOO much for having the discussion group the other night!! Every time that I attend one of them, I think that I'll just spend some time and see some friends and have a good time. Instead I find that the topics are amazing and I learn new things to help me through my journey of life! I also got to make some new friends and it was so much fun that I didn't want it to end! I can't wait until the next one!!!! Thank you SOOO much for the support and help that you give our community!! I know that it is one of the most difficult to work with, because of how we're perceived by society and it's acceptance (or lack of) of us!! With many hugs and appreciation, Gabby mracing24fan@aol.com

I'd like to thank every one who participated in Karen's discussion group this past Monday evening. It was great to meet all of you, and quite wonderful to hear about your lives. Karen, thanks for hosting us at you home and a very special thanks to Megan for sharing your difficult experience - your resiliency and determination is an inspiration to us all. Stay beautiful. Karli. cdkarli@yahoo.com

the discussion group at Karen's was very interesting and informational! It's always a pleasure to meet new people and hang out together.Being at Karen's is always a great time knowing you're safe and free to express yourself!Again thank you Karen and all the fabulous girls that were there! jenelle7852@yahoo.com