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Beauty of the Month
ANYONE can enter their pictures to Beauty of the Month - Just Send your entry to Karen@FemmeFever.com - send one picture and a brief "bio" - anything you want to tell about yourself...

Click on each picture to view full picture. When casting your vote you are not writing to the contestant, you are voting for her. To Email the contestant, you must use HER email address IN HER BIO. Scroll down to see all contestants and previous winners multiple pic presentation.
Please realize that 300 votes sent from the same email address still counts as only 1 vote.


May 2015
I am a tall part time crossdresser, in the mid 40`s with green/grey eyes. Love both wearing and shopping for all the great things girls can wear. Right now I have a large closet just for my female things. Like to think I look reasonable while dressed seeing how I have construction type job. If the other guys only knew. LOL


Vote for Lisa
I'm a 50-something (unfortunately, more something and less 50) transgendered woman who loves puppies (all dogs are puppies to me), karma, irony, shopping, Chinese food, reading, trivia, travel, writing, movies, cooking, live theater, and shopping. I'm not fond of the outdoors. I tend to see nature as little more than the space between stores and restaurants. And I do judge a man by the size of his punchline.
Thank you.

Vote for Gina
Well December 2, 2013 was my second birthday since my SRS. I was on the operating table on December 2, 2011 my 58th birthday, I just turned 60. I have been living my life as Dana Teresa for about the past 5 years, and it has been a truly wonderful adventure to be sure. I can only wish all of you the same happiness I have found in life, I know for some of you it is farther than you want or intend to go, and for some it is farther than you are brave enough to go. We each have to decide what we want out of life and what we are willing to risk to get there. Choose carefully, but once you choose do not let anything stop you, what will stop most of you sooner than anything else will be fear, that fear is of your own making and not worth the trouble it causes you.


Vote for Terri
Hi I am Rita and have been crossdressing since I was in my teens. Now I enjoy living 90% of the time as my female persona. For me is such a stimulant experience, as I feel younger and healthier as Rita. I live in the West Coast and cannot come to the events you are always organizing, but hope to connect with some the sisters in the East Coast whenever they write to me. I answer all e-mails.
Love, Rita.

Vote for Rita
Dear FemmeFever,
I would like to enter myself as a contestant for Beauty of the month. I have been following this group for some time now and love the information and help for achieving our common desires. My female persona flows thru my everyday life and brings beauty and color to my other wise drab male counter part. I enjoy meeting and helping other sisters and always try to be an inspiration to each and everyone. Thank you for my consideration in this contest and win or loose, you are all my sisters for life.
Hugs and kisses always,
Rachel Collins

Vote for Rachel
Hi! my name ruby garcia & I'm 31 years young. I'm happy married for 1 year and we been together for 7 years. I love to crossdress and feel beautiful. I haven't been at crossdressing for a long time; maybe about a 1 half years. Hope to win the contest. So all the beautiful feminine people vote for me. Thanks to everyone pick me to win.


Vote for Ruby

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