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Hi Karen:

I thought you did an amazing job organizing the event. Everything you did was so thoughtful, organized, well-planned and efficient with lots of exciting and unexpected surprises. The evening ran like a well-oiled machine. The entertainment was great from the DJ's to the performers. It was crystal clear that everyone enjoyed the evening; so many joyful faces.
I had to travel over 6 hours round trip and it was worth every minute. You da best.


How do I convey the full breadth and depth of this year's FemmeFever Gala Ball with mere words? Being a friend of Karen's, I got to see first hand, throughout the year, the time and effort that goes into making the event as wonderful as it is. The Gala has more in common with a multiday conference or long weekend transgender vacation, than a singular event like a Ball. There is the Friday night dinner, the after dinner transgender friendly nightclub, and various smaller breakfast and lunch gatherings on Saturday. Then the nerve center - makeover room swings into high gear, pumping out one stunning beauty after another, all overseen by the watchful and skilled eye of Karen.

I have always had a great respect for my friend's vast array of skills and talents, when it comes to transgender transformations but, the afternoon preceding the Gala, that admiration increased by an entire order of magnitude as I saw and experienced first hand, what goes on behind the scenes to make the Gala the success it is. The most powerful moment for me is when the Ball actually starts. I looked out over the crowd to see so very many friends and acquaintances. Pride is not an easy emotion for me to muster in regard to my being transgender. Society makes sure it teaches us that but, as I looked out to see so many accomplished and learned people, who contribute and strive to make it easier to be who we are, I felt proud to be a part of that group of very fine people and who greater among them than Karen? Add fine food, music, dancing, and engaging conversation, and I truly had the time of my life. For one long weekend in a hotel in Ronkonkoma, I got to feel normal. It was MY society and the so called normal people were the outsiders.

How do you measure the value of something like that? That comfort is priceless to me and it is just one of many things Karen provided to us that evening. After the Ball was over, I for one hate to have to pick up and go. Well, you didn't have to. Just move over to the bar and pick right back up where you left off. It was like getting two events for the price of one. And if that still was not enough you could attend breakfast on Sunday morning with friends new and old before heading home. What amount of thanks could possibly be adequate for that? Thank you Karen.
Melissa Hyland

Thank you Karen for hosting such a wonderful event . Everything was handled in a professional manner. Me and Ricardo had a wonderful time. The food was excellent and there were places to sit and bar service, dj along with photographer were really good . My date Ricardo did not know if he was going to make it till last minute and decided not to dress which I was fine about but after the ball he said next year he will dress and believe me he is passable and only does it for fun maybe 1 time a year . Karen Thanks for the memories especially your Macarena lol

"Take one showered, shaved and perfumed lad from the south and add a makeover from Karen, French manicured nails, a Jacquelyn Smith wig, feminine foundations, a form fitting black evening gown, opera gloves, high heels, rhinestone jewelry and a petite evening purse and you are ready to be a lady for an evening of delight at the FemmeFever Gala Ball.

A closet cross dresser with an accepting wife, the FemmeFever Gala Ball gave me my first opportunity to appear in public as my alter ego April Dawn. While I was a little nervous initially at the first Gala, it didn't take long to begin to feel at ease and to really have a good time. The best part was getting to meet Karen and to visit with others who have similar feelings. It is truly a wonderful night and my wife and I have done it on three different occasions. We look forward to returning in 2015 for another night of dancing, drinking, and socializing with the truly beautiful people.

And remember that after the ball the night continues in the lounge. This is another occasion to party and continue conversations. I personally like the opportunity it provides to ditch the formal clothes and put on club wear. Last time this included a short skirt, tank top, black jacket, leggings and stilettos.

If you are a closet cross dresser like me who wants to dress in public, there is no better opportunity than the FemmeFever Gala Ball. I would encourage you to attend and bring the wife as I do; she'll have a marvelous time and learn more about those who share our desires."

Hugs and Kisses
April Dawn DeLite

Hi Karen, I would just like to thank you for giving us Femme Fever girls a wonderful evening of elegance and fun.All your hard work surely paid off and believe me it showed. I have been to all the Gala Balls since you started them and this one was the best. It was so nice to see so many pretty girls dressed in there finest all looking beautiful and just being so happy. The DJ was wonderful and it gave us girls an excuse to keep dancing all evening . The food and the staff at the Hotel were all great made us all feel very comfortable to be there. I know we all are looking forward to the next Gala its always so nice for us ladies to have a place so we can wear beautiful gowns and just pretty dresses, and just feeling pretty makes for a wonderful evening. It was special for me greeting the girls at the door, you know I will always be there for you, to help you in any way. Once again thank you so very much you are a very special lady, hope you know just how much we all love you.

