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A Brief Bio:

I am a genetic female who began FemmeFever over 20 years ago. After exploring the community and seeing the need for a noncommercial, very caring and helpful resource, I ventured into the transformation and support end of the spectrum. The first year I created FemmeFever, I kept it part time, but after seeing first hand how many people I could help and after developing a true love and understanding of the community, I went full time with my services and incorporated many needed avenues into it to better service the community. This is the 22nd year I have been running FemmeFever full time and exclusively for the Crossdressing, Transgender Community and their loved ones.

My background is in social work and cosmetology -- a perfect blend for the community. My runway/ modeling experience from"back in the day" also helps me to share deportment information and guidance for picture posing as well as enhanced knowledge of the camera. My goal is to help all who reach out to realize they can accept and have FUN with their femme self. I do this through both paid and free support and by sharing the information one needs to get started in their journey and by providing places to go in order to meet others like themselves.

FemmeFever transformations speak for themselves: YES, you can look great en femme! To date, there are over 7,200 "members". Over the past years, I have become recognized as a professional in this area of Crossdressing and Transgendered persons and actively speak at state wide seminars, colleges as well as on a one to one basis. I feel it is very important to have others understand this community and do my part to help release any burdens those within the community have.

FemmeFever is based out of Long Island, New York. The gals are welcome here to meet, chat, obtain my services in private and BE THEMSELVES.

Please click on all the icons from the "home" page to view testimonials, FemmeFever services, events and some FemmeFever transformations which appear both on the Picture page and the Before and After page. The Picture page also includes a hint of how much fun it is to be a FemmeFever Gal! Let me help you LOOK like the woman you feel like INSIDE!