Hi Karen, I hope that at this point you have had some time to exhale, catch your breath, and relax after hosting an amazing "Gala Ball". To me it's no surprise to read so many positive reactions on FemmeFever to the "Ball". Everyone had an amazingly great time! I truly hope that everyone appreciates the amount of time, work and effort that you expend to make an event such as this happen so successfully. Most importantly, I want to thank you on behalf of myself and everyone for the ongoing work that you do to support the members of our community. Knowing you, speaking with you and working with you, makes every day throughout the year truly a "Gala" event! I've attached two pictures of the both of us that I thought you might like to use in the "Gala Gallery". As always, with all of my love,
Marla Krolikowski

Dear Karen, The Gala Ball was wonderful. I had a great time seeing everyone. It was one of the BEST Galas that I've attended. Thx soooo much for all of your hard work to put on this magnificent event. I know that I stole the mic to say a little something and present you with flowers that you so deserve. Femmefever holds a VERY special place in my heart. The group was my safe place to come out and no matter where I go or what I do in life I'll ALWAYS be very appreciative and never forget that. I cry everytime I think about it. In fact I'm crying right now as I'm writing this. See everyone next year!! Gabrielle Spierer gabriellespierer@gmail.com

Having the time of my life these days and the best part is that I was able to share it with over one hundred and seventy other beautiful people at the 2015 Femme Fever Gala Ball. Everyone was dressed in gorgeous evening gowns or sexy cocktail dresses . It was a good looking crowd and appeared that a great time was had by all. Class, dignity, kindness, and friendship is what the girls experienced and portrayed . It was easy having fun with the Femme Fever group. There were girls from other states and from far away .Everyone seemed to enjoy each other like we were all old friends . It was real easy to relax and have a real good time. The food and music was also enjoyable. I would definitely attend any Ball or other function that was sponsored by Karen of Femmefeve
Michelle D

Well well well, just when we thought the party scene in the trans world was dead in New York, Karen goes throws the best Femmefever ball EVER! Have been to several of these events in the past and truly did miss them during the lull. This year Karen picked up right where she left off and we had the time of our life that night. Those who have tossed the idea around about going need to just do it! Definetly worth your time! I suggest you take in the whole package and arrive the night before and participate in the dinner Friday night and make new friends... And take em dancing at Lizard Lounge right there in Suffolk. Cyndi and I have already marked off the time next year to attend. Karen, you're definetly back! Mmmmmuhhhhh!
Cyndi and Davina Gilbert

Hi Karen, I hope that at this point you have had some time to exhale, catch your breath, and relax after hosting an amazing "Gala Ball". To me it's no surprise to read so many positive reactions on FemmeFever to the "Ball". Everyone had an amazingly great time! I truly hope that everyone appreciates the amount of time, work and effort that you expend to make an event such as this happen so successfully. Most importantly, I want to thank you on behalf of myself and everyone for the ongoing work that you do to support the members of our community. Knowing you, speaking with you and working with you, makes every day throughout the year truly a "Gala" event! I've attached two pictures of the both of us that I thought you might like to use in the "Gala Gallery". As always, with all of my love,
Marla Krolikowski

Thank you thank you for putting the Ball together. It was wonderful to be out en femme again among such wonderful open people. I will be trying to attend all future events and hopefully can make many. Thank you for being there!
Michelle West

Thank you for an EPIC night. We will all remember sat night as one of the best times of our lives. Can we do it again next month??? Lolol. Thinking of you and smiling! You are a very special lady...and i am sooo forever great full to have you as a friend. Looking forward to whats next!
Xoxo Raxchel.

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for all your hard work and hosting this wonderful event. You may have heard this before, but it does mean a great deal to a lot of us. It was very fun, and we all enjoyed ourselves in great company. Thanks so much! We're very grateful! See you next time!

Karen, you did it again ! This year's Gala Ball was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!! Thank You for giving us such an absolutely wonderful evening ! Don't think any of us realize just how much: Hard Work is Necessary to Produce This Event. Time You Spend Getting Everything Arranged. Of Your Heart Goes Into ALL That You Do. I'm sure that I speak for all of your gals in offering our most heartfelt gratitude and appreciation!!!!! Luv 'n' Hugs,

Dearest Karen, It was fabulous! I arrived at the hotel on Friday and truly enjoyed dining with you and the other girls. I got to wear an assortment of fashions over the weekend and received many compliments regarding my choice of outfit and hairstyles. I'm sure all of us gals missed the opportunities that the Gala always offered so its resurrection was greeted with a well-earned round of applause. I met several girls from previous events as well as many local to me here in Connecticut. I also got to renew acquaintances with April from Alabama and her lovely spouse. And most of all, I got to wear the gown I posed in for my 2013 entry in the monthly contest. Oh yes, and one of the photographers shot several pics of me singing at the piano! Its true! And I DID sing to. Maybe next time I can do it for real with a mike! Again, congratulations on a highly successful Gala and thank you for all the hard work and planning you do to make this event so wonderful for we ladies.
Ashleigh Michelle James

I attended the ball and had a such a great time! But I always do when I attend them. The nicest part of the ball for me was meeting people that I hadn't seen in years. I loved dancing and seeing all the beautiful outfits. I saw a few wives there and it was so nice seeing them. Thank you Karen for all the hard work you did.

I can't tell you just how wonderful the "Gala Ball" is! Being out and dressed so nice is a wonderful experience. Sharing it with so many other girls all having a good time too makes it absolutely perfect. Karen has every detail covered. The hotel is a comfortable and very safe place to be. Walking around femme in public is such a liberating experience. Nobody pays any attention to you. After the ball I went to the bar and all of the patrons there were so cool. Everyone I met asked a million questions but they were always polite and nice. It also is such a wonderful time to meet girls from all over the world and hear their experiences. The cost is minimal and the reward is huge. Go and enjoy yourself!



The Femme Fever Ball is a wonderful opportunity for people who never were or rarely are in public. My one desire for decades was to be among other people as my femme self once, just once before I died.

I needed that one experience so badly that I was ready to travel anywhere for it. I tried to do it on my own but couldn't. Luckily, I found an escort service for transgender people and quickly hired them. It was expensive for 10 years ago, but who can buy the dream of a lifetime for $400?

If my first outing happened now when I know of Karen's makeovers and ball, life would be so much easier. I would dress at the hotel, ask for someone to walk with me to the ballroom, and have my dream come true. I would be less up-tight, it would be less expensive, the makeover so much better, the girls so accepting even though I was not “convincing” at the time, and it would be far more fun at the ball than simply walking in the Village.

I am certain you will be glad you bit the bullet, went to the ball, and found out how much happier you feel long afterward.


Hi Ladies,

I just want to tell you will have a blast at the Femmefever Ball. It was my pleasue to attend 7 prior Balls. Some of them I worked the sign- in table. Girls from all over the US came. Many were out for the first time. All were treated to the time of their lives. Karen is the Best!


Femme Fever Events like the Ball have always been a great place to feel safe and really have a great time. It's where I started. I'd still just be dressing in my bedroom if it wasn't for FemmeFever. The Ball is always a fun night whether its your first outing or you come from far away, like Mars or Neptune.


I have attended several of FemmeFever's Gala Balls in the past and am anxiously hoping I can get to this one. My first ball was an amazing experience, to enter a formal event as the woman I am and no one judged me. I was welcomed, had conversations, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I went back and each time felt more alive and comfortable in my own skin. If you have never been out this is as safe and secure as you can ask for, you will find friends and confidants to support and accept you.

I hope to see you there.


For any of you ladies, out-and-about or closeted, who never have attended a Femme Fever ball, you do not know what you are missing.

From the afternoon, when those of us who are checking in to the motel arrive with our belongings, to the pre-party festivities in Karen's suite, to the Ball itself, and culminating in the bar and lounge afterwards, it is a day and evening replete with fun, a great time, and total enjoyment. And this is in addition to the outright ecstasy, joy, nirvana, happiness, and fulfillment that we experience when being dressed as our feminine selves.

When checking in the staff behind the counter is always so friendly and cordial. For those of us who choose to get transformed by Karen and her assistants, it is always a great atmosphere inside her suite. It's akin to waiting in line at a large beauty salon. We gals wait our turn while Karen, Nina, and other assistants work happily and assiduously to make sure we all look our girly best!

When the doors open and the festivities begin, it's as good as any wedding reception. Many gals wear such great, pretty, and even glamorous apparel. And the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders and barmaids are all superb. A professional photographer also is on hand. In fact, a few years ago we were having so much fun that we forgot to pose for our annual group picture!

I've attended the last 4 Femme Fever Balls. And at each one I was hoping the evening would never end.

So again to you ladies, especially to the ones still indoors and in that closet: Come on out! It's a once-in-a-lifetime. :)

Joanne M.

Thank you for your efforts in putting together what I felt was the best ball ever! From the time I arrived on Friday to the ball on saturday..and all through the after party...the time of my life. It was great to meet new people and see some familiar as well. The food was great..and of course the blisters on my feet are totally worth the hours spent dancing. The music both live band and DJ kept me dancing all night. Thank you all for your continued commitment to the group. Your the best! Peace. xoxoxox Raxche lredrachel83@hotmail.com

Hi Karen! Like everyone else... I had a wonderful time! Your Gala Ball is such a nice formal event that adds class to our lifestyle. Thank you and everyone involved for putting together such a nice event. I met some lovely ladies and took home some great memories. Looking forward to next years ball. Xoxoxo..Staci girl.staci@yahoo.